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Octomom's Neighbors

Every Day Is Hell

1/23/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Relentless screaming ... cackling ... police sirens -- just another day in the life of Octomom's neighbors ... who all claim Nadya Suleman is constantly disrupting the community AND damaging property value.

TMZ spoke with several neighbors who all tell the same miserable tale ... everyday is like living next to a horribly obnoxious amusement park. 

In fact, TMZ obtained an eardrum-bursting audio clip that one neighbor recorded during an especially awful screaming session at Octo's pad.

One person told us, "We continuously hear kids screaming and crying and fighting."

Another neighbor told us they're constantly being woken up at 6AM by the sounds of screaming children ... when Octo lets the kids go outside to "play" with no regard for the noise.

As for the cops, we're told the constant police presence is becoming a nuisance ... in fact, neighborhood locals -- even children -- are often subjected to ID checks simply to gain access to streets around Octo's home.

But perhaps the most significant complaint -- neighbors have been informed by real estate agents that living near Octo could LOWER the value of their homes ... because they would have to disclose the fact that she lives close by. 

... and you thought you had bad neighbors.


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"It's not a willful act the kids cry. What are cops to do muzzle the kids?"

Yes. Yes they should. Just wait till these kids become teenagers. You don't have to be a genius to know trouble is comin' round this bend.

The best thing for everyone is for this woman to voluntarily give up her children to the state. Taxpayers would still be paying for them but it might be worth the gamble. It's either that or move to a compound and become a Sister Wife.

1368 days ago


I see Nadya posted under the handle American Mom. Hi Nadya!

1368 days ago


They would see her and all of her kids as a "blessing", she would fit into their lifestyle, polyg's have that many kids all the time, depending on how many wives they have sometimes they have eight that are all the same age, just not from one mother.

Wouldn't you watch that show?

Posted at 10:16 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by Missy Bancroft

FLDS have standards, you know. They might marry underaged girls and have more mouths then they can feed, but they draw the line at illegitimate kids and skanky ho's.

1368 days ago


This nosey ass bitch needs to mind her own damn business and get a life!! So what if her kids are crying, isnt this what kids are suppose to do. If she is so miserable and unhappy maybe she should put her house up for sale and move elsewhere.

1368 days ago


Kimba, it's obvious that you are very much like Octo, in the sense that you can always come up with something, with zero relevence, to say just to say something back. You do not use your peabrain any more than she does. You probably live your life the same way, maybe you even have neighbors that want you and your tribe gone as well. Maybe that's why this strikes such a chord with you. Wouldn't shock me that your neighbors may complain to the cops about your noisy brats yet you have always gotten away with it.

1368 days ago

Snow White    

This nosey ass bitch needs to mind her own damn business and get a life!! So what if her kids are crying, isnt this what kids are suppose to do. If she is so miserable and unhappy maybe she should put her house up for sale and move elsewhere.

Posted at 10:40 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by Ml

No, that's NOT what kids are supposed to do. The neighbors were there first and deserve to live in a neighborhood that's free from this nuisance. They didn't ask to have this hell visited upon them.

Since the Octonatrix can't afford to live in the home, she's the one who needs to pack up and leave. Preferably to some place out of state.

1368 days ago


# 2 and the rest of you...Please write a big check to all of her neighbors for double paned glass. By far the most stupid thing I have ever heard. The rest please send money so she doesn't move next door to you. Better yet, YOU buy her a house next to you! In your free time, which it seems you have a great deal of, go over and baby sit, feed them and keep them quiet. And in closing buy a house in her neighborhood to help keep values up. Do you really think anyone in their right mind would willing live next to her?

1368 days ago


@ Sami, thanks but this girl is deluded and will not stop any time soon, this is her existance. She sits here and spouts nonsense and thinks that if she says it enough times people will just take it as truth. I do find her humerous though. I mean who in the world would say that Octo is a responsible mother, can afford to live there and thinks it's appropriate to spend 8 thousand dollars for christmas when she's about to get the boot from their home? And, furthermore, Octo might have been able to get some help raising her kids, from her parents, if she hadn't crapped all over them, caused their foreclosure and ruined their lives. Anyone that supports Octo is just as ridiculous as she is.

1368 days ago


I don't understand why anyone would defend her. She did this to herself and she obviously has mental issues. Who in there right mind has 14 children when they're a single, unemployed mother?! SHE is the one who is attention seeking, not her neighbors. It is also not her neighbors responsibility to bail her out of financial ruin. To suggest the neighbors move is also ridiculous. That is their home, they lived there before Octo moved in, and now their property values have decreased merely because of Octo's presence. Even if they wanted to move they wouldn't get what the home is worth BECAUSE OF OCTO.

She has not taken responsibility for her actions. She only admitted that she was a baby addict when Suze Orman forced her too, not because she believes it's true. She is still blaming other people for her problems, and lying about her finances. Octo spent her money frivolously by getting cosmetic surgery (that she denies), weekly manicures and pedicures, a personal trainer, and she was never seen without a damn vente Starbucks coffee in her hand. Any money she gets from here on out should be under a conservatorship. She cannot be trusted to use her money responsibly.

1368 days ago


That's what I said also. Don't blame the neighbors getting pissed they were there first. And it's all the neighbors,not just one.

These homes are on a cul-de-sac. They are not an acre or 2 apart from each other. As the kids grow it will only get worse.

The owner of the house who helped her and then got burned by her want's her evicted. God only knows what his house looks like.

Octomom is like a sex offender...Nobody want's them around.

1368 days ago


This nosey ass bitch needs to mind her own damn business and get a life!! So what if her kids are crying, isnt this what kids are suppose to do. If she is so miserable and unhappy maybe she should put her house up for sale and move elsewhere.

Posted at 10:40 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by Ml


You're the kind of parent who lets your kids vandalize and steal because "they're just kids and don't know better," and you don't want to take the time to teach them, right?

Kids cry sometimes. They should not cry all the time. Nadya doesn't meet their needs. She neglects them. Kids aren't supposed to cry all the time. A child whose needs are met won't cry much. I've got a 13-month-old daughter who rarely cries because she knows she will be fed when she's hungry, her diaper changed when she's wet, she's safe, secure, and, if she simply needs a cuddle, she knows she's going to get it without needing to scream her lungs out. She cries when she's cutting a tooth because that hurts, but not because she has a need that can be met and isn't. Nadya's kids have needs she won't meet.

The neighbors also have the legal right to what is called "quiet enjoyment." How would you feel if you had a very loud neighbor who kept you up all the time? I'll bet you've bitched about loud music at least once in your life. Imagine that being the regular for you. You'd hate it.

1368 days ago


MI, kids shouldn't cry as much as hers do. Kids cry and misbehave, and parents meet their needs and discipline. Nadya doesn't meet the needs of her kids.

Also homeowners and renters have the right to what is known as "quiet enjoyment", and Nadya's violating that right. She's also neglecting her children.

1368 days ago


Hey...if you're not going to move, why don't you dig up some dirt and sell it to a national tabloid and make some money off of it. Don't let Octo be the only one that cashes in.

1368 days ago


Hmmm and where does the neighbor suggest she move to? U gossips should put cash together and get them a farm to live on or something then no more complaining neighbors...Constant police presence u are the one that's prob. calling them.

Posted at 9:39 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by dd

No, she should do what everyone else does, buy herself a home large enough for her family, with enough space for her family, you know, the large one she deliberately had...oh, I forgot, she has no income.

1368 days ago


If you look between her legs you could see japan!!!!

1368 days ago
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