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Cops: Palin Has NO Connection to Prostitute Ring

1/25/2011 11:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Anchorage Police Department is adamant they have NO information connecting Sarah Palin's husband Todd Palin to an alleged prostitution ring, despite a recent tabloid report ... TMZ has learned.


The APD released a statement explaining they did seize evidence in a massage parlor sting operation -- but none of the evidence showed any sort of link between a massage therapist named Shailey Tripp and Todd Palin.

The APD also claims the National Enquirer published their story without ever contacting officials to check their facts.


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I also believe that They are covering it up, Palins are nothing but trailer trash and the whole world knows it. Hope the National Enquirer go's into more and opens this up for what it is and doesn't let these slugs get away with it.This family is nothing but a laughing stock out for any $$$ they can grub up.

1364 days ago


I thought prostitution was overlooked there. All those oil workers away from home for months at a time with fat wallets can sure be a boon the the local economy.

1364 days ago


Sarah Palin is mysteriously silent with these rumors floating around. That makes me think it's TRUE!! Normally she would be out all over all the tv shows claiming to be the victim in all of this, but with her rough couple of weeks (after causing all those people to get killed in Tucson and now this) she's finally laying low and probably drawing up divorce docs.

1364 days ago

Frozen Vogler    

This "press release" by APD smells awful fishy. Why isn't the press release on the official Municipality of Anchorage website ?

There is a factual error in that press release, there WERE complaints from neighbors, that is what initiated the investigation.

They found her ad on Craigslist and proceeded from there.

Why did only the NE get the press release and no other media outlets ?

The truth will be revealed, and this will ultimately be exposed for what it is, a smokescreen.

1364 days ago


There is absolutely no evidence that this "press release" was actually released by the APD. It would be strange for a police agency to comment on a case/taboid report anyway.

So who fed the bogus story of the "press release" to TMZ?

1364 days ago


TMZ, have you verified this? What kind of police department responds to Alaskan bloggers and the National Enquirer? It's not even on their website, which is surprising since this is a press release? Are you sure this didn't originate from Sarah Palin's lawyer buddy Van Flein who's now in Arizona? This is highly questionable on many levels.

1364 days ago


Just another hatchet job against the Palins and the libs are eating it up. Their sheeple spread this crap and look like fools. Gotta love a party that claims to be accepting, embracing and tolerant of everyone... unless of course you dont agree with them. Then they become the most vicious, violent and lie spewing group of losers who encourage their supposrters to follow their example.

1364 days ago


TMZ, I really think you've been duped here. It is really unheard of (and highly unprofessional) for a police department to issue a press release denying reports in a tabloid and by bloggers. And the mention of the word "rolodex" -- that's really fishy. The woman is a computer person. Why would there be a rolodex? I'll bet there were no stone tablets upon which the johns' names were inscribed, either.

TMZ, you've got to look into this a little harder. Come on, you guys always get the dirt. This is DIRT!

1364 days ago



The "hate", your word, not mine, for the Palin's is well deserved don't you think? Do you not think this family, with Sarah the sasuage in the lead, has behaved in ways that makes it easy to dislike them?

I do, and I suppose I'm not nearly alone. Also, the alert poster who said the Enquirer has broke many stories that were suppose to be false, and they were right on, has a big point there!

Maybe ole' Todd-dles here gets lonely with Sarah gone all the time jet-setting and needs some lovin'? Come on, WHEN is she ever home? He is handling their tribe o' children, working {?}
and who knows what else.

Maybe he did. Maybe I'm one step closer to seeing a 'sex tape' come out. But, they are probaly waiting to release it until they are flat dat's thinkin' wink, wink.

Palin's family motto? Mo' money, Mo' money, Mo' money at any cost!

Sorry Sarah worshipers....she is going down!Or just back to her cabin.....

1364 days ago


I don't particularly like Sarah Palin's political views, but this witch hunt against her entire family is getting way out of hand. Attacking her is one thing, but leave her husband and kids alone. I think that is way tacky.

1364 days ago


I'm sure he doesn't. I mean who hasn't been tied to a prostitution ring before? Happens to me all the time!

1364 days ago


The little TMZ Nazis are hilarious. They worry about an obvious bulls&*t story made up by the farleft Commie wackos, meanwhile the newly elected Democrat Hawaiian Governor who vowed to end the "Obama was really born in Kenya" narrative by releasing Obama's birth-certificate is now saying Hawaii has no birth records of Obama on file.

Geee TMZ, why are earth are you ignoring this ACTUAL story? LOL!!!

1364 days ago


So all those women were really impregnated by martians and the government is hiding the fact that aliens are colonizing earth? Those Enquire stories must be true because the Enquire was right several times in the last 40 years. It's particularly believable because there's no evidence for it - obvious proof of an international cover-up!

1364 days ago


He cheated. Sarah's got enough juice to spin the truth. That is one troubled family.

1364 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Men will be men! Todd the horny Toad is no different. He likes native women and he's got a local woman in many remote villages. Weeks away from home on snow machines make a lonely man horny. Sarah only cares about her public image and how she looks in the press. Even Bristol knew about his massages with happy endings. That's why she named her son Tripp. The daughters will always choose men who will practice infidelity.

1364 days ago
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