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Woman Jumps Off 23-Story Building ... and Lives!

1/24/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A woman jumped off the 23rd floor of a Buenos Aires hotel today, landed on top of a taxi cab ... and survived.

According to the AP, the 30-year-old woman landed in a sitting position, was rushed to a nearby hospital and is being operated on for internal bleeding, broken hips and ribs.

The woman fell nearly 330 feet.


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Some of you people are just... I don't even know what word to call some of you! No one asked for your sympathy and perhaps some of you are not capable of giving it anyway, but whatever happened to COMMON SENSE? Remember the old saying about how if you have nothing nice to say, you should say nothing at all. This poor woman already hated her life enough to try to end it, and now because she happened to survive the fall, she's in for a VERY painful recovery--the last thing she needs is your cruelty added to her pain!

No one deserves what this human being is going through right now, even those of you who are making nasty comments and jokes about it. You should just hope that the next time you have a tragedy in YOUR lives (and I guarantee that there WILL be a next time), YOU don't have anyone laughing and making fun about it. If you think this is an acceptable way to behave, then don't expect anyone to have the compassion for you that you don't have for this woman.

1375 days ago


May she recover and realize that now was not her time.

1375 days ago


That selfish bitch could have killed that driver! Thank goodness he's alright. They should prosecute her!! Wanna kill yourself, do it ALONE!!!

1375 days ago


I wish her the best with all my heart but if she really wanted to die and the driver was in the car then what? the driver didn't want to die, she did.
is like the moms sending the sick kids to school 'cause they are busy and who cares about the others, uh?

1375 days ago


#88 Anonymous

yeah , and what about you walk on the street and I wanna die and then I fall on you and you die too?
'bout that? happy now?

1375 days ago


MIDNIGHT TOKER do you really think that a 10 foot fall would have completely caved - in the hood of that car . i dont think that she was 330ft in the air think maybe 30ft . There honestly is no way that this could happen and she lives with just some broken ribs ... her spine would have been crushed under the force behind that fall . EVER bone in her body would have ****tered ! #fail

1375 days ago


Can you imagine if it was Snooki that jumped. That cab woulda been burried 4 feet in the street

1374 days ago

Darren G    

It looks like he's punching her

1371 days ago


it could have been glen beck, too bad

1371 days ago


no its not fake, i was in England when this story came out on the news. could not effing believe it.

1369 days ago


This is FAKE. Anyone that has any knowledge of physics or what the body can take knows that you would be dead from a fall of more than 10 stories, let alone 23.

At 330 feet the drop would take 4.5 seconds. So you think the cab driver saw the cop looking up, evaluated this, decided to get out of the cab and then got out in only 4.5 seconds?

People believe anything they read. This is not "an angel saving her", this is a bull**** story online that is posted around because people don't want to think.

1366 days ago


Wow, can't even do that right...

1348 days ago


Oh MY GOD Is that cab okay?

1112 days ago
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