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Subway Latest Sponsor to Drop Out of 'Skins'

1/24/2011 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Subway has decided to pull its commercials from the MTV show "Skins" -- just the latest big name to distance itself from the controversial show.


A rep for Subway tells The Hollywood Reporter they "will not be advertising on [Monday's] episode."

As we previously reported, H&R Block pulled their ads over the weekend -- joining Taco Bell, Wrigley and GM.


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Does Jared know?

1365 days ago


Nice, keep it coming. Let's get this filth off the air. Parents and media stand up for our young people and allow them to grow up without constant the "sex & drugs" attitude being thrown in their faces.

1365 days ago


This show is going to tank !

1365 days ago


The more people talk about this show, the more kids want to see what it's about and what's all the fuss over. The same exact thing happened when Jersey Shore came on and now look at those kids. We've turned them into millionaire stars. People threw huge fits over it and that made everyone want to tune in and check it out. The more fuss made over Skins, the better that show will do.

1365 days ago


YAY! This is the way to do it! We don't need the gov to tell us what can watch. We just need to speak up and let our voices be heard and the sponsers will follow. Money talks!

1365 days ago


It will either tank.....or become WILDLY successful. All the news about sponsors dropping out because of the racy content will only make kids want to see it that much more. As the saying goes, "There's no such thing as bad publicity.". I personally hope this crap gets canned. Kids today are exposed to enough bull**** on television today.

1365 days ago


Anybody want to bet if, during the next two shows at least, they won't have two girls doing lesbo together? It has to happen because these t.v. producers don't believe we can see a t.v show or movie unless two white girls are getting it on. They have reduced the American people to mindless idiots who can't think beyond that. So it'll happen. Bet your last dollar that two white girls are gonna be kissing. That's who they all are. That's what they do. And it has become so frigging jaded. You see two white girls kissing you've seen them all.

1365 days ago


Glad these companies are taking a stand! Let's bring back decency!!

1365 days ago


Isn't this pretty much a replay of when Jersey Shore premiered?

Anyway, doesn't anyone at any of these companies ever watch BBC America? They've been showing the original (British) version for over a year now. By watching that they could have gotten an idea what the American one would be like.

1365 days ago


Good!! Now can we get all the advertising companies to pull out of reality tv shows. So sick of the garbage on tv.

1365 days ago


You know whats sad...this is a remake of a British show...I promise the british version is a lot racier...i watched the first episode...and parents think those sort of things are not happening??...get your head out of the sand and into the real world...I am so very tired of prudish america...its on cable don't want your kid to watch it...BLOCK IT

those out there with the moral cause bs going about getting a real cause...try ..lets not let kids go to bed hungry at night in america...or lets get stray dogs and kids off the street...there are a lot of worthy things out there that need our moral attention a lot more than a cable television show

1365 days ago


Finally AMERICA is getting a conscience and not let COMMUNIST HOLLYWOOD always run the show.

1365 days ago


This show will get cancelled! No way will they put on a show that doesn't have sponsors. If they don't, then the rest of MTV will be abandoned by sponsors. Which sounds good to me! They ruined the MTV brand with all that "reality" sh*t!

1365 days ago


Seriously!? I would have assumed he was too busy having sexual intercourse to make the game.....
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1365 days ago


This is why the young generation will grow up just as f*cked up as Lindsay Lohan. The shows and public figures these kids have to watch and look up to is disgusting. Oh great and these are the kids that will be taking care of me in my nursing home all rude, sex obsessed and on drugs! (ok not all but plenty)

1365 days ago
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