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Katherine Jackson -- MJ Estate Lawyers are 'Greedy'

1/26/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson is unloading on the lawyers overlooking Michael Jackson's Estate -- calling them "greedy" ... and claiming they're filing lawsuits left, right and center just to make a quick buck.


In a recent interview from the Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine says, "All these lawyers that are involved in Michael's business since he passed -- there's a lot of them -- I think they're trying to create different lawsuits and things because they're greedy and they want to get paid."

As we previously reported, the Estate is currently suing Katherine's business partner Howard Mann for allegedly profiting off MJ's name and likeness without their permission -- an accusation Katherine took very personally.


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I will not promote or purchase anything Michael Jackson for the rest of my life, as long as those greedy lawyers keep side stepping the Jackson family and treating them like dirt, especially Katherine and Joe. I'm not supporting whitey...sorry.

1329 days ago

blue pen    

Oh come on Katherine. We're not that stupid. MJ's estate would be in tatters were it not for the legal heads maintaining it. Sadly this is what needed to happen when MJ was alive.
The money the estate is generating and protecting is for Michael's kids' future... Not for the Jackson family to live off now.

1329 days ago

Lord Snooty    

To all the MJ fans : creep earns more now he's dead than when he was alive... what a guy!

1329 days ago


And she's not?Please.She's as bad as the lawyers if not worse.

1329 days ago


I love her but she is WRONG. These two lawyers are what MJ wanted in executors. Yep, they ARE greedy but for the greater good of MJ's mother and children. The more the estate manages to gather, the more security Katherine has.

She's listening to Howard Mann and that's extremely unwise. He's out to use her and MJ to line his own pockets.

And finally, the executors (the Johns) are protecting the MJ brand. They don't want it linked to the nonsense Howard Mann is putting out. Michael would do exactly as they are. Again, Howard Mann is one bad ass.

1329 days ago

Inouno Nyx    

SHE'S the GREEDY one!!!! The estate is providing for her and Michael's kids, just as Michael's will stated. Everyone else was cut off, just like Michael wanted. But she wants everyone else to continue to live off Michael, and has done ILLEGAL deals to get money, not worrying that it only hurts the kids... You know, the rightful heirs to everything once she is gone. She doesn't care if they are left with nothing because of what she's done to protect her other kids who just want to suck the estate, and Michael's kids, dry. I never understood Michael's relationship with that woman while he completely alienated his father. I am no fan of Joe, but I think this woman is worse in allowing everything that Joe did to him. Poor Michael didn't know what kind of mother he had. GO LAWYERS!!! Those kids are in the lion's den and need defending.

1329 days ago

Inouno Nyx    

I hate that woman.

1329 days ago


yet how many lawsuits have the jacksons filed since MJ's death.i mean its everyones fault he is dead but theirs.everyone is greedy but them.notice the trend here?

1329 days ago


I realy like Katherine and admire her and she has a lot of wonderful qualities....but there is a reason why Michael wanted lawyers, especially John Branca, to be "in charge" of the Estate. John Branca knows his business, it was him who helped Michael make the biggest, most profitable deals during his career anyways. If you want the best, you get Branca. Like someone mentioned above, I don't think Katherine really understands why there is an Estate and why they really are on HER and THE KIDS side...not against them. I hope someone could explain it to her. If there was no Estate, Katherine would be giving away all the money to everyone who would just come to her with a hand reached out. (Also, I don't think Katherine would have the skills to get deals that would pay back the debt first, the way Branca does.) I also don't think she really understands that Howard Mann is just there to make money out of her, and not there because he's a "friend" and "cares about her". And that's why the Estate has a problem with the book....because Mann is just using Katherine and MJ's name. They really are just trying to protect Katherine from vultures, but she doesn't seem to understand it. She should have gone to the Estate first with her book idea. If the photos are hers, she would have definitely been allowd to publish her book. It's Howard Mann that is the problem, not Katherine. But unfortunately Katherine doesn't seem to understand what's going on. And that again is one reason why it's good the Estate exists with smart people who know the business as the executives. The family always seems to forget that it was MICHAEL'S WISH to have the Estate and Branca and McClain in charge. So if Katherine has a problem with the Estate...she really has a problem with her own son's last wish. And I wish she could understand that.

1329 days ago


If you look up the word greedy you will see a picture of this old bitch and her loser family. Who cares about her dead accused child molesting junkie son or his make believe kids anyway?

1329 days ago


What's the matter, Katie? Is their "greed" infringing on your greed?

1329 days ago


Pot, meet Kettle.

Posted at 12:36 AM on Jan 26, 2011 by What the?!?

Dang! You stole my line! LOL. The Jacksons are parasites; if anyone wants to live off MJ's earnings without having to work for a living, it's his entire family.

1329 days ago


P.S. Michael apparently knew his family very well as he didn't leave control of his estate to them.

1329 days ago


they all are a bunch of cf crooks,her included

1329 days ago

Um, wow...    

As Michael's mom, it seems as if she'd deal with all of this privately... Why would you air your dirty laundry, especially if you're as "upset" as you say you are?!?! Just deal with the greedy people in private...otherwise, you look greedy your own self, by constantly running to the media... I just wish they'd let Michael rest in peace...

1329 days ago
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