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Mel to Oksana's Bodyguard -- Spill it, Dude

1/23/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's legal team is demanding documents from Oksana Grigorieva's former bodyguard that they believe will paint her as a liar and a fraud.
According to a subpoena obtained by TMZ, Mel's lawyers want Kristian Otto Herzog to fork over
every document and photo that details his relationship with Oksana, his correspondence with Oksana's lawyers, and the "1000s of emails, text messages, 100s of private photos, private videos and voice mails" Herzog claimed to have when he touted on his website that Oksana was a victim of domestic violence.

Mel's lawyers also want all emails and photos to back up his claim he and Oksana were more than friends.They're also after all photos Herzog took of Oksana and baby Lucia or any pics he has of himself with Oksana.

The subpoena also asks Herzog to provide documentation for various comments he made to TMZ.

Fact is ... Herzog was present at virtually every meeting Oksana had with her various lawyers, and there's no attorney-client privilege that would prohibit him from spilling the beans.


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Fred - he was too trusting, and obviously isn't suspicious; he probably sees only the good in people. That's why it was so easy for that nasty hooker to take him down.

1336 days ago


O 77!
I live 20 minutes drive south of Stockholm, the capital.
Where were you in Sweden?

1336 days ago


Hi Swede, these are the tour highlights/cities we visited, different dates, though, for 2010:

We loved everything about your country, the clean air, countryside, forests, lakes, wildflowers, the people, the food, and Scandinavian design. Midsommer festival was wonderful. My favorite day was when we visited Carl & Karin Larsson's home in Falun. I have loved his paintings for years. To stand in the same rooms depicted in some of his paintings of his children was unforgettable.

It saddened me to hear of the bombing in Stockholm. It's so hard for us to understand how people who've been given refuge in your country (and here in Oz, and in the UK, and in the USA), well, how many of them despise democracy and all that they've been blessed with as compared to their countries of origin. Egalitarian democracies such as yours, Denmark's, and many other Western countries' - I don't know how they can work properly when some people can't even be egalitarian in their own cultures/families.

1336 days ago


Now maybe they deport her money grubbing a@@.

1336 days ago


far fromthat I admire Ockank but this guy got restraining order against her from Mels team and now he all team up with them.
Can we say the word of the day? Pay Off.

1336 days ago

Just Saying    

Fred - he was too trusting, and obviously isn't suspicious; he probably sees only the good in people. That's why it was so easy for that nasty hooker to take him down.

Posted at 4:06 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by observer77

Sorry all this is just speculation -- you think he is trusting, how ??? where's the evidence ? How do you know for a fact he didn't pursue Oksana ? How do you know for a fact he wasn't intoxicated by the vice and the sex rather than trying to be a good boyfriend ? Sorry, but you sound like a Mel-loonie. On par with an Oksana-loonie who will take Oksana for her word without checking the facts.
One this is not in dispute though - that Mel was a fool and that he wronged his wife of over twenty years (twenty-eight?). She was always his loyal wife, mother to his seven children. She was with him when he was a nobody. Even if they were estranged, even if their love had died, he should never have humiliated her by having a child with another woman- I don't care what you say about Oksana trapping him etc. He should have done the right thing first and divorced his wife before fertilizing another woman's egg.
YOu and other Mel-loonies treat Mel like a big child. Come off it ! He's a grown man and should have known better ! If he is/was such an idiotic innocent like you portray, he shouldn't be having custody of his child.
Admit that Mel was an idiot and responsible for the mess he is in. Hopefully he has learnt his lesson and will go forward with much more wisdom, humility and grace.

1336 days ago


Oh look - it's General Grigoreiva's accomplice in the extortion plot against Mel Gibson.

1336 days ago


herzog made the mistake of siding with an "evil woman" and when he found out how evil she was, he couldn't take it anymore and admitted he was fooled by her. Mel was fooled by her. Dalton was fooled by her. And the 42 lawyers were fooled by her.

The lawyers who are with her NOW are dumb, dumb, dumb and their careers are over.

Lisa Blooms career is over.
Gloriaholes career is over.
Horrorwitz's career is over.
Garbus's career is over.
Radar's career is over (rag mag).

The laywers that left quietly could get a pass, if they can distance themselves from this train wreck.

Face it oksana is a ROTTEN APPLE and if you put a good apple next to a ROTTEN APPLE it will speed up the process of killing the good apple super quick. :)

Garbus, horrorwitz and gloriahole, don't feel bad, you were already rotten apple's and rotten apple's stick together.

Mel awoke to the fact that oksana was a ROTTEN APPLE and left in a hurry.

herzog , if you love your buddies that have worked with you in the past, TELL the TRUTH, just TELL THE TRUTH and do your brother's in ARMS, justice. Be GOOD. Your job was to defend the American WAY , and this russian whore fooled you , don't feel bad , she also fooled jeffe, mel, gloriahole, horrorwitz,garbus, judge gordon, the DA, and mainstream media.
Here is your chance to do something "good" , be honest and tell the TRUTH.
Help ship this russian whore back to russia.

1336 days ago


Good Morning/ Day/Afternoon/ Evening to Everyone...

sorry i have missed a lot of the threads on here...but it seems finally Herzog is starting to see the light...a bit dim...nevertheless, he is being drawn to it and hopefully, he will take that final leap into the light and save himself...

he owes this woman nothing since she has basically thrown him under the bus...perhaps she was able to get away with a lot of things with this man's help and he would like nothing better than an immunity to spill everything that he knows...
let's hope he or his attorney(other than Garbus) contacts the DA for that immunity to show all the proofs that he has...a former convict that he is, he isn't a dummy..i am sure he made some copies of any evidence he may think important although one thing that i thought of i hope he doesn't do is to extort some money himself from Oxi, once she "wins" some from Mel but it appears that will not happen any time soon...

but now that all hopes for millions in payout seem to be all gone, maybe telling the truth will give him a new way out, into a new life...once he gets immunity that is...

hopefully with this man's testimony, the LA DA and the Police will start to look at the charges of extortion more seriously...
honestly, it seems they are dragging their feet in hopes of all of this just going that the media isn't reporting this case as much as they used to, i think the law enforcement and the DA hope to sweep all of this under the rug and just let the family court handle the custody case and let that be it...just a bit of gut feeling i have..i certainly hope not but...just strange how long this whole process is taking, very suspicious to me!!

1336 days ago


far fromthat I admire Ockank but this guy got restraining order against her from Mels team and now he all team up with them.
Can we say the word of the day? Pay Off.

Posted at 5:12 AM on Jan 23, 2011 by DANA

Instead of a about...Herzog is p$ssed over OxiMoron's standoffish behavior towards him...
you know the saying, woman scorned? how about a man scorned? Maybe Oxi has been giving him the cold shoulder?

if Herzog is calling her his sexual sorceress, there are some definite underlying feelings for this woman and if she has over time been slowly shutting him out since she has a new sugardaddi,ie. Horowitz, maybe he is furious at this woman? just thinking...

1336 days ago


This could be some kind of legal checkmate ... if he spills the beans on stuff discussed with OG's legal reps, if he was present at most of the meetings. Neat.

1336 days ago


ya, herzog prob could not believe how EVIL this witch really was...

this reminds me of an episode of "Angel" when this demon had possessed this little boy (10'ish?) and angel and his team tried to get the demon out of the boy..the boy has been doing bad things to his sister and setting his home on fire, etc...
when Angel and his friends got the demon out and he said that the little boy's soul was so dark, so black that he(the demon) was trying to escape out of the boy and also tried to prevent the boy from doing such heinous crimes...the demon said, he was afraid of the the moral of this story...

Herzog discovered how dark and empty the OxiMoron's soul really is and he is now trying to save himself and others from her..hehehe:)

1336 days ago


It's still a question of he said she said unless Otto has actual proof other then what he says.

I would love to see Gibson catch a break but that reamains to be seen. Look at what she's gotten away with so far. All because of a baby.

All you guys out there....PLEASE, PLEASE WARE A CONDOM. You can't trust a girl or woman who says she's on birth control or can't have kids. PROTECT YOURSELVES. Unless you want kids with this person don't risk it. It's not worth it and sadly the only one who suffers is the baby who had nothing to do with anything.

1336 days ago


Just Saying

No, I'm not a Meloonie. Wasn't a big fan like some....but I CERTAINLY DO admire him now for the noble way he's conducted himself in the face of OG's tremendous provocation and for the moves he's made toward protecting the baby from the prostitutka, her mafiya pimp, and their gang of hangers-on. He's no child, he's manned up magnificently for this fight.

In a perfect world he would have divorced his wife first. But I don't believe men end relationships neatly and tidily before partaking of other partners. Some men I know (some of them living happily with their wives) see having sex with a woman other than that wife as totally separate and having no involvement with their marriage. It's sex. It's just sex. Some marriages survive that extra-marital activity; some, like my first, don't.

All this is toe-curlingly cringe worthy, talking about someone else's private life, but did it occur to you MG might not have been AWARE he was "fertilizing another woman's egg"? He could have used protection and OG could have transported the contents to a fertility clinic, or even to a 3rd party. Quite likely, in my opinion. Guys, please take care to flush your used condoms lest YOU become the target of a gold-digger.

MG is not an idiot. Naive maybe, naive to what ends a certain group of foreigners would go so as to secure $200 million. I'm positive the bait was chosen carefully and that the sex was mind-blowing. You should pardon the pun. But he obviously figured out he was being targeted and I'd say that was shortly before the recordings were made. He sounds to be past the disbelief stage and into the quickly ensuing emotion of rage at being used.

MG is not "responsible" for the mess he's in. He WAS the VICTIM of powerful and criminal forces. But he wasn't in victim mode for long; he served notice during that Israeli interview in January 2010 and he's been fighting back. I love that trait in people - fighting back against injustice. MG will prevail. And I'm sure he, and many other men and women with assets to protect, will have learned many lessons from this case.

1335 days ago


actually.... if He says he was with her when the recordings were made..... there is proof

" WE hear you " .......... read transcripts of her recordings.

1335 days ago
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