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'Idol' Waitress Loses Job After 'A.I.' Audition

1/25/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "American Idol" wannabe who was introduced on "A.I." as a singing waitress at a New York diner was "let go" from her gig at the eatery after the show got in the way of her work schedule ... TMZ has learned. 


When Devyn Rush got her golden ticket to Hollywood, sources close to the singer tell us she informed her bosses at Ellen's Stardust Diner in NYC about her trip and expected to have a job when she returned.

But, we're told, when Rush got back and asked about her schedule, she was informed that her services would no longer be needed.

012411_devyn_rush_audition_foxStaff members at Ellen's tell us they simply couldn't hold Devyn's position because the Hollywood trip happened to line up in the midst of the diner's "busy season" ... and they needed to fill the spot.

A rep for the diner tells us the issue is still in "limbo" -- and both sides are trying to reach an amicable resolution.


No Avatar


She just gave Stardust a tons of PR and they cant hold her job!!

1334 days ago


Employment at will. Restaurant job turnover rates in are large. I'm sure she won't have too much of a problem getting her job back especially if you progresses far in the competition.

1334 days ago


Heyy TMZ your making it sound worse then it is. They know the girl will make it to the top. Check out our local News paper web site.,0,4800296.story

1334 days ago


Their loss! Hold your head high.

1334 days ago


what stupid ****ing employers.... She was pimping them on a show with over 100 million viewers.. Hell I am going to new york this year and I had no idea this place was around and now I will NOT be going after the way they treated her.

Even if she sucked ass at singing etc she was proud of her job and didn't mind sharing when she could be talking about her life..

1334 days ago


LOL, a diner with a "busy season" now that's a hoot! jerks.

1334 days ago


I bet the restaurant knew it was going to fire her anyway. I bet they used her for the publicity that she gave them, and as soon as that was over they decided to dump her ass.

1334 days ago

Spoiler Guy    

Singing waitress my a$$. She did voiceover for Nickelodeon, was on an episode of Law and Order, and this isn't even her first time on TV ... - Plus her website lists a manager, which is against American Idol rules... she's a plant!

1334 days ago


to the people slamming Ellen's as a dirt paying job, my girlfriend worked there for about a year and during busy season she would walk out with over $400 a shift sometimes... That place is crazy busy... My girlfriend would die to be able to find a restaurant that pays that well over here in LA

1334 days ago


My girlfriend worked there and knows a lot of people who still work there, and she says this story is probably false, she says the boss was putting on his facebook all the time his support of her... That restaurant is full of actors and singers and they go off and tour all the time with no issues... There is more to the story for sure that im sure she left out.

1334 days ago


Does that mean she lost American Idol?

1334 days ago


This manager is stupid ass ingrate. After all the free publicity for their crappy burger joint and they can't cut her a break? Screw them.

1334 days ago


WOW, she goes on national tv and advertises for this place during her audition and they r going to fire her what a bunch of *******S. I am coming to ny in the spring and WAS going to try this place ,but now they can go get F****** .

1334 days ago

the truth    

I know this crazy bitch (went to school with her) and i would have fired her too. Talk about a spoiled brat with no sense of modesty. Shes not suffering from losing her job, she gets everything handed to her on a silver platter.

1334 days ago


As many people have said, she gave the place some very nice press on national television that she didn't have to do. That should count for something. But what's also foul is they should've had this conversation with her BEFORE she left for AI. Why wait until she gets back to tell her she's fired? They knew when the busy season was when she told them she was going to Hollywood.

1334 days ago
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