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Keith Olbermann -- The Rich Get Richer

1/24/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keith Olbermann scored an even sweeter exit package than previously reported. Sources connected with NBC tell us Keith is pocketing "well in excess" of $7 million.

Keith Olbermann
Sources tell us ... Olbermann was due for two salary hikes during the last two years of his contract, which would have netted him just over $17 million. The exit deal, we're told, gives Keith much more than $7 million, though our sources would not be more specific.

And we're told ... Olbermann agreed as part of his exit deal not to do television, but our sources say he'll be benched for less than 4 1/2 months. Conan O'Brien had to sit out twice that amount of time.

And speaking of Conan, we're told attorney Patty Glaser, who negotiated Conan's exit from the same network, did the heavy lifting for Keith, along with his agent and manager.  We're told negotiations for the exit went on for seven weeks.



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Liberals are capitalists, by definition.

Look it up.

1332 days ago


THIS IS SUCH A BUNCH OF B.S.. The last sentence tells the truth. NEGOTIATIONS WENT ON FOR 7 WEEKS. Keith was in TOTAL SHOCK AT THE END OF HIS SHOW. He didn't get anywhere near 17 million. This is all hype. He isn't worth 17 dollars. His ratings were never good. Anyone can check He had barely 200K IF he was lucky. I'm glad Comcast is getting rid of these leftnut cases. They talk about the right? Are you kidding his evil twin brother Rachel and cousin FAT Ed better watch out. They are LEANING TOO FAR FORWARD. By the way does anyone in the WORLD HAVE A CLUE WHAT MSNBCRAZY MEANS BY "Lean Forward"?

1332 days ago


No matter which news show Keith Olbermann will be on. I won't watch it. From George William Gockel.

1332 days ago



Where is your flag for offensive comments? I believe in free speech, but seriously!

Posted at 7:55 AM on Jan 24, 2011 by linda


Clearly you don't believe in free speech. You simply believe in speech which agrees with you. Basically you're a fascist.

1332 days ago


I love you keith i hope where ever you go you will give us the same thing you gave us on msnbc the facts

1331 days ago


Folks, for those of you who think Olbermann lost his job for leaning too far to the left, then the right needs to do some serious housecleaning of its own.

1. The entire staff and management of Fox (News?) - I mean, they became irrelevant once Bush was out of office, as their sole purpose was to propogate rumors and propoganda to promote the war.

2. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck - Not only are they extremely to the right, they both sound like stark-raving lunatics.

If MSNBC fired Olbermann for his views, what about Ed Shultz, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews? This is cable news, not network news. Oh, BTW, Iheard Brokaw had something to do with Olbermann getting fired. He really needs to have his COPD checked or whatever it is that is ailing him when he's talking; I get short of breath when I have to listen to him!!!

1331 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

Oh Boo-Hoo a whole lot of Keithy-Boys fans are crying for him. Boo-Hoo!!!!! It si always Fox news fault, and then we have to also put blame on Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and any other Libertarian, conservative that might be a COMMENTATOR that has a show on a "REAL" news channel. Try and remember that your nice friend would not have a show if it was not for nbc's contract with Microsoft. Ever think that they might be ready to pull the plug on there experiment and save some of the cash that they seem to be "LOSING" as of late. Check them out, and try to be a little civil as your dear friend the savior of your kind has said the little"o'. Oh yea thats right the people on the right are the ones that are the uncivil ones, and we need to be the ones who should be laughing.

Larry C.

1331 days ago


I personally will not be watching Msnbc anymore. I really like Keith and felt he spoke what I felt. I dont care who they put in his place it will not be as pasionate and considerate point aview. fox news have their one sided reporting. I finally felt someone spoke what I felt. Where ever he goes I will be there listening. How can they say that he goes too far when Fox bashes the president and anyone who doesnt believe they way they do. Something isnt right and I know it may not affect their ratings but I am sure there are many like me that will slow it down!

1331 days ago


All of you idiots claiming that Olbermann lacked facts, must be seriously ill. He spoke entirely from facts, and when he made a mistake, he would be the first to apologize.He was and is a great stewart of great news. I wish that the idiots for over a fox news could get rid of the liars and hate mongers in their world.

Great job Keith, and better days ahead..

1329 days ago


kieth oberman consistently raises a clear, rational and righteous voice in support of the basic values, rights and freedoms that are instituted under the constitution and are core to the freedoms that were forged in revolution by a collective genius of radical and committed fore-fathers...freedoms that have had to be defended in sweat tears and blood- yet as they have evolved and expanded to be more inclusive. Oberman has been at times one of the few raising alarm as these fundamentally American rights and legal processes have been assaulted, attacked and stripped away- and rather than being threatened from avowed external enemy- the real danger is from both the obvious erosion in civil liberty- and also the aggregation of hidden pervasive tracking- and monitoring domestically- of activities and communications- of every citizen, the threat being determined by un-accountable agendas within state and police agencies...and as history shows -its useful to bind hard times to blame and intolerance- power consolidation through a political agenda... the ideology is less of validity- when an agenda is characterized by rigid snarling and leash some point-even when normally those associated- whose intimidations, hostilities and intolerances- may exceed their normal levels of insecurities and suspicions- that they reveal the degree of rabidity- is exactly why Oberman- serves a higher and patriotic service- to at least expose and question just what is the real threat? certainly not the cartoonish comments -at TMZ
The problem seems that the dogs are howling- over a mis-appropriate accomplishment- may push the apparent insecure and latent-homosexually-fantasizing - to be the compulsive and anarchistic,self-aggrandizing - narcissitic, anti-socialist sociopath- that takes action...
anyones guess -where the line gets croseed - when it seems - an epidemic is raging -and the corporate/banking/military complex is served by formenting the rants and atrophy of the narrow minded, labeling and brand-scapegoating- malcontents and maligners.
Beware Mr Oberman- of hydro-phobic mouth foaming- feral foxes -hari krishnas for limbaugh and other foaming at the mouth wiener stand loiterers

1328 days ago

Randy E.    

I have been watching MSNBC for some time now primarily for insight to what is going on with the idiots in our republican goverment. I enjoyed Kieth Olberman and his insight. I am 51 yr's old, a high scool drop-out, and voted for the first time in the Obama presidential election mainly because of what I learned from Kieth. I will now turn my attention elsware until Kieth returns to MSNBC or he shows up at some other network. I think MSNBC made a sour decision. Just my opinion...

1328 days ago

John Morton    

We all have to know that the Excs. at NBC News had it out for Obermann. The folk at the top at NBC are just adding to their track record. Conan and Leno another great example. And the rumors that Comcast is playing a role in this is something to really think about. Keith Obermann has a voice. And it's a voice that millions of Americans want to hear. Need to hear.

1324 days ago
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