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Justin Bieber -- What the Biebs Wants ...

1/24/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber isn't your average teenager -- so you would think he doesn't have to ask permission to buy himself a toy helicopter. Think again.

TMZ obtained a video of the Biebs shot in an airport about a year ago -- in which Justin tries to ask his mom if it's okay for him to buy the toy ... because his manager Scooter just told him no.

Biebs stays on the phone with his mom for several minutes, trying to negotiate some kind of settlement between the three of them.

Check out the vid and see if Bieber ends up getting his way.


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time to come home justin and just be a teen.

1331 days ago

mj is the sexiest man ever    

who cares?

1331 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

Get a REAL life!

1331 days ago


justin bieber if u get this i want u 2 now my name is miguel im 11 tyears old and i wanted 2 now do u go to roller world? 2 answer me u can go to yahoo and add 2 ur yahoo and if u aint have 1 u can make 1 aaaaaaaaa school is so agervating

1331 days ago


yes- in other words- black. u kno y? cas thats how blacks ARE. they have gold hangin on them b/c thats what they feel is important. they cuss, act like goin to jail makes you "hard" in othr words they think its cool, they sag 2 let ppl kno they "dont care".... so if u think that statement was racist do u tell the ppl n ur family they need to stop doin these things or do u laugh n give them a handshake n use your ebonic talk? just sayin. n im not sayin all blacks but a LOT.

2 the ppl sayin justins gay.... how many times do i need to tell yall? IF YOU ARE ON HERE COMENTING ON PPL TO MAKE THEM LOOK BAD IT MEANS YOU ARE I-N-S-E-C-U-R-E.

THE ONLY THING THIS VIDEO SHOWED IS THAT JUSTIN HAS A MATURE AND SMART MOTHER THAT DUZNT LET HIM DO WATEVR THE HELL HE WANTS TO. and all you othr ppl are just tryin to find ways to talk **** about it like u always do. grow up.

1331 days ago


I don't get the whole Justin Bieber thing---not getting it.

1331 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

A weird green, expertly & tastefully wrapped & draped SCARF?! at 15/16? And STILL plays with toys? GAY!

1331 days ago


It looks like Bieber Fever is done with...I am shocked that not one single person in the whole 8 minutes even looks at him let alone mobs him. Also judging by the video, Justin should buy some new clothes and definitely a belt!

1331 days ago


God, males looks so DORKY in those girly-girl pansy scarfs!!! Hate that look!

1331 days ago


I in no way like Justin Bieber, but even I can tell this video is old. As prepubescent as he is now, it was even worse when this vid was shot. No wonder there isn't a mob around him. It was pre-fame... you know, back when the kid wasn't a diva and his parents still had authority over him.

1331 days ago


@Ashli , haha you're funny. So just because someone makes a negative comment about someone that makes them insecure? You're stupid. They are COMMENTS not facts, well maybe some of them. Maybe you should get a life and stop careing what other people say because at the day of the day, they're still going to do it. Don't like what you read, then press the back arrow on your upper left & byeeee(:

1331 days ago

My two cents ;)    

awe let the pretty little lesbian get a toy

1331 days ago

Are You Serious    

So this is the kid half naked in pic on boats and whatever and with girls with almost nothing on that look more like older sisters than anyone who should be hanging out with him and they are worried about a toy helicopter. He just said he was 15 years old by the way so it is not prefame at all. He sounds like a spoiled 5 year old. Stay home, Justin, before you turn out to be the next Lindsay Lohan.

1331 days ago


Hey Jennyy:
Nope not all of us in the US are like that. I think he is a real kid with real wants and like one of the other posters said sounds like my children when they want something. and I all so think it is soo wrong for these posters to talk about him being gay, they talk about Miley also but that doesnt mean it is true or all Americans think they same way they do.

Your right this is a typical young clean cut boy wanting somthing. And thank God he has found somthing other than drugs, guns or any of that negitive stuff. Please dont judge us all by a couple of ***** people.

Loving clean cut

1331 days ago


He doesn't look clean-cut. He looks Metrosexual if not gay.

1331 days ago
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