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Octomom's Neighbors

Every Day Is Hell

1/23/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Relentless screaming ... cackling ... police sirens -- just another day in the life of Octomom's neighbors ... who all claim Nadya Suleman is constantly disrupting the community AND damaging property value.

TMZ spoke with several neighbors who all tell the same miserable tale ... everyday is like living next to a horribly obnoxious amusement park. 

In fact, TMZ obtained an eardrum-bursting audio clip that one neighbor recorded during an especially awful screaming session at Octo's pad.

One person told us, "We continuously hear kids screaming and crying and fighting."

Another neighbor told us they're constantly being woken up at 6AM by the sounds of screaming children ... when Octo lets the kids go outside to "play" with no regard for the noise.

As for the cops, we're told the constant police presence is becoming a nuisance ... in fact, neighborhood locals -- even children -- are often subjected to ID checks simply to gain access to streets around Octo's home.

But perhaps the most significant complaint -- neighbors have been informed by real estate agents that living near Octo could LOWER the value of their homes ... because they would have to disclose the fact that she lives close by. 

... and you thought you had bad neighbors.


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A Mother    

THIS woman is the horrid neighbor, not Octomom. TMZ, why put this nasty, unsupportive woman on your site? This just fuels badness all round. This neighbor's behavior is disgusting.

1334 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    


OCTOMOM NEEDS TO SUE THESE PEOPLE FOR RECORDING HER CHILDREN TO THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

INVASION OF PRIVACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1334 days ago


My God, TMZ!
I'm really troubled any of her neighbors recording her children or watching Nadya doing anything. Kids scream and cry-particularly 8 of them that are going to be 2 years of age.

Think long and hard about this post and video. How would you like to have a film crew go dig up dirt on you at your neighbor's house? Obviously this is really invading Nadya's privacy. 14 children in close proximity is going to make noise. So what....?

Stay away from anyone's neighbors. How deeply troubling.

1334 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

EXACTLY JLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS A INVASION OF PRIVACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1334 days ago


I'd rather live next to Nadya Suleman than 4 Mexican families sharing the same house. That woman should give thanks.

1334 days ago

This Guy    

The people who kill their kids WHILE thay are still in the womb are selfish bitche$. So this ocoto mom diden't do that and everybody gets angry? SHE DID THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!! SO fu#k you, fu#k you all.


1334 days ago


As someone point out it's not that long ago that we first heard of this woman or should I say the birth of all those children. We didn't know the truth until much later. The world was fascinated to know how this all came to be. She would become the first woman to give birth to live children who survived. Again the world was fascinated and ready to step up and give her all the perks that come along with having multiple births.

Anyone who had more than 3 children at once were lavished with gifts from lifetime diaper supplies, to building a house big enough to accomadate, to having unlimited assistance in caring for all the children.

Octo-mom could have been one of those mothers to receive all the perks. But what we thought was a wonderful thing, turned quickly to disgust. Finding out that she not only had 6 children already, but that she purposely implanted all those eggs. To add insult to injury, she wasn't married, she was unemployed, and receiving disability checks for her other disabled children. She conned the system. She used money she received from a worker's compensation claim to be implanted. She used the taxpayers money to feed the children she already had.
While she thought this would bring her fame and fortune, she mis-calulated the response. She probably laid in bed during that pregnancy and thought how wonderful her life would be having everyone taking care of her and her children. She envisioned large companies sponsoring her and her children's lifestyle.
But she was so wrong now wasn't she? The doctor who played God is no longer licensed to practice medicine. She used worker's compensation money to afford her the implants and is now under investigation from the insurance companies who paid and awarded her that money. Because we all know that if she was as injured as she said she was, she wouldn't be able to care for so many children.
Child services were called in to make sure those children were being taken care of. She's stiffing her landlord for the mortgage and is lookng for sympathy. She knew she wouldn't be capable of paying that ballon payment on the mortgage, so to her it means nothing because who would be so cruel as to throw her out of the house with so many little ones.
She just became the laughing stock of America. She fooled us all. And the one's who are paying the price for her insanity are her children. I don't blame the neighbors for being mad. It's probably a nuthouse that they have to live around now. I can't help but wonder when will enough be enough for this crazy lady?
When will it be time for children's services to finally step in and remove those children? What will it take for child services to come and protect those children? What's the best interest of those children? Hasn't she ruined enough lives already? It's time for a full investigation, so those children can be put somewhere safe and away from this crazy lady. It really is time for the neighbors to place the calls to kick off the investigation. It's time to put a stop to it all! JMO

1334 days ago


She wants quiet, she should move to a damn retirement community.

1334 days ago


@Barbie That was a "great" post! Sooooooo true! But, there has to be a better way than separating these kids. Sad situation indeed!

1334 days ago


@ me I hope your kidding, but your funny, I think. LOL...

1334 days ago

My Little Girls    

Nat, Tat and the Crew... See all of you are up
bright and early doing your jobs.

Almost 3:00 and you guys are already online covering for her.

Nat it's time to give it up, your working on Oksana Grigorieva last 15 minutes of fame. Your time was over a long time ago.

Well, we're visiting this issue again in regards to the poor neighbors. It's been two years now and the problems are just getting out of control.
I know in the past you petitioned the city council for help but that didn't work but maybe you'll have a better chance now because of the economy. The cities are broke and can't afford to handle additional problems in their cities.

What needs to be done:
When you feel the children are in danger and crying because of lack of supervision, call La Habra Police Department for wellness checks for the children.
The Department keeps records on file of disturbance calls and will finally get to a point that the city will have to take action.
The citizens of La Habra must be up in arms to see their city taxes having to pay for extra patrol because of the extra nuisance of Nat.
This has been very costly to the neighbors in home price but also to their own families. This is not living a normal life when your relatives and friends can't visit without some craziness going on in the neighborhood.

If someone is checking ID's ..... Who is paying for this???????

1334 days ago


Look how much the "Goofy Jackson Family" has cost California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Jacksons tie up the courts, streets and etc... They have nothing to offer to society, but... Grief? No! Greed!

1334 days ago

My Little Girls    

Look how much the "Goofy Jackson Family" has cost California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Jacksons tie up the courts, streets and etc... They have nothing to offer to society, but... Grief? No! Greed!

Posted at 3:34 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by Trish

Trish, nice try to take the heat off Nat. Jackson's are history. It's nothing but a Circus and they are in court all the time because of MONEY.
Money the means to an end. It's all about the Money.

Now, let's get back to how she's disrupting the neighborhood with her shameful actions.

I sure hope her Attorney is getting plenty of sleep so he can do more Damage Control. How does he sleep at night knowing what these children are going through. Oh, I forgot.. His an Attorney....... JMO

1334 days ago


She's bat **** crazy, of course it's gonna be hell living next to her.

1334 days ago


-where I live there are laws regarding decibel levels-different limits for different types of zoning. In some cities, exceeding decibel levels gets you a ticket or fine.
-if a sound is in public space you can record it. (unless you live in a police state etc.) So, depending on what the laws are, all the neighbors can record whatever they want, play it when ever they want

1334 days ago
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