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Mel to Oksana's Bodyguard -- Spill it, Dude

1/23/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's legal team is demanding documents from Oksana Grigorieva's former bodyguard that they believe will paint her as a liar and a fraud.
According to a subpoena obtained by TMZ, Mel's lawyers want Kristian Otto Herzog to fork over
every document and photo that details his relationship with Oksana, his correspondence with Oksana's lawyers, and the "1000s of emails, text messages, 100s of private photos, private videos and voice mails" Herzog claimed to have when he touted on his website that Oksana was a victim of domestic violence.

Mel's lawyers also want all emails and photos to back up his claim he and Oksana were more than friends.They're also after all photos Herzog took of Oksana and baby Lucia or any pics he has of himself with Oksana.

The subpoena also asks Herzog to provide documentation for various comments he made to TMZ.

Fact is ... Herzog was present at virtually every meeting Oksana had with her various lawyers, and there's no attorney-client privilege that would prohibit him from spilling the beans.


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Yup, don´t trust that guy. Herzog. Hard to know what kind of game he is playing....

1338 days ago


lil aussie - seeing it's quiet and very late, I just wanted to say your Maggie is a beautiful dog. All the best with her recovery.

Our little pug, Bella, was very ill Thurs/Fri with vomiting and lethargy and was diagnosed by our local vet with either lead poisoning, pyometria, or cancer! My 17yr old was inconsolable, Bella is her little baby. We immediately rushed to specialist vet hospital on Friday night where they said it was merely a gastro attack! She is fine now after tiny meals of minced chicken and rice.

I'm really disappointed in our local clinic. All that upset for nothing.

1338 days ago

LA me    

I meant KH. Sure they are sleazy, just like Ox. Still, if it could help Mel's case, who cares.

Posted at 2:58 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by Skydancer

Yes...They are all a bunch of sleazy fuhking blackmailers. All trying to make a buck off of this fiasco! Mel, while I don't agree with his outbursts, (although they seem to be warranted in this situation) seems to be the only one staying quiet and trying to maintain some sort of dignity in this whole charade.

Ms. Berk is a wonderful attorney and knows what she is doing. If these "posters" representing themselves as "witnesses" in the case are legit...well, Ms. Berk will be wiping the floor with you if you are fuhking around. I have been to her offices and seen her in action! She has represented quite a few of my clients.


1338 days ago

little aussie reader    

Observer! You had tears in my eyes by inconsolable!!! Thank goodness Bella is ok!!! Yay Bella!!! Give her and your 17yr old a hug from me :o)

I read about your stuff in storage - I'm so sorry, is anything restorable?

1338 days ago

little aussie reader    

Observer - When we had our last two dogs, Tillie and Tossie, we lived at Lake Eacham on the Tablelands. One morning after I came home from taking our daughter to school, I opened the car door, let the dogs out and saw bright green vomit on the car floor. I immediately thought "ratsak" because hubby had laid some out a day before. I wasn't sure which dog had thrown up so I rang the vet, who was doing a "housecall" at a dairy in the middle of whoop-whoop. He met me on the side of the road and gave both dogs needles. They were off their faces afterwards, rolling around in the back of the hilux. When we arrived back home, I cleaned up the vomit and thought the consistency was weird and then I saw the rest of the....... green crayon one of them had partially eaten. LOL!

1338 days ago


Oh thanks lil aussie; Bella only 18 months old, so beautiful and she and my daughter are attached at the hip!

No, nothing restorable - when you see on the news belongings being pushed out of buildings with backhoes, some of that is probably my special antiques! Have been told by Pickfords that it was an act of God, but we will be suing if no compensation as they did not attempt to move everything to higher ground nor did they contact us to warn us and arrange retrieval ourselves. They didn't even call us to say all had been destroyed - I had to call them after my husband said where DID Pickfords move our stuff into storage?

1338 days ago


L A R!
I'll send you a mail soon. ( I have to look in the takes a while...LOL)

1338 days ago

little aussie reader    

L A R!
I'll send you a mail soon. ( I have to look in the takes a while...LOL)

Posted at 3:41 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by Swede

You do just fine Swede :o)

1338 days ago


lil aussie - that's a funny story. Daughter just explained to me where whoop whoop is! She's become an Australian since we moved here!

1338 days ago

little aussie reader    

lil aussie - that's a funny story. Daughter just explained to me where whoop whoop is! She's become an Australian since we moved here!

Posted at 3:45 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by observer77

LOL - sorry observer, I think of you as one of us :o)

For everyone else - whoop-whoop is the middle of nowhere :o)

1338 days ago

little aussie reader    

LA I like what you said about Blair - there's hope :o)
I'm off to bed. Have to work in the morning.
Take care everyone, see you next time :o)

1338 days ago


I guess I'm living in whoop-whoop. Aussie sent me a map of Europe(to compare to area of Oz and Europe), without Sweden on it, it was deleted...LOL

1338 days ago


Swede, do you mind me asking where in Sweden you live? My daughter and I spent 2 weeks in your beautiful country in June/July last year.

1338 days ago

Fred Farkel    


You need to remember only one thing for the rest of your life.

See your zipper???

Keep it in the "UP" position and all this will go away.

1338 days ago


I hope Herzog wouldn't dream of perjuring himself.

Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead! LOL

Posted at 1:15 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by Skydancer

No, Hertzog won't perjure himself - he knows he has been thrown under the bus by his squeeze long time ago :-)

The TRUTH will
- help him to stay out of jail
- help to sell his planned book later
- help him gain some respect
- will 'keep his door open' for the future
As for the 'evidence' - even ONE picture of Hertzog holding baby Lucia turned over to mel's team will be priceless. Remember that liar OxyMoron insisting " He has never been around the baby!" ..

Go on, Kris! Spill ALL to MG's lawyers!

1338 days ago
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