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'Top Chef' Star's Baby Daddy:

I Want Custody!

1/26/2011 1:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The baby daddy of "Top Chef" star Padma Lakshmi has filed legal papers to wrestle custody away from her ... TMZ has learned.

Adam Dell -- brother of the computer king -- filed papers today in a Manhattan court.  Under an out-of-court agreement, Adam has visitation rights to see his 11 month old daughter, Krishna Thea Lakshmi, 9 days a month. 

That agreement, sources say,  is in effect until February 20, when Krishna turns 1.  Both Adam and Padma were discussing a custody arrangement after Krishna's birthday, but the negotiations recently fell apart.

Sources tell us ... Adam is still furious over the name Padma chose for the baby.  We're told two days after Krishna was born, Adam went to the hospital and launched into a 4-hour tirade over the name.

Adam, who had an intermittent relationship with Padma, was also complaining he was only allowed to see the baby 7 hours a week, though sources connected with Padma say she has never denied him a day of visitation.

Sources connected with Padma tell TMZ ... she feels "bullied" by Adam and wants to handle this in private, for the sake of the baby.  We're told Padma -- who is not receiving child support -- has made it clear to Adam she wants nothing to do with him other than raising the baby, and feels this is Adam's way of forcing a relationship.


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Krishna is synonymous of God. Gezz!! was not THAT difficult!

1331 days ago


#31 "What sugar daddy are you talking about??"
Uh... you should research the men she's been with since she divorced Rushdie - all 90 year old billionaires.

1331 days ago

what He said    

The nerve of him wanting to be a part of his own flesh and blood daughter's life. I mean what is he thinking trying to be a part of her life and actually give his daughter his last name. her name should be Krista Dell not laskshimi harikrishna hari hari hari hari krishna!

Padma is a black widow I hope Krista Dell realizes how her mum kidnapped her father's sperm to create her on account of her waning biological clock.

1331 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Oh how liberal and modern. Tough turkey, turkey. If you wanted to be in the baby's life maybe you should have found a woman to marry and raise your family together.

1331 days ago


Carl...Yes I think that a child who comes from two totally different nationalities should have a name that represents their uniqueness. My children are half white and half Filipino and they have names that are not one nor the other. I think that it is important to embrace the ethnicities equally. I don't think it was right of her to just name her baby an Indian name when the baby is not full Indian. If it was the other way around and the baby's name was totally "white", people would be like wtf? isn't this kid half Indian. I'm just sayin.

1331 days ago


I'd be angry as well. He had no input on the name? That's really mean. He basically has no visitation given these numbers. I'd lawyer up and do what he is to get her damn attention. She's screwed him but is also screwing her daughter out of getting to know her father.

That's unthinkable.

1331 days ago


This is what the Dell family deserves. They no longer product anything in the USA. The Dell brand moved over seas to produce cheaper. **Another company reaping the tax benefits of the USA.

But, they know how to still use the USA court system.

Hey, Dell... Ya get what ya pay for!!! It only took the BAS*ARD 4 days to show up at the hospital...

1331 days ago

what He said    

she should have named her Hairy Krishna

btw tmz this story is old news.

next month report that padma has a swing that she swings from in her bedroom.

1331 days ago


Dell is Jewish...which even then has nothing to do with it....naming wise. fact is they weren't the naming is totally her call END OF STORY.

the fact everyone here seems that gives him some CAUSE is just wrong. the state of NYC knew THAT the minute they processed the birth certificate.

1331 days ago


I have to laugh... It only took him almost a year after the kid was born to WANT custody. You can tell he ain't the "brain trust" in that family.

Hey, baby boy dell! You ever hear that old saying? Sh*t in one hand, and WANT in the other. See which gets full first!

Just keepin' it real for the boy!!!

1331 days ago


Ladies and Gentleman,

make sure you can stand to be around the people you are sleeping with, and for god sake don't have sex with someone you wouldn't want to raise a kid with. If you do, you'll end up where these 2 hour.

1331 days ago


Went through the exact same thing. The only thing you can do is pray. Prayer works.

Guys, move on with your life and stop trying to ruin your ex's life.

1331 days ago


Padma seems to repeatedly make poor life choices for herself and, unfortunately, her daughter will end up paying the price. Women should be more choosey with what men they decide to sleep. They could end up being their life partner, in a parenting sense, and if they don't want to spend the next 20 years with this man in your child's life, maybe they should be more discerning and keep their legs closed.

1331 days ago



1331 days ago


Hindu Indian.

1331 days ago
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