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The Colonel vs. Flavor Flav

Chicken Wars

1/24/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Flavor Flav opened his chicken joint in the wrong part of town -- cause the guy who owns the Kentucky Fried Chicken RIGHT NEXT DOOR says he's ready to go clock-to-clock for fried chicken supremacy.

0123_flavor_flav_chicken_tmz_exFlav's joint is set to open today in Clinton, IA -- the first of a planned chain of restaurants. But the new place just happens to be next to a KFC -- which just seems like awful planning, doesn't it?

Anyway, the guy who owns that KFC tells TMZ, "We've been in business since 1963, we always welcomed competition. We have competed with six or seven brands over that time and as long as we take care of The Colonel's chicken, we will be just fine."

Looks like we're in for one helluva chicken battle ... boyyyyyyeeeee!!!!!


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i live in clinton and it was SOOOOOOO packed today i didn't go but i think it is going to be pretty popular crazy its rite by kfc & no one really famous comes here but it's sweet and he said that he will be here often cuz he wanted to partake in his business and its pretty awesome clinton iowa is all on these popular shows

1333 days ago

die ho    

I would love to see their business plan. 1. Piss off the competition by talking trash to the media. 2. Open up a run down Long John Silvers building next door to KFC. 3. Make millions of dollars in a small town of only 25,000 people which 1/2 of them are living off some type of state aid..........

Have you all watched the youtube videos of Flav making the chicken? He has his hands full of flower (not wearing gloves), he still is wearing his rings and has on his broke ass clock. Flav is seen tossing the chicken in the fryer then serving it to the public, not very sanitary. I sure hope they have good insurance.

How about his business partner, Nick Cimino, LOL! Dressed like a clown on their grand opening. Business owner wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt, Classy!!

1333 days ago


The only people who care about this are the ones that live in Clinton, IA. (As you can see from the majority of peopel commenting.)

1333 days ago


I heard that years ago (70s I believe... maybe even the 60s) KFC was expanding and did an extensive survey on the ideal locations to put it's stores. Cost them tons of money but they felt it was worth it. Not long after, another chain decided to expand. Did they do a survey? Of course not. That is usually why you will find a McDonalds within a block of a KFC.

1333 days ago

Jeff B    

Think i will drive a little farther down the road to Domino's pizza, that guy makes a great pizza

1333 days ago


I so agree the business partner running this place is a crook and it wont last sorry flav!!

1333 days ago


his business partner is like 35 and bangs 15 year old girls he jsut got out of jail for it.

1333 days ago


Who the hell parked in the middle of the road?

1332 days ago


i wanna work there 4 real

1331 days ago


"Gots to gets me some FFC in da' 563"

1329 days ago


KFC is way too greasy.

1328 days ago


Come to Lawrence KS and open one please.We are hoe to Kansas Unversity Lots of hungry people here....

1327 days ago


to the one that says that the partner is not trustworthy you are wrong I have known Nick for a long time and his whole family

1326 days ago


Hey!! I got to say I have been to his new Chicken Shack! And boy what can I say it was a expierence. Got to say the chicken was good, but dont know about all the side items. Got to say you got to go visit for yourself. Me and my friends expected way more. Pretty much its GHETTO! LOL.

1321 days ago


Flavor flav that most be the best fried chicken in boyyyy...I say let the man sell his KFC has had its days share a little of that its America..let the man fry his chicken let people choose which chicken they want and boom theres the answer lol

1046 days ago
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