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Snooki's New Show

MAJOR Toilet Paper Crisis

1/26/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki is about to face off with some of the GREATEST challenges of her life -- mortgages, career decisions ... and toilet paper clean-up ... so says the outline for her new reality show obtained by TMZ.

We got our grubby little mitts on the rundown for the upcoming Snooki and Jwoww spinoff show -- and according to the docs, there's gonna be a whole lotta boozing and she-pimpin'.

The storyline -- Snooks is finally moving out of her parents' house and into a place with Jwoww -- but, (surprise!!!) she's totally unprepared to deal with actual real-life problems.

For example ... the two have their sights set on a $1.5 million pad, but they don't know what a mortgage is ... or how to write a check ... and they keep getting distracted by the "hot" mortgage broker.

But conflict erupts -- so say the docs -- because during their cohabitation, Snooki ... gasp ... "made a mess of the bathroom and didn't change the toilet paper." She also "ate a ton of Jwoww's food" ... and anyone who's ever had a roommate knows that crap don't fly.

So what will happen??? We're guessing a ton of cussing and drunken debauchery ... can't wait!!!



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We are all the reason this crap is on TV. The same people that read this crap site (me included) are the type of people that watch this train wreck. While I don't watch the show I do read the crap on this site...which is still a rose by any other name!
We foster this culture of the lowest common denominator so before you point fingers and claim you intelligence is above others remember where you are and pat yourselves on the back for helping making these two millionaires. The jokes on you...(andme)

1312 days ago


They all need a No Swear Bar. Soap for those who swear.

1312 days ago


JWoww already owns a house. We just watched her go home because her boyfriend moved out and left her dogs. So now we are suppose to believe JWoww can't even write a check?

Nice writing MTV.

1312 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

Obviously TMZ photoshopped that JWOWwhatanidiot's head on that body because those arms are obviously girl arms and we all know Jenni is a man and built like one. Couldn't you have pasted her head on Sylvester Stallone's body TMZ? I guess TMZ doesn't care if they accurately portray these idiots.

1312 days ago


SEE what the media & stupid m effers have created? Disgusting monsters! I refuse to watch this garbage. Just when I thought the KarTrashians were lame, these people take the cake! Kartrash ppl are looking good, never thought I'd say that

1312 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

I should have added that just because JWOWwhatanidiot had massive breast implants doesn't mean she isn't a man. Many transgendered have parts put on and taken off. She's still built like a man and a big, fat, loud mouth bully on top of that.

1312 days ago


... "made a mess of the bathroom and didn't change the toilet paper." She also "ate a ton of Jwoww's food" ...

And this is how we overcome the Chinese competition on the world stage? Time to pray.

1312 days ago


Two of many glaring failures of the American public education system.

1312 days ago


J-Wow has been all over talk shows,claiming she has a degree (or 2?)
She can't write a check??
If you saw them actually filming you'd know NOTHING is sponteneous,or left to chance.
Time for them to all disapear.

1312 days ago


Why would anyone watch this crap? Its not funny and certainly these are not women you want your daughters to grow up emulating.

1312 days ago


Poor Snook,

Her immaturity and pea headedness are being used to entertain millions of Americans. At least the pay is good. $1.5 million?? I am not holding a telethon for her yet.

1312 days ago


I think you guys aren't being 100% accurate on your posting of information. I am not a supporter of these ladies, but doesn't Jenny "J-WWOW" have a college degree, her own business, and didn't she go to HER HOUSE in the last episode, of which she owns? You might be reporting on what you think of Snooki, but at least give them a little benefit of the doubt.

1312 days ago


Hard to believe what society finds entertaining these days.

Who it their right mind watches stupid crap like this?

What is it where people love watching a crack addicted homeless guy,and talentless no lifes like jersey shore make headlines?

The world is falling apart,and you have people like snookie,ted williams,and the kardashians entertaining you.

Don't the world have enough stupidity in it,than bringing it in to your own home to watch tv?

1312 days ago


They will need more then toilet paper to clean up any mess they leave in the bathroom! Yummy

1312 days ago


Do either of these YOUNG ladies look in the mirror? Or their many photos of themselves? {This picture now shows my point!}

I think no, because they would see they look wayyyyy older than are due to the tanning and BURNING of their faces over and over and girls are going to be poster children for "rode hard, put up wet" if you don't stop with the tanning.

ICKYYYYYY!!!! Wake up white girls. Tan now, AGE now.

1312 days ago
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