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'Golden Voice' Ted Williams Bails on Rehab

1/24/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams -- the homeless man with the "Golden Voice" -- has left rehab against medical advice, less than two weeks after checking in for drug and alcohol dependency ... TMZ has learned.

Ted Williams Rehab

Our sources say Ted -- who decided to go to rehab earlier this month after a taping of the Dr. Phil show -- left the Origins Recovery Center in South Texas moments ago and is on his way to the airport.

Ted's girlfriend is currently in rehab at the Safe Harbor facility in Costa Mesa, California.


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I am a true survivor. I was a victim of the most horrific child abuse imaginable and no one came to my rescue. I even wrote a book about my childhood, that was basically ignored. Growing up in an unstable environment can leave one empty and hurt. After suffering in silence for a very long time, I broke out. Attending college and becoming a registered nurse was a real turning point in my life. I had a story to be propagated to the hurting populace, and that, too, fizzled away because no one cared. Did my story get out there? No, it did not, because I am just an average "Jane." This man, Ted Williams, had a wonderful opportunity to better himself, but refused it. I would have thanked God everyday for an opportunity like Ted's. How sad, that someone like Ted, has thrown it all away. Sadly folks, there are a lot of Ted's out there.

1364 days ago

Ted Williams    

they didnt treat me right

1364 days ago


I lke the comment on Hollywood...lok at all the 'high Dollars' that are paid to all pathetic stupid drug and drinking losers, all for publicity..$2 million an episode? ..and he doesn't value the opportunity others have worked all thier lives for!
If Ted Williams surfaces...I hope he figures out that his old ways,..are his destruction..also..big money, and stardom.. and big money opportunity 'enables'..the disabled ..of these afflictions... I feel sorry for his Mother, and elegant, and refind lady..She knew he was on a slippery slope and this behaviour was routine! The family did not fall over thier feet for this! They have seen enough! God bless our society tht is always helpful,,and good hearted..antoher testimony..that we are a carrying matter...but we'er not stupid..Once burned twice learned! Now if Hollywood would learn that..

1363 days ago


it is not very uncommon that people that are trying to change their lives have relapses, he might be back again. Some people here are acting like he let them down personally, they should walk a mile in his shoes.

1363 days ago


You see the cost of 15 minutes of fame sometimes can either improve your future or hurt it and it is a shame that this man wasted all that was given to him and that was yet to come. When his daughter said he will never change that was not a lie. He fool all the people that want to give him a second chance. These offer will not be offered to a person that doesnot have that voice or knowledge to do that kind of job. I feel bad for the children he keeps leaving behind, even though they are grown they are still his children. Now just watch the girlfriend leave the Rehab to keep an eye on him and the streets. STOP paying this man and all the big Business take your money back !!!!!!!! Give your money to the lunch programs or the House of Ruth, or homeless places that need that help.

1363 days ago


His family was right, total loser and so done with him, some are homeless by choice and he's one of them, sad if the girl marries him, her rehab won't stick.

1362 days ago

Jake Jones    

I hold Dr. Phil responsible to a large degree for Mr. Williams' situation. WAY too much pressure. Anything for ratings, Phil?

1362 days ago


Sad, but I still hope he tries to move on with his life, he has a lot to contribute, I guess this was foreseeable, being that he was discovered literally overnight, his life did a 360... with all the media attention and hoopla, the man was probably reeling with all the attention, and was just overwhelmed! God bless you Ted, please try to overcome the habits that kept you homeless, also remember the promise you made to your mom... While life is hard, it's still the greatest gift we have, don't waste it, let us continue to hear that "golden voice! LOL

1361 days ago


It's a sad story, to think Ted has his become a genuine person, again...the drugs, the disease of drugs.. are hard to beat/conquer; His strength is weak;.. BAck in the 80's for 5 years, I was a alcoholic/druggie.. NOT WORTH IT What it can to to your mind.. I AM SO FORTUNATE, I was strong to get away for the control.. took away alot..from me.. but, PRESENTLY, AFTER THAT..I am a mother,whose blessed with good kids; happy...and I share with them, the times and challenges of my hope and pray they do not choose that road to XX!!XX !!... you all know what I mean??

1360 days ago


I actually liked Ted. Gave me hope that someone could turn their life around. Now I know that he's just another loser who can't take someone's helpful advice -.-

1359 days ago


Ted left rehab, where is he now? Back in that tent? He had it made..just wish some other guy could get that chance in life that really deserves it. Joanne

1358 days ago

william young    

great story dreams do still come true let's wish for the best/young and company

1358 days ago


I knew this would happen~ I mean no one but no one gets a second chance like God has given this crack head Ted. What a shame for him and his children. All the others that havent done any type of drugs or stealing and have honned their craft in the business and still havent had opportunities should be very upset that someone like this just acts like this is a game, what a slap in the face to everyone, I mean everyone in society. The used car salesman Dr Phil just wanted to jump on the fame band wagon and act as if he was a savior. Bet he wont be talking much about Ted now! WTG CRACK HEAD TED! BAHHAAH

1356 days ago


He never wanted treatment! This was media hype pushed by Dr. Phil. Did Dr. Phil’s ratings go up?

1356 days ago


Anybody who has been around individuals such as Ted could have told the " Experts ", that Ted was still blowing smoke ! If Phil McGraw wants to know how to help these people he better get some street cred.

1355 days ago
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