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Katherine Jackson -- MJ Estate Lawyers are 'Greedy'

1/26/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson is unloading on the lawyers overlooking Michael Jackson's Estate -- calling them "greedy" ... and claiming they're filing lawsuits left, right and center just to make a quick buck.


In a recent interview from the Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine says, "All these lawyers that are involved in Michael's business since he passed -- there's a lot of them -- I think they're trying to create different lawsuits and things because they're greedy and they want to get paid."

As we previously reported, the Estate is currently suing Katherine's business partner Howard Mann for allegedly profiting off MJ's name and likeness without their permission -- an accusation Katherine took very personally.


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I feel sorry for this woman.How ignorant of her to say something like this.She is potentially endangering her grandchildren's inheritance.

1334 days ago


Why the f uck does this old lizard expect her kids to pay her way? I don't know about anybody else but my kids don't pay my bills for me. If she's looking for greed she needs to look in the mirror.

1334 days ago


Why doesn't Katherine reach a financial aggreement with the estate of her son Michael Jackson and be allowed to sell his merchandises and give 50% of the profit to his estate and 50% can be all hers? That way there would be no need to sue her business partner. And Michael Jackson's kids would also profit from her business ventures.

1334 days ago


Katherine should have gone through the Estate Lawyers to make the business deal in the first place.If she had a clear understanding about business and estates she would have known this.Katherine is out of her element.She needs to see how the Presleys handled Elvis' estate and learn from them.

1334 days ago


The estate is looking out for the interests of Katherine's grandchildren. Katherine is looking out for the interests of Howard Mann, founder of the Naked Women's Wrestling League. That makes a lot of sense.

1334 days ago


Michael is Katherine Jackson's SON. Sure he was a icon, but that is HER son. IF she wants to talk about him, make a book about him, a song whatever. SHE should be entitled!!
Those attorneys for the late MJ are just fleecing his estate. I hope by the time those children are of age, they have something left.
I really hope that Prince becomes a attorney and tells them all to go rot in hell.

1334 days ago


These 80 years old + parents of Michaels need to resume their
role as Grandparents and leave the business of the Estate to the Estate Attorneys John Branca and John McClain, that was written
in Michael Jacksons "Last Will and Testament"....
I know there's been a lot of controversy over the will But,
the Estate is in better hands with Branca and McClain than
Katherine and Joe, two people
that have never been able to hold on to a DOLLAR
and this Mann guy! OMG
I think Mrs. Jackson has become senile

1334 days ago

Craig Valentino    

The way it goes is that for every lawsuit that is filed by the Estate turns into millions of dollars of legal fees that are paid to the lawyers who happen to be friends of John Branca who is a lawyer himself. The monies that these lawyers are paid are being paid from the money of Michael's estate. What is happening is that the lawyers file these lawsuits and keep these cases going for as long as they can because they make over $500 an hour and every time motions are filed its hundreds of hours for all the cases being filed. This means frivolous lawsuits = millions of dollars that Michael's children do not get put into the trust for the kids. Last year the Executors of the Estat pocketed over 32 million dollars of the top and Mrs. Jackson was less than hundred thousand so add it up who gets the money? The lawyers and John Branca. The difference is with Howard Mann and others is that he owns the rights to do this in which the others do not. Mrs. Jackson and Michael's children get these proceeds to fight those that have taken over her sons Estate that was rightfully to be the kids legacy that Michael left for them not those greedy money grabbing executors and lawyers who hi-jacked it from the family with a Will that was supposed to be turned over to Michael's new attorneys. Michael had a new will in 2004 and only a copy exists and the original cannot be found and John Branca is not named in that will. It's not rocket science just follow the money for the truth so stop and think about....

1334 days ago


Some of you people are confused. MJ's parents, brothers and sisters shouldn't get a nickel of his money. It should go to his children. Period.

1334 days ago


how much money have the executors of Mj's estate made? 40 million each ??? in one year ??? how much money has the mrs jackosn made ??? I think John Branca is a sham and a thief ! and the will is a fake it put Branca in charge and MJ was in NY that day !

1334 days ago


Intersting point made by Craig Valentino,that there is a copy of another will made 2004. Have not seen it mentioned in the
past.-Michael always paid a little army of lawyers and now after
his death there is nothing that can stop this machinery growing even larger.You are up against some formidable opponents.
Michael and his death was a major event.Where there is money to be made there will be lawsuites on & on.I feel sorry for your predicament.

1334 days ago


I feel so sorry for Katherine, she is being used by Mann and cannot see it. He is STEALING money from her grandkids with her help so she can take care of some grownups that need to get a job.

Unfortunately, she will lose in court maybe if it was just her then the executors would let it slide but someone else is taking money from MJ kids and they are responsible to them in the end not Katherine.

1334 days ago


I hope they spend it all you bunch of losers.

1334 days ago


Wonder what she things of Germain, his children and ex wife and their use of MJ's money?

1334 days ago


If you just wrote a book about your son, Katherine, they wouldn't bother you. But you're marketing a million other things to make a buck, even using Michael's children to do it. Don't play the innocent victim. The estate executors are not greedy. YOU are the greedy one. And you and the children are not "the estate." "The estate" is comprised of your son's assets, and when people speak of getting approval from "the estate," they are referring to the estate EXECUTORS. You and the children were not chosen by your son to manage his estate. He hand-picked those he trusted to do the job. You have no say, and no right to intervene or make decisions, about your son's estate. Stop being defiant and accept your son's will. You're doing a lot of damage to your son's legacy.

And it's too bad that you're raising Michael's children "a little less strict" than he did. You are ruining them.

1334 days ago
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