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'Idol' Waitress Loses Job After 'A.I.' Audition

1/25/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "American Idol" wannabe who was introduced on "A.I." as a singing waitress at a New York diner was "let go" from her gig at the eatery after the show got in the way of her work schedule ... TMZ has learned. 


When Devyn Rush got her golden ticket to Hollywood, sources close to the singer tell us she informed her bosses at Ellen's Stardust Diner in NYC about her trip and expected to have a job when she returned.

But, we're told, when Rush got back and asked about her schedule, she was informed that her services would no longer be needed.

012411_devyn_rush_audition_foxStaff members at Ellen's tell us they simply couldn't hold Devyn's position because the Hollywood trip happened to line up in the midst of the diner's "busy season" ... and they needed to fill the spot.

A rep for the diner tells us the issue is still in "limbo" -- and both sides are trying to reach an amicable resolution.


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I worked with Devyn for 6 months at the Diner.
They were just looking for an excuse. She was whiny, lazy and had constant problems with her voice from screaming songs out of her register.
Last time they tried to fire her she brought up sexual harassment charges against the bosses.
We are happy to be rid of her, thought the publicity is nice.
They were following around a couple waiters who made it to Hollywood. She just made the edit.
She gets kicked out in Hollywood anyway.

1366 days ago


This so stupid! Don't the owners realize that this is free advertising for them????? Get somebody to fill in temporarily and then have her come back and an AI contestant. People will come in droves to see her -and to buy food. How stupid. Short sighted.

1366 days ago


who cares.

1366 days ago


How short-sighted. What if she makes it into the Top 10? People will want to go to the diner she worked out.
Now they'll boycott it! "busy season"? feh!
I bet they cave.

1366 days ago


Why is anyone "blaming" Devyn for anything in this article. This is TMZ. They took a so called story and made something of nothing. Devyn never commented for this story so how can commenter state anything negative about her!

1366 days ago


Obviously almost no one has any idea what Ellens stardust diner just exactly is, its not a simple waiting tables and serving drinks kind of jump, the employees have to work at an extremely fast pace, and the all sing whilist doinging it, they do it so that way if say a broadway producer every happens to want to eat there they could seat them and essentially have a chance at the big time. I dont blame the diner for filling her position, but they should at least let her start working again, obviously she discussed it with her boss before hand and it shouldnt of been a problem, but what are you going to do I guess =/

1366 days ago


Some things never change. At age 62, Steve Tyler still reminds me of my boyhood best friend's snarky and obnoxious punk kid brother.

1365 days ago


Sounds like a great reason for that place to lose a lot of business. Or at least for their genius of a manager to lose HIS job.

1365 days ago


i'm guessing this means she didn't make it too far past hollywood week?

1365 days ago

Strip Steak    

What ass holes. I know the place and wont go anymore. She seems very good - lets see what happens.

1365 days ago


A few points… although Devyn has a good voice and is a lovely performer, she got fired because she was on her cell phone at work continuously. She also was late all the time and often didn’t show up at all. She was a bad employee and as everyone knows, if you don’t follow the rules where you work, someone else (who is hard working and does follow rules and is talented, etc.) will take your place. She was fired 2 times before for the same reasons. That is all. That is the inside scoop.

1364 days ago


Thanks for all the publicity....Your fired!!

1363 days ago

Ms. Manhattan    

I am a former employee of Ellen's Stardust and the inside scoop is that the diner does, in fact, have a busy season. It lasts for about a week between Christmas and New Year's, but with the recession business has been majorly slow. The managers hyped up the "busy season" pretending that it would be incredibly busy for all of December and January which it wasn't and low and behold they wound up incredibly overstaffed. Devyn was let go with several other employees. They are searching for reasons to let people go. The bottom line is that the place is poorly managed and infested with roaches and mice. I once answered the phone there and it was the Health department. I went to the kitchen to tell the manager and said "The Health Department is....." and before I could finish my sentence he started freaking out, panicking and yelling instructions to the kitchen staff about how to cover up various infractions. When I was finally able to explain to him that the Health inspector was on the phone and not there in person he started to laugh and told me "not to scare him like that again". That being said the servers who work there are great people with tons of talent. It's just really unfortunate that the place is managed so very poorly.

1363 days ago


That sucks! Idol fans should cause an uproar at the restaurant and get her job back!

1363 days ago


What did she expect? To have it all? No employers in their right mind would hold a position for someone while the employee chases after their dreams.

1360 days ago
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