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'Idol' Waitress Loses Job After 'A.I.' Audition

1/25/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "American Idol" wannabe who was introduced on "A.I." as a singing waitress at a New York diner was "let go" from her gig at the eatery after the show got in the way of her work schedule ... TMZ has learned. 


When Devyn Rush got her golden ticket to Hollywood, sources close to the singer tell us she informed her bosses at Ellen's Stardust Diner in NYC about her trip and expected to have a job when she returned.

But, we're told, when Rush got back and asked about her schedule, she was informed that her services would no longer be needed.

012411_devyn_rush_audition_foxStaff members at Ellen's tell us they simply couldn't hold Devyn's position because the Hollywood trip happened to line up in the midst of the diner's "busy season" ... and they needed to fill the spot.

A rep for the diner tells us the issue is still in "limbo" -- and both sides are trying to reach an amicable resolution.


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The restaurant has already gotten the free publicity, so there's no reason to keep her around for any more of it. It's not like it's in the constitution that we have a right to have a job waiting for us when our reality show dreams crash and burn. If she did well on the show, she might never return to the diner, so why should they hold her job when they don't even know if she's coming back? If she's a good enough employee, I'm sure they'll hire her back once there's another opening.

1367 days ago


she didn't quit. she took a leave with their knowledge and blessings. the place hires actors and singers. they don't expect they'll be there forever. when an employee is so loyal she advertises them, that deserves a bit of thanks. she directed a film crew to the place. what advertisement! you can't buy it. first they told her there was no job for her anymore, and now... they named a hamburger after her that they now sell! "The Devyn" these people are pigs! (and a side note to Majestik and Fred Farkel - go fark yourselves)

1367 days ago


Ellen's Stardust Diner is in the heart of Times Square. I've been there about 5 times and we have always had to wait to be seated. So I would say based on those two things that it's always their "busy" season. It's alot of fun there and good for Devyn for "going for it" but if you can't work your scheduled hours than you lose your job. Just like everyone else.

1367 days ago


If you want to work for a private employer you follow their rules. This isn't France you know. I'f fire her too. Either work, get an approved leave of absence (or not) or find another job. Quite simple really.

1367 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

A-holes. They were getting free publicity from it. She's better off.

1367 days ago


sucks cuz she sucks too & won't be a star so she better get her day job back.

1367 days ago


Fox should charge the diner 400k+ for the free add they got when they profiled her. isn't that what they charge sponsors?

1367 days ago


Put yourself in the small business owner spot. You don't have a ton of employees like Microsoft. Also if you allow this one employee to be able to come back, then in the future you have to allow other employees the same deal --- other wise you get a lawsuit for discrimination. You have to treat everyone equally and no one gets special treatment. She not leaving for medical reasons. Nothing says she couldn't reapply for the job, when she comes back.

1367 days ago


They get free advertising with one of their own waitresses on National TV and then they do this. Ungrateful B***t**ds.

1367 days ago


They were informed and they approved her time off!
I guess they just forgot to tell her "oh yeah, you can have the time off, but don't come back"

1367 days ago


I bet they weren't complaining when they got all that free advertising for their restaurant. When I saw that part of the show, my first thought was... Oh, that looks like a cool place to eat, I'm going to check that out sometime. For them to fire her after she hooked them up like that is stupid on their part. If she goes further in the competition, I would think she'd mention working there again, but I guess they don't want or need any more advertising.

1367 days ago


That's too bad. Her audition made me want to visit that diner.

1367 days ago


What is sad about this is that the gave a terrific upsell of the restaurant and they received a good deal of free publicity. I can't believe they'd take this stance now.

I think this restaurant should be boycotted.

1367 days ago


They could have kept her position open, giving her a deadline to either return or be fired.

1367 days ago


She even gave her X employer a plug about the cookies and cream milk shake and some kind of "rare" beef sandwich! I tell her to tell them Kick Rocks with NO socks, cuz she's gonna be better off NEways

1367 days ago
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