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Former Wrestling Star Busted for Pot

1/23/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former WCW and WWF champ Sid Vicious -- real name Sid Eudy -- was arrested in Memphis, TN yesterday after cops found him in possession of 18 grams of marijuana.

Sid was pulled over for driving without a seatbelt -- that's when cops noticed the bag of weed sitting on his armrest.

He was charged with marijuana possession, driving without a license, and not wearing a seatbelt. He was later released on $1,000 bond.

Sid was a two-time WWF Champion, two-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and two-time USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion, whatever that is.

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I think CriticAl got it right.

1306 days ago


weed bad..rat poison cigs ok! Alchol which is poison with flavor no problem. I will never understand

1306 days ago

Steve O    

youtube Sid Vicious Broken Leg.......

1306 days ago


I agree with #10 that leg break was sick. Let him smoke, he's earned it.

1305 days ago


DAMN THE MAN and F-U-C-K the police....FREE the WEED ....GO SID!!! you are the MAN

1305 days ago


Isn't it amazing that the Federal Government can stop people from growing weeds in their backyards but cannot dictate to a State whether or not they can legally put someone to death?

1305 days ago

Andre R.    

Sid "Vicious" Eudy. This poor guy has gotten himself in a lot of trouble and into many unfortunate situations.

A. At a bar, he tried to pick a fight with a man half his size (Brian Pillman) who then kicked his ass. Sid then went to get a weapon to settle the score, it turning out to be a squeegee from a service station. But when he came back to the bar looking for Pillman, he had already left.

B. In 1993, Sid heard he was to be booked to become the new WCW World Champion, so he got a big head and became full of himself. On a tour in England, Sid very unwisely made some disparaging comments to fellow WCW wrestler Arn Anderson about how he was washed up and how he Sid was the new big deal in their sport. A fight broke out between them, where Sid tried to cut Anderson up with a pair of scissors. The police arrested them both, and as the incident had made UK headlines, Anderson was merely suspended, but Sid was fired. No WCW world title reign for him!

C. Then there was the botched wrestling manuver that pretty much ended his career. Like others here have already said, look up "Sid Vicious leg break" on YouTube. There it is in all it's glory, Sid leaping from the middle turnbuckle in order to kick Scott Steiner, and landing on one leg in the process, ****tering numerous bones in one of the most grotesque wrestling injuries ever.

As for his microphone skills, meaning the ability to "cut a promo", he's botched plenty of those too.

One last item that is unconfirmed: that Sid's bowels once released during a match. That has never been fully verified, however.

As for his being busted for pot, I say let him go. Dont you think this guy has already been through enough in his life?

BTW, he is 6'9", and for the majority of his career, had the gimmick of a psycho. He was pretty good at portraying one if you ask me!

1305 days ago

Syko Sid The Kid    

No wonder criminals with guns are getting away with murder. The police are too busy busting pot heads for possession.

1305 days ago


Oh well.. So many retards and morons post on these section with hating and such its sad. Wrestling is fake. BUT, its based on real moves that could hurt. Thats why they say dont try this at home. And #1. When Bruno wrestled, it was still pushed that pro wrestling was real. Thats what make you and guys like you as mark. Wrestling is a risky as any stunt for a movie, tv show, or live motor cross jumping. Sids last main show match, he jumped off the second rope to do a kick to the chest of a beast of a man Scott Stiener. When he landed, his left foot twisted and his leg broke and the bone shown. It was on LIVE PPV, just as any UFC thing. People can get hurt and many times do. You can train to land to advoid injuries, but accidents still happen. And to be a champ is huge. Its like being called a golden glob winning actor or Oscar winner for wrestling. Couse your employer sees the effort you do to make the fans happy, and push the story to the next level. So to be "win" a title, is like being reconized as being one of the greats of that year, or to some who will never be forgotten like Hogan, as some of the greatest.

1305 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Should have stayed home, smoked and pounded off.

1305 days ago


"Oh, dude! I totally forgot about the pot sitting right next to me on the arm rest when the cop walked up!"

Old, stoned, and stupid is no way to go through life.

1305 days ago


Steve O That was the most sickest thing I have ever ever seen I remember them replaying it on WCW Monday Night Nitro the following night and I have a tough gut but that was and still is not for the faint of heart.

1305 days ago


way less than an ounce. just confiscate it, like you usually do, and let him go on his way. geez.

1305 days ago

Ray Guzman    

Sid what the **** its up with you? You look pretty ****ed up badly it looks like ur on crack go join the hardy boys you looser.

1304 days ago


Busted for weed in this day and age? For F*'s sake!

1298 days ago
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