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Kelsey's Old Wife Wants Protection From New One

1/26/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer's soon-to-be ex-wife Camille Grammer is afraid she could be financially fleeced by Kelsey's soon-to-be new wife Kayte Walsh, and she wants a judge to step in and protect her.

Camille Grammer
The legal titans for both sides were in court this AM -- Neal Hersh for Camille and Lance Spiegel for Kelsey -- arguing over whether Kelsey is entitled to an immediate divorce decree, saving those pesky property issues for a later date.

The judge put the matter over until February 7.  So if the judge grants the divorce on the 7th, Kelsey could still get married during the last 2 weeks of February -- which he wants.

But Hersh told the judge he's worried about Camille's cut of Kelsey's pension -- estimated at between $5 and $10 million.  Even if the judge awards her a cut in the pension, Hersh is worried ... if Kelsey dies Kayte could go to the pension administrator as the grieving widow and lay claim to the proceeds.

It's unlikely Camille would lose her pension rights, but just in case Hersh wants Kelsey to cough up a $10 million bond to protect her.

To be continued on Feb. 7th.



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His new soon to be wife is trash. She knew Kelsey was married and had small kids. Yet, she want's that money from him more than his family staying together. Just show's you this new gal is nothing but dirt under Camille feet. Camille give them hell for year's to come. They don't deserve any happiness.

1319 days ago


No one really knows what went on with Camille and Kelsey, myself included, we only hear from various mostly unreliable media sources. Kelsey is the one who cheated on Camille who is raising his children. Wives like Camille are not throw aways when something better comes along, as well as the children. Camille is a human being with what I would imagine very hurt and embarrased feelings, thanks to the media. Camille is very deserving of any funds due her, (no nuptial agreement), and if there where one, she is still deserving. I wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavours.

Pittsburgh PA Tim

1319 days ago

Sam What Am    

Pensions are "deferred compensation" and have been defined as part of "community property" for some time, because (part of) the pension was earned during the earlier marriage. It's just like buying stock that appreciates during the marriage. The "paper profits" at the time of the divorce are community property.
Kelsey is a good comedic actor, but he's an alcoholic, and not too bright. He admits that Camille picked and managed their very successful investments during the marriage.

1316 days ago


I can safely say that I don't like Camille at all but she is a great asset to The Beverly Hills House wives. Without her delusional thoughts, the show would be a bust. As far as being the former Mrs. Grammer, I do believe she is entitled to everything she is asking for. Kelsey is going to give her everything she wants and more since he has shown not to care about money or else he would have protected his assets in a pre-nup. This marriage that is going to happen now between Kelsey and Kaytee is going to be over faster than anyone can imagine. That's when Kelsey will see the grave error he made marrying this woman and leaving Camille.

1315 days ago


Camille has been the driving force behind the "Kelsey Grammar" machine & is VERY entitled to half of whatever he has made. She has very carefully guided his career, aided him in his fight for sobriety & stood side-by-side with him as they made their real estate fortune. Think whatever you want of Camille but don't forget that Kelsey was married to her. He made sacred vows to her in the sight of God. There is no good enough reason to commit adultery ever. The way he treated her in the end, not letting her up to their New York condo, etc. was very bad. Until we are in her shoes, we should not be judgmental of her.

1314 days ago
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