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'Jersey Shore' Cast

We're Goin' to Italy!!!

1/25/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The entire "Jersey Shore" cast is finally getting THE BOOT -- because we're told the plan is to shoot Season 4 in Italy!

Jersey Shore Italy

Sources connected to the show tell us they will be scouting locations in Italy -- similar to the way they did it in Miami -- to find the right locale.

One source connected with the show says they've already lined up some of Vinny's Italian relatives to host the "Jersey" crew for an authentic Guadagnino dinner.

And we're told ... two months ago execs began working on getting visas for the cast and crew.

Of course, the whole thing is contingent on whether the Italian government lets them in the country!!

UPDATE: MTV just confirmed our story ... Italy's the place!  Arrivederci!


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American citizens dont need a Visa to go to Italy boneheads..

1337 days ago


Not that they want them, but could we leave them there or some where other than on cable TV. This is not a group I want my 13 year old (and she doesn't) to watch.

1337 days ago



So you won't let her watch. Big deal. Who says this show is for 13 yr olds anyway? Not every show is designed for kids. Or for a family. Especially if it's on CABLE.

1337 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

#80: No, Amanda Knox is staying. Unfortunately she is an accomplice to sexual murder and is just playing the innocent American scapegoat game. Her alibis are trash.

1337 days ago


I love all the people who commented that you don't need a visa to go to Italy, acting like you're some kind of know-it-all. How embarrassing you don't even know you are.

Actually, you do need a WORK VISA to work in another country.

And you need a visa if you're in Italy for 90 days or more in a 180 day period.

1337 days ago


@Greasy: My passport says otherwise. I'm actually IN Italy. Bonehead.

1337 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

101: Bonehead. :) Good one.

Of course they need work visas. They will be working for MTV and filming. They are not going as tourists.

1337 days ago



1337 days ago


Italy exports culture, literature, opera, art, history, food, fashion, etc. America exports Jersey Shore. You wonder why the world hates us.

1337 days ago


I doubt they'll be filming in Milan. Northern Italians would not want to be associated with the spawn of Southern Italians. Plus, Southern Italians have a special place in their hearts for Chileans (i.e. Pablo Nerudo), so Snookie should feel right at home.

1337 days ago

Allie Boy    

What are you thinking Chris Linn, Executive Vice President of Programming and Head of Production for MTV?! What part of The Jersey Shore is missing here?! You miss the point completely. The reason that the show is so wildly popular is that real people can actually go to NJ and walk the same places - the boardwalk, the shirt shop, Karma, etc. -- even meet the cast. Sorry to say, most real people can't just pop over to Italy and do the same thing. The show is clearly changing and simply exploiting the 'brand' for every dollar it can. You see it on the canned PR-agency Twitter messages disguised to seem to appear from the cast, hawking merchandise, events and appearances - especially those from 'The Sitch'. At least Snooks tries and keeps 'it real' and personalizes her messages with her daily jaunts. THAT'S amazingly effective... But, I get it. It's show BUSINESS and I am smart enough to realize that now. By the way, I am an Italian-American and live in New Jersey. I am really not so hung up on the 'guido' thing. I am really disappointed, though, in your changing the show venue from New Jersey. Know this, I LOVE the cast - even the new little, tough meatball is growing on me. I wish them each well - I do. It's amazing that they are so successful and I am happy for them. Besides, who wouldn't want a paid excursion to Italy?! Perhaps this would have been a better side trip during the NJ summer, rather than a whole season. Anyway, if the show makes it to Season 5 (and I genunely hope it does), I hope you return to Seaside Heights, New Jersey for Summer 2011. Good luck my guido and guidette buddies in Italy!

1337 days ago

Number ONE Jersey Shore Fan    

If it is true that they are going to Italy it will be a great show and I would miss it for the world just like I didnt miss season one, two and will not miss season three. All you haters out there should mind your business and if you dont like Jersey Shore then its simple, DONT WATCH IT!! These are a group of young adults having fun and cause no harm to anyone. I LOVE the jersey shore!! Its the best show MTV has ever put out there.........The problem is that all these haters are jealous because they want to live the lifestlye but they cant and thats no one's problem but their own. It has nothing to do with them being Italian or not. I have plenty of friends who are NOT Italian and do the same things the Jersey Shore cast does. Don't hate that they get paid to have fun and expirence life which is what your twenties are for!!!!!

1337 days ago


Don't worry... here in Italy the situation will **** more girls than you tink.
Berlusconi teach...

If you have money, all the legs will be open for you!

1337 days ago

Ta yeule caliss    

Tom, you idiot. You need a visa if you're going to stay AND work for a long time in a foreign country. You Americans are so stupid and self-centered!

1337 days ago


You only need a passport to travel to Italy, not a visa.

This could be a real opportunity. They could visit cinecitta and see how classic movies are made. Pauly D. could recognize that a man with a head full of hairspray is a gavone, and the guys with the massive tattoos may come to see that they are regarded as an emblem of the criminal class. The gals may learn a bit about feminine modesty and sobriety. And Vinny, the closest thing to normal on this show, may find a brown-eyed beauty to share his life with, someone from a good family and with old world values.

This could easily turn into a good thing.

1337 days ago
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