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'Golden Voice' Ted Williams Bails on Rehab

1/24/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams -- the homeless man with the "Golden Voice" -- has left rehab against medical advice, less than two weeks after checking in for drug and alcohol dependency ... TMZ has learned.

Ted Williams Rehab

Our sources say Ted -- who decided to go to rehab earlier this month after a taping of the Dr. Phil show -- left the Origins Recovery Center in South Texas moments ago and is on his way to the airport.

Ted's girlfriend is currently in rehab at the Safe Harbor facility in Costa Mesa, California.


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I sure can feel the love in here. Cut the guy a break for a second, maybe he has been clean and sober the past two years and he felt he didn't need the rehab. There's more than one way to kick an addiction - some of us can do it on our own and don't need a 12 step program. Lets sit back and see how it all works out and leave all the judgment and hate out of it.

1331 days ago

annie bramble    

so--sad!! but--I do believe someone in hollywood will make a movie or do a do***entary--thus he will get$$ and that will be the ruination of him

1331 days ago


Wouldn't it be a kick if Ted's crack-head girlfriend makes it through rehab and recovers, and he stays out on the streets?

1331 days ago


OK, I am a liberal, so what? I feel very bad for Ted. Of course all this recognition and celebrity was way, way, way too much way too soon. Matt Lauer on The Today Show asked Ted the question no one else had the decency to ask. That was that Matt expressed how hard this guy's journey would be with this new fame and recognition. On the other hand, this guy was exploited by many news organizations who saw such a rags-to-riches, feel-good story that they took it and ran with it.

That being said, just like every one of us, Mr. Williams is responsible for his own mistakes and I am not exonerating one thing he did. He had a good family, a good education, a good job & he threw it all away years ago.

What really stuns me, and it shouldn't, is the stupidity and cruelty of so many of these comment experts on addictions. Once hooked, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes are extremely hard to "just put down." I love the self-righteousness of those who say, "Well, I just put 'em down and anyone who can't is just weak and a coward." This is pure bull____. There is a reason AA calls these addictions cunning, baffling, powerful. Why do people still attend daily AA meetings 25 years after "puttin 'em down?"

I'd be willing to bet that most of these caustic, callous comments are from so-called "Christians." You people would have spat on Mary Magdalene, called her a filthy, vile, loser ho. Yeah, this Jesus, who you claim to be followers of, did not pass judgment on her - then who the hell are all of you sanctimonios phonies to do so?

1331 days ago

david hickman    

He that is without a sin ,error,or any fault "let him cast the first stone". pull yourself together Ted i'm pulling for you.

1331 days ago


I still have faith in him......just because he left re-hab doesn't mean he will go back to drugs and alcohol.....doesn't mean he won't either. We should be encouraging him to make good choices instead of putting him down and throwing him under the bus before we know what choices he's about to make.

1331 days ago

tippy katz    

@ Tom C.

Yes, that's true, and you would think this guy would have sense enough to be grateful for his blessing. I did a story on rehabs once, in my own radio career, and sometimes, people are so fragile, even the rehab is too tough for them. He may have been confronted by something that he just couldn't handle. I'm guessing that the ontehr folks in rehab with him really gave him a hard time because of his notoriety, and that drove him away. Many posts I've read about him are quite resentful of his second chance at life.

An addict is still a human being, you know.

Posted at 7:01 AM on Jan 25, 2011 by Jazzbabe

Wow, how thoughtful of you. You're making excuses for him: "I'm guessing that the ontehr folks in rehab with him really gave him a hard time because of his notoriety, and that drove him away."
Then again, he's probably perfectly capable of making excuses for himself.

1331 days ago


Many famous actors and actresses have had the same problem. However he was handed a Golden Spoon. This is a Once in a lifetime chance. Also his dear Mother....DON'T BLOW THIS TED. Many could benefit from your overcoming the odds and be an inspiration and voice for those who are homeless, have addictions, and show those who left children to ask for forgiveness and have second chances to be a Father. THE STAKES ARE HIGH FOR YOU PERSONALLY AS WELL AS THOSE YOUR TESTIMONY CAN HELP AND BLESS.

1331 days ago


I Know Ted is not going to read this.So this is for the rest of us who was really pulling for this Guy,He @#$%%^ us all.

1331 days ago


I'm not surprised. His late appearance on Dr Phil; his drinking and using in Columbus. Trust is not present with a active addict; I'm an addict that has struggled. Talk is meaningless; its ones actions. I know Ted from our stay in a Columbus shealter. He's a likable guy, but is activing using. HE WAS NOT TRUTHFUL FROM THE START. This should have been a clear sign of what was to come. I pray I would have this chance. I was in broadcasting school,however I had some health issue that cause me problems; depression and anxiety. I lost my mother in Nov, 2008 and it been difficult to return. I will pray Ted has a moment of clarity.

1331 days ago


I am not surprised. After his late showing on DR.Phil, his trip to Columbus where he used. I felt he was not ready to stop using. There are people wasting their time and money on a actively using addict. I'm a recoving addict that has struggled for years. His mother ask him to not diappoint her...Well he has. He can't do it for his mother. It must surrrender to God and a recovery program. It's difficult. I know Ted. I was in a local shelter in Columbus with him. I love radio and wish I had the chance he has recieved. I would make the most of this chance. He's a likable guy, however people can not trust what he says. It's all about ones actions, I will pray that he
recieve a moment of clarity

1331 days ago


I hope this guy is in the next Saw movie. Dude is very ungrateful.

1331 days ago


it said he was going to the airport. sorry for who is seaed beside him and who is paying for that ticket. is he going to Ohio or Calf. to get his woman

1331 days ago


I'm not surprized, I know a few homeless people. You can not help them by giving them money and a job, especially if they have been living out on the street for some years. And many have drinking problems to boot. This guy was given a chance to turn his life around and blew it. Pretty soon he'll be back out on the street begging for change to buy a beer...If I see him I'll going to tell him to go jump in a lake. You can't help them.

1331 days ago


Why didn't people wait to do interviews with this man until after he completed rehab??? This was way too much for this man to handle all at once.!! They set him up for failure. Shame.

1331 days ago
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