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Regis Philbin: I Made My Decision 'A Long Time Ago'

1/24/2011 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Regis Philbin claims he was ready to bail on "Live" way before contract negotiations went sour -- insisting 28 years in the same place is long enough ... period.

The Reegemeister quit L.A. earlier today -- hopping a flight to Miami -- and he ain't lookin' back ... at least when it comes to his famous TV show ... claiming, "I left. I'm done."

Reeg also explained, "We never reached an agreement on the contract ... but I made up my mind a long time ago."


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What's that no talent RIPA going to do bnow.

1336 days ago


Yes he never talks about his handicapped son or his drug-addicted daughter by his first wife. The tabloids were predicting the daughter's imminent demise some years ago so perhaps she died? He only blabs about Joanna and the other one he had by the homewrecker, Joy Philbin.

1336 days ago


You don't know what you're talking about! Regis made a promise years ago, to his son, to keep his privacy and not to talk bout him on the show.

His son was in his audience once and Regis talked about how proud of him he was, as he works for the pentagon etc.

Regis is a standup guy, a real gentleman!!

1336 days ago

Media Observer    

ABC was foolish to play with their negotiations with Regis. I am a media buyer and am already reworking by 4th quarter buy (for commercials) for a client I represent. Regis and Kelly is always a staple in my media buys. Without Regis, the show will not be a big draw. Wish you the best Regis!! And ABC, whoever was doing your negotiating was a fool....your affiliates are going to lose advertising dollars!! And Regis, you were right to walk.....though you will be missed and it would be wonderful if ABC came to you with a great offer...and you would stay for 2 more years!

1336 days ago



1336 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I don't blame him one bit for leaving. None of the women on that show hardly let him get a word in edgewise. It's their KIDS, or their friggin WEEKEND, or their SHOPPING. No one cares except self-absorbed females like you. His wife, Joy was the best co-host he ever had. Now, they'll probably bring in some younger self-absorbed empty head under the guise of "new blood". It will sink. They may as well change the format & completely change the name of the show. Such as, "More Lousy Fodder, Live!"

1336 days ago


Regis never talks about his son and other daughter, because he made a promise to him, that he wouldn't talk about him. He had him in the audience once and talked about how his son preferred his privacy, but was so proud of him.
****, people just shoot their mouths off, without even knowing the cir***stances!
Regis is a gentleman and class act!

1336 days ago


You are lying Regis!! Unfortunately he will not be retiring completely as i am sure he will try and stay in the public arena!! Hope he does not pursue singing with Joy as they are just terrible!!!!

1336 days ago


I am glad Regis is gone. How long do you have to work before you retire? I think it is just ridiculous for a 79 yr. old man still trying to make money. If you haven't made it yet, you want. What do Regis want to do bury the money with him. Give that job to a younger person and lets put some life into that DEAD show. I am 55yrs. old and retired and LOVING IT..............

1336 days ago


Do you believe that Regis' employer would decrease ad rates if Regis accepted a lower salary? Heck no! Regis' response to his employer's lack of appreciation, disloyalty, insulting greed and ageism was wholly appropriate. I will cease viewing the show upon Regis' leave, because I detest his employer's values, as demonstrated through its treatment of Regis.

I read that Kelly is upset about the gross disparity between her and Regis' salary. She has a right to be upset with her employer, not Regis.

1336 days ago


Nice of him to let Kelly know she may be out of a job ahead of time...I think it was...what? right before they went on-air..yeah. Nice.

1336 days ago


The man will not be able to spend all the money he has now before he is dead. Give him the bennefit of the doubt. He was cool for awhile, let him go live the rest of his life in peace.

1336 days ago


Greedy Old Man-should be ashamed

1336 days ago


OMG so instead of $20 mil to read a teleprompter they were only going to give you $10 mil??? Boo f*&^%$g hoo you creep...I used to have the utmost respect for Regis and thought he was really not so much...go out in style...say you have had a blast and now its over...dont go out and say oh they wont give me the money I wanted..when is enough money ever enough for these people..LEAVE TODAY DONT WAIT...

1336 days ago


how convinient. LIAR!

1336 days ago
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