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TMZ Live -- Controversy over the NBA Challenge!!

1/24/2011 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Huge controversy on TMZ Live today: Former NBA all-star Allan Houston challenged Harvey to a 3-point shooting competition -- for KNICKS TIX -- and the results are up for debate! Plus, more questions about all the biggest stories from our viewers via Skype and Twitter!


AND ... if you want to ask a question live during the show via Skype, email us your info (name, phone number, Skype ID) by clicking the pic below!!!


(0:00) The NBA challenge -- how it came about ... and the start of the big argument to follow.
(2:15) Charles' Jets lost ... meaning Rex Ryan can spend more time with his wife's feet.
(3:22) "Skins" sponsors are dropping off like they did for "Jersey Shore".
(5:00) What's better, to win the lottery ... or find out you're Oprah's sister?
(7:10) Papa -- a TMZ viewer from France -- asks a question via Skype! And it's about Dr. Conrad Murray's defense strategy.
(12:00) The NBA basketball challenge starts off badly. Our camera guy didn't film Harvey warming up ... and therefore missed him making a basket. Allegedly.
(14:05) Harvey finally makes a few shots! Charles prematurely thinks Harvey won the basketball tickets.
(15:20) Daniel weighs in on the controversy ... because H's foot is over the line multiple times.
(21:30) Viewers voice their opinions on the challenge via Twitter ... and most aren't very nice.
(24:00) Lee from Arizona asks a question via Skype about Oksana Grigorieva's bodyguard.
(29:40) More from Twitter on the bball challenge ... good and bad.


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Y do he got    

DID harvey ever see jack lalannes jail break swimming get aways LIVE with jack in hand cuffs and shackles?.Jack had some kind of funny dry wit in yourt face fitness!.

1306 days ago


Skype is actually from Ron Bastyr who recommended. U can Google him. I tried it & it sucks!

1306 days ago


Talk about "bitter disappointment". So far, sooo boring..

1306 days ago


Skype SUCKS.

1306 days ago


Harvey is ripped for a guy his age! Nice biceps and pecs Harvey. Not many guys your age could wear that teeshirt.

1306 days ago


I think it is only fair this is resolved live tomorrow on TMZ live. Get the camera out there, answer question between shots. Daniel comes too. Alan Houston will allow an opportunity to clear up this debacle. Just make sure you boys are wearing shirts that fit.

1306 days ago


What kind of a loser country has to keep a secret from someone nation wide? You would be admiiting your guilt that you had done something. If you had something to hide or your hiding something then you keep things a secret from one person. So Canada is admitting they are child abducting, child raping, murdering pecophiles. If they're not then they would NOT have to keep anything a secret or would not be worried about approaching someone & telling him that they knew about the ****! YOUR ALL GUILTY!

1306 days ago

Rick Lopez    

that is not a 23.9 shot, about 21 foot shot

1306 days ago


I like Brian and the guy with dark curly hair! He should be on the show!!!!

1306 days ago


I like the skype segment
its cool that you give tmz fans
a chance to be on live

1306 days ago

Missy Bancroft    

Harvey you need to answer more questions, and spend less time chatting with Charles. A little chat is great but lately too much.

1306 days ago


The First Amendment -- better known as "Freedom for the thought that we hate" -- you either have free speech or you don't. Harvey you might like this book - given your proclivities -

Freedom for the Thought that We Hate
A Biography of the First Amendment
by Anthony Lewis

The Amendment was put in the consitution in 1791 -- It was more than a century later, in 1931, when the Supreme Court first enforced the amendment to protect speakers and the press....

anyway -- love the show -- and go out and shoot the ball again -- if nothing else just to shut the naysayers up!!

1306 days ago


will oprah pay her sister?

1306 days ago


How can Harvey accept Knicks tickets from Allan Houston, and yet your cameraman cannot accept cookies from an actor after an interview?

1306 days ago


Cut Harvey some slack, he's pocket sized... that has to count for a foot on the line.

1306 days ago
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