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Mayweather Brings Fiancee to Domestic Battery Case

1/24/2011 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Usually, a domestic battery hearing isn't the best place to impress a lady ... but this morning, Floyd Mayweather rolled into a Vegas courtroom with his fiancee in tow.

Mayweather is facing a slew of charges stemming from an alleged run-in with his baby mama Josie Harris back in September ... and he could spend up to 28 years behind bars if he's convicted on all charges.

The boxer seemed to be ready for round 1 this morning -- but minutes after he walked into the Vegas courtroom with fiancee Shantel Jackson -- the hearing was pushed back to March.

Stay tuned.

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Him is not very smart!! That is his paid for woman that he thinks is the world's top model - always splashing pics around showing off the Rolls he bought for her and other things that he lavished on her and when that situation comes to an end you will probably see a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION in Las Vegas!!!

1335 days ago


What's this "baby mama" sexist and racist bullsh*t... The crew of TMZ losers need a Political Correct primer, or a socially responsible boss at the helm.

All things equal, that would make Angelina Jolie, the "baby mama" of Brad Pitt's children.

TMZ gets off on perpetuating racism [JEWS are off limits] huummmm, and you wonder why what went down, went down, [I forgot, that's the "big lie" [truth]]

Posted at 10:53 AM on Jan 24, 2011 by Joao

I disgaree. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt live together and are raising their children in a committed relationship. Floyd has knocked-up Josie a few time, but based on how man women's he had over the years, was never in any type of committed relationship with her and she is just a woman he has some babies with. (Note: I am black and black men do TYPICALLY refer to the random/non-special women that have kids for them as their baby mama. It's sad, but true.)

1335 days ago


America's best evidence that "Black Trash" is alive and well and headed for a long jail term... I hope the little gay sissy gets his ass kicked in prison....

1335 days ago


This is a sad case of "***** if aint doing for me I'ma make sure you dont do for nobody else" black women can be so vindictive then wonder why no one wonts they aint got no man.

1335 days ago


This is a sad case of "***** if aint doing for me I'ma make sure you dont do for nobody else" black women can be so vindictive then wonder why no one wonts they aint got no man.

Posted at 12:02 PM on Jan 24, 2011 by bylaw99

It's not a black women thing, it's a womn thing. However, you hear about it more with black women because the judicial system is racist and jumps at any chance to lock-up a black man.

1335 days ago



I agree

1335 days ago

Jim in Cali    

what a douche. Guy runs from real champs like Pac and beats up his baby momma. Frickin waste of life.

1335 days ago


I can't believe someone would want to marry that man. She must really love that money. It's not worth it!

1335 days ago

neko nation    

A great boxer but a waste of a human being.

1335 days ago


i'm so tired of these females that cry wolf. Floyd stay strong G. Haters hate thats there job. the best revenge is living well so thats a great start stepping into that court with that new dime playa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1335 days ago


Soon, fiancee will be in the the same court vs. Floyd.

1335 days ago


I said that wrong, they wonder why they aint got no man. This chick was staying in his guest house paying no bills and hv the nerve to hav her friend and new bf hanging there, he shlda put her out let dat new dude take care of you. You female commentin wld do the same crap then scream foul when he put you out.

1335 days ago

fifthy fly     

You played yourself Floyd.. Guess we wouldn`t be seeing you flashing dollars for the camera. From the top to the bottom without even throwing a punch. Should have fought Pac-man. At least you would have gotten paid. Stupid can`t stand a Mo`F`er like you. Pound for Pound ....best clown in show...Punk, and don`t even think about getting back in the ring, cause if I hear. You even walked in a gym, I kick your azz myself.. Now get your dumb azz in here and take out the trash..Then go to bed...

1335 days ago


That's why he was tongue tied with Chili...Fiancee...interesting.

1335 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

sure, while i believe he is quite capable of being that kind of douche bag it kind makes you think

*was* he that abusive? or is she just another ex-celeb-hack mistress scorned, who is out to get some sort of revenge in the form of a lawsuit, like oh so many others lately

1334 days ago
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