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Oprah Winfrey REVEALS Secret -- I Have a Sister!

1/24/2011 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey spilled the beans on her big secret today on her show ... she has a long lost sister!

Oprah's Sister
Turns out The Big O has a half-sister named Patricia -- who was put up for adoption at a young age and bounced around foster homes until she was finally adopted at the age of 7. Oprah said her mother Vernita Lee never told her about Patricia.

Oprah, Patricia and her mother were all reunited on the show.

Vernita Lee



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Something is not right here, she had two sisters name pat? why?
check out these links,,20009251,00.html

news reports about her sister she probably killed for revealing secrets and now

1367 days ago


Her sister appears to be a good woman, Wish her all the best.....
Oprah----that's another story...........

1367 days ago


What is wrong with so many of the posters here? I think it is major major jealousy - MAJOR jealousy. If you don't like Oprah or Patricia, that's your right. Why be so mean spirited? Can't you just be happy for these people and be done with it. Are you truly that small? This woman, no matter what you think of her has done a lot of good for a lot of people. Whether it is for ratings or not or just out of the goodness of her heart - she has helped a lot of people. I think you are jealous because you're not one of them. She hasn't helped me either but gee give the woman a break.

1367 days ago


Didn't Oprah also have a child she gave up for adoption? Will that be the next "Big Secret"?

If I was an adopted child I'd be making sure she was MY MOTHER!


1367 days ago


to post number 111---you are just trying to distract us from this lie,,20009251,00.html

1367 days ago


Thanks a lot, TMZ. You do realize a whole bunch of us don't get Oprah's show until the afternoon, right? Was it really necessary to put a BIG FAT SPOILER right at the top of the page with no warning?

1367 days ago


Anything for the ratings. I'm sick of OPRAH. Can you imagine how much of a drama queen she must be in real life. Who brings all this **** out in the public, only someone who thrives on attention and wants her new network to get a boost in ratings...

It's kind of pathetic, cause she's using her sister and mom...I hope they get well taken care of for the **** they have to go through for Oprah to get ratings and face time.

1367 days ago


Do any of you have jobs?

1367 days ago


Didn't Oprah also have a child she gave up for adoption? Will that be the next "Big Secret"?

If I was an adopted child I'd be making sure she was MY MOTHER!


Posted at 10:54 AM on Jan 24, 2011 by Lori

lori...that could be her next storyline. nothing is out of the realm of possibility with orca. amazing, when ratings are falling...and own's ratings have fallen...wham! big secret revealed.

rape, incest, cocaine, overeats, fad diets, child out of wedlock, affair with a married man, long lost sibling.

1367 days ago


Who gives a SH**!!!!!!!!!!

1367 days ago


Do any of you have jobs?

Posted at 11:10 AM on Jan 24, 2011 by Losers

we work just as hard as you do.

1367 days ago


I am so sick of people putting Oprah down and calling her names. She said that she is not gay and just because she has a good close friend doesn't mean she is gay. You all are a bunch of haters and will not get to where Oprah is. Not everyone is like you because you did not make that connection with you long last brother, maybe because you are a jerk.

Gayle will alwsys be her friend and guess what she does not care one iota what you all think. Get a life.........losers

1367 days ago


Leave it to Oprah to turn a private family matter into subject matter for her television show. I mean, the questions she asked were questions that you ask someone in private, not in front of cameras with millions of people watching. Way to capitalize on an opportunity O.

1367 days ago


yayy -_-

1367 days ago


what a coinky dink that this news corresponds with Oaf-rah's last season and the launch of her OWN network....

1367 days ago
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