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'Top Chef' Star's Baby Daddy:

I Want Custody!

1/26/2011 1:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The baby daddy of "Top Chef" star Padma Lakshmi has filed legal papers to wrestle custody away from her ... TMZ has learned.

Adam Dell -- brother of the computer king -- filed papers today in a Manhattan court.  Under an out-of-court agreement, Adam has visitation rights to see his 11 month old daughter, Krishna Thea Lakshmi, 9 days a month. 

That agreement, sources say,  is in effect until February 20, when Krishna turns 1.  Both Adam and Padma were discussing a custody arrangement after Krishna's birthday, but the negotiations recently fell apart.

Sources tell us ... Adam is still furious over the name Padma chose for the baby.  We're told two days after Krishna was born, Adam went to the hospital and launched into a 4-hour tirade over the name.

Adam, who had an intermittent relationship with Padma, was also complaining he was only allowed to see the baby 7 hours a week, though sources connected with Padma say she has never denied him a day of visitation.

Sources connected with Padma tell TMZ ... she feels "bullied" by Adam and wants to handle this in private, for the sake of the baby.  We're told Padma -- who is not receiving child support -- has made it clear to Adam she wants nothing to do with him other than raising the baby, and feels this is Adam's way of forcing a relationship.


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@rs... i stand corrected on that then. Everyone jumped on him being in a tirade over the first name-- when it could be he was arguing what rights he may have had in determining last name.

the whole think sounds a mess... and that baby is the one who'll get messed up in it all. : (

1183 days ago


For everyone who is having problems with Padma's child's name, I suggest you just shut your mouth and do some research. Padma's background is Indian, so she named her daughter Krishna which is a Hindu God's name. For all of you that are talking **** saying it's a random name or it sounds stupid ...get your facts straight. Padma is the mother she can name her daughter any name she wants to. All of you haters are just so lifeless, honestly it's just sad.

Do you see anyone making fun of a child whose named "Mary" or "Jesus"? Yeah, that's what I thought.

1183 days ago


It would piss me off too if I end up with a child and no alimony

1183 days ago


For the angry comment... I doubt the baby's name or whatever is more popular than Jesus... What a stupid statement... He should have thought about getting her pregnant. She isn't interested in him. Just having a baby, with a well heeled dude... Educated etc...

1183 days ago


Their business... Sperm Bank would have been a wiser course. Since when does it matter about the name? It's not like the baby is a Kennedy or Rockafeller...

1183 days ago


she's the mother therefore she gets to pick the name and makes the decisions as to when that azzhole dell gets to see her daughter

1182 days ago


The baby SHOULD have his name? Excuse me? What century is this, because I thought it was the twenty-first. A man who goes to a HOSPITAL and launches into a four-hour tirade over a name is one best avoided. I've never been a particular fan of the woman, but she seems to be showing a great deal of sense here.

1182 days ago


Dell IS the Father. Padma has said as much. Therefore he has rights as a parent. But to try to get custody? Because he doesn't like the name she picked out? OBVIOUSLY not as smart as his brother.

1182 days ago


For those idiots posting comments, Krishna is not a random name. It is quite a common name in India and a name of a god,Padma wants to stay true to her roots and named her child with an Indian name. There is no law that states that she must abide with 'western' name. I am Indian and have an Indian name and I'm proud of it.

1181 days ago


Padma is such a ho. One sugar daddy after another. On Top Chef she is just awful, trying to be sexy. It's a cooking show for pete's sake, not a Las Vegas strip club. She's disgusting and she knows NOTHING about food and cooking. Top Chef needs to dump her now that she didn't even know who her baby daddy was. She's sleazy and creepy.

1174 days ago


Why do you think he is objecting to Krishna? Maybe he is objecting to Lakshmi. Maybe he wanted his daughter named Krishna Dell.

1088 days ago


Im pretty sure she makes more money than the daddy, so child support is m00t.

1055 days ago
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