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'Idol' Fall Girl

Hospitalized with Busted Ankle

1/26/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who took that NASTY fall down a flight of stairs on last week's "American Idol" had to be hospitalized for an injury she suffered in the fall ... TMZ has learned.


It all went down in Jersey last September -- 16-year-old Nia Drummond flunked her "Idol" audition ... and as she made her exit, accidentally tripped and fell down a flight of stairs ... an embarrassing accident that aired on "Idol" last week for millions to see.

0125_nia_drummond_EX_TMZ_small_vidWe're told Drummond was taken to a nearby hospital immediately after the nosedive -- where she was treated for a sprained ankle.

Thankfully, she's all better now. See you next fall!



No Avatar


Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!" NOT

1335 days ago


What's next, getting your fifteen minutes of fame by gouging out one of your eyeballs in front of the American Idol crew after they reject you?

1335 days ago


Poor girl's ankle buckled under the weight of her enormous badonka-donk.

1335 days ago


@#2 Disturbed, you know she has a an attorney right now. The video was pretty funny. LMAO

1335 days ago


no one else thought that was fake? lol.

1335 days ago


75% of Americans are obese. Looking at those fat thighs hurts our eyes. Walking with those fat thighs breaks their ankles.

1335 days ago


she will make more money for spraining her ankle than she would all AI losers will fall, then sue..only in america.

1335 days ago


Well I didn't look at the video because Tmz seems to be in the youtube business of these annoying advertisements and as a rule no matter how bad I want to see a video,the moment it is preceeded by an ad I exit.
That being said i hope they get sued because there should be a sign that says If you can't sing, don't audition.
To provide entertainment they allow all sorts of freaks and queers to provide a spectacle for the public.
There was a white girl who though that because her hair was down to her ankle like her mother,she should be permitted to audition and Simon put her in her place with "that's a mother daughter audition" whilst Randy tried to sooth her with that "nice hair bs".
Idol should be sued for letting this girl beyond the door. it would serve them right.

1335 days ago


when i saw big mama fall i thought, she's a lawsuit just looking for a place to happen.

1335 days ago


if she was hospitalized for a "Sprained ankle" why does the headlines say a "busted ankle"

which is it TMZ..or once again are you over sensationalizing a story?


1335 days ago


The whole thing was probably staged because the ratings for this show suck. Next thing.. catfights on stage ala Jersey Shore.

1335 days ago


How long before she sues American Idol for exploiting her fall from grace?

1335 days ago


She is figuring out how to sue...

1335 days ago


Frankie, after seeing your anti-semetic comments about the hockey player yesterday and now these comments about the African American girl I have to ask the obvious question. Do you like anybody? Seriously, you must be enraged every time to you come to TMZ and see people of color and religion other than you own be successful and famous. It must just drive you crazy. Instead of dealing with your obvious issues you just turn to being spineless and make a derogitory post on a message board where a "tough guy" like you can hide behind your computer screen. If there was such a thing as virtually spitting in somebody's face I just did it to you and I'm certain you're virtually crying after I did it. Loser

1335 days ago


So when this model of grace sues with her ridiculous frivilous claims and we see her cursing and spiting and attacking press when they approach her about it, will anyone be suprised by this behavior? the future of America, yea!!

1335 days ago
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