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Kelsey's Old Wife Wants Protection From New One

1/26/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer's soon-to-be ex-wife Camille Grammer is afraid she could be financially fleeced by Kelsey's soon-to-be new wife Kayte Walsh, and she wants a judge to step in and protect her.

Camille Grammer
The legal titans for both sides were in court this AM -- Neal Hersh for Camille and Lance Spiegel for Kelsey -- arguing over whether Kelsey is entitled to an immediate divorce decree, saving those pesky property issues for a later date.

The judge put the matter over until February 7.  So if the judge grants the divorce on the 7th, Kelsey could still get married during the last 2 weeks of February -- which he wants.

But Hersh told the judge he's worried about Camille's cut of Kelsey's pension -- estimated at between $5 and $10 million.  Even if the judge awards her a cut in the pension, Hersh is worried ... if Kelsey dies Kayte could go to the pension administrator as the grieving widow and lay claim to the proceeds.

It's unlikely Camille would lose her pension rights, but just in case Hersh wants Kelsey to cough up a $10 million bond to protect her.

To be continued on Feb. 7th.



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who cares really it has been cut and dried from the get go pension ..... really it is so tied up lah lah lah
this is just more "wow gee wish I had been rich " every time it gets on line it just grows (re attention to the issue thru TMZ but other venues attached to it I think the bottom line is how much is too much look at snooki sookie whatever great role model right can she spell add and oh oh a mtge gee ... why do we promote these crap showa it just tells our grandkids dont work kill someone get a realitiy show to say why you did it this whole cyberspace crap sucks in 20 yrs we will have worse morons than we have now telling us thru ads what to do aside from that I enjoy your show your comments thru your people are great I suppose the bottom line is crap sells Look at "The situation" do you honestly think he could do a show like Harvey or actually remember 2 lines ....reality sucks crap my life could have won an Oscar and I live in Canada in the land of ice and snow................j

1336 days ago


I don't get american rules. If they are getting divorce why is Camille still intitled to Kelsey's pension when he dies?

I thought she would loose that right when they divorce....

1336 days ago


Kelsey is a dirty, old man and a very stupid one at that. Camille is the most hated housewife in the RHO... franchise, but she ain't stupid. HE LEFT HER AND THEIR KIDS!!! to shack up with a much younger homewrecker. BTW, that marriage is destined to fail - He'll move on to some other hobag someday, it's what he does. I hope Camille gets every last drop of blood outta him, the biggest douche in America right now. All three of them are trash!!!!!!

1336 days ago


she is all about money he will be so much better off without that crazy b....

1336 days ago

Normal wife    

PLEASE, Camille was NOTHING and probably had NOTHING before marring Kelsey. ALL she is after is fame and money and she deserves no where close to the 10 million that she is asking for. Can't believe he did not sign a prenup. Hello men? girls like her are ONLY after your money!

1336 days ago

Dedra Dakota    

The judge was the one who made this ruling. NOT Camille. Figure it out people. Camille wants this to be over just as much as Kelsey does. Trust me!!

1336 days ago


Kelsey is an idiot and soon will be broke with these two GOLDDIGGING Tramps....

Just what the old dinosaur deserves....

1336 days ago


It's rumored his "mistress" is not down with playing the beard so the plans are backfiring, time is of the essence. Word she woke up after they had her lie about being pregnant by him so the media wouldn't beat them up for getting busted with the affair and illegitimate. It's scary how far celebrities go to protect their images. He should of went on the D.L. after getting busted like any normal person would of. He must be getting nutty with age. It doesn't make much sense to be bragging to the world about his mistress and affair. Moaning and groaning about having to get married right this instance. Totally insane. It really is crazy. Think about it

1336 days ago


Camille, I don't know if $ 50 millions is enough for you.. You want also the pension because..hey! why not $ 10 millions more..right? Kelsey should work more years to replace that money Let say if he planned to retired at 65, now he should work until he is 70 or more.

Of course the law in this country it is what it is... But also you are taking a great advantage of it. Yeap, you can be rich anyways but never ever you are going to be a LADY with class, just a "new rich".

1336 days ago


She needs protection from her plastic surgeon!!!

1336 days ago


He should rock that c u n t in the cheek bone with a pair of brass knuckles.

Posted at 3:12 PM on Jan 26, 2011 by big nuts

His new girlfriend, right?

1336 days ago

Joe Camel    

The Santa Monica Mountains weren't there until Camille developed her Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

1336 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

This greedy skank is ugly inside and out! She and Dennis Hopper's ex must be related.

1336 days ago


What if you die first Camille? Hmm what then?

1336 days ago

marie smith    

whether we hate Camille or love her no one deserves to be treated like this. Kelsey is going to have a miserable life later for the desrespectful way he goes about ending his marriage. He is the bitch... not Camille. Camille let your lawyers get every penny you are ENTITLED to and find yourself a younger, sexier appetising man. You are looking great...start enjoying life girl

1336 days ago
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