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Zuckerberg's Puppy Problem

Snooki or Boba Fett???

1/26/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Zuckerberg -- the world's richest 26-year-old -- could soon enjoy his very own Snooki ... or Yoda ... or Boba Fett ... if the Facebook mogul's SISTER has anything to say about it.


Arielle Zuckerberg posted an item on her blog -- explaining how Mark is on the hunt for a pair of "ridiculous looking breeds" of doggies ... something called a Puli (left) and a Komondor (right).


Arielle says she's even suggesting a list of names for the little guys ... including:

Yoda, Rambo, Snooki, Mufasa, Nanook, Waffles, Baxter, Boba Fett, Biscuit, Tank, Mugatu, Goliath, Bone-Saw and Jumanji.

Funny thing is -- Mark could probably buy the REAL Yoda, Rambo, Snooki ...



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Taylor Dadson    

Those dogs look like high maintenance grooming nightmares! But when you are rich as he is, he can have his dog groomed hourly.

1329 days ago


So TMZ is comparing humans with dogs?...Please get a life and stop wasting time. I heart Mark...Omg!!...and it hurts when you put that little slut snooki on his image.

1329 days ago


this is more appropriate for a 'snooki':

1329 days ago

Mark Suckerbug and his dogs.

1329 days ago

kooky and balls lover    

Facebook made a little over $1 billion USD in 2010. Zuckerberg is not a billionaire yet. He's being treated well but being worth $7 billion dollars is simply a projection on how much Goldman Sachs think they can get for the company as an IPO when it goes public.

Get real!

1329 days ago


I have no problem with him getting the dogs he wants, but he could definitely check around at shelters for these breeds. It's breeders I have issues with, keeping the females churning out puppies until they can't anymore and then being done with them! So how about you make a nice, large donation to a no kill shelter or a rescue shelter to help care for some of those animals? A donation that would be pocket change for you could probably run a shelter for a year. I think it's a great compromise, it makes you look good and hey, it's a tax deduction.

Please help control the animal population and have your pets spayed or neutered!

1329 days ago

Ilona Helwig    

A lot of people should read up on the breeds of dogs before they make a comment about them.
I had pulis for 35-years. They are not designer dogs, they are a vere angent breed.
I love them for their personalities, smartness their beauty and their loyalty to their family.
A puli is a puli even if their coat is shaved off.

1329 days ago


NAHHH...Not Snooki...the name I mean...Pulis are fine...they're barkers...did your homework? the dark'll spend less time bathing her!!

1329 days ago


HAHA HA" u could mop with this dog LOL ! ugly ish!!!

1329 days ago


these dogs are very difficult dogs to keep, they need lot of space and they like to stay outside the house. These dogs from Hungary, and they were used to herding sheeps (Puli) and protecting (Komondor) them. The bottom line is, not a good idea to have them as a pet dog.

1329 days ago


Don't Shop Adopt!!!!! 3 - 4 million animals are euthanized every year simply because they don't have a home. If Mark Zuckerberg adopted a dog rather than purchased one it would encourage others to do the same. Not only that it would help put a stop to puppy mills, they wouldn't exist if people weren't willing to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a "specific looking" pet from a pet store. "Come on Mark use the platform you have to help animals!!!"

1329 days ago


Beautiful dogs...something you know nothing about idiot.

1329 days ago


My neighbor has that dog!! Mark Zuckerburg come to SOUTH ORANGE NEW JERSEY!!!!

1329 days ago


The one on the right looks like a shredded newspaper.

1329 days ago


The article doesn't actually say he's looking to buy--it's perfectly possible to adopt a Puli or Komondor. They are harder to find than more common breeds, but even rare breeds show up in shelters and rescues. If he were just looking to buy the first puli he saw, he's got enough money that he wouldn't need to be 'looking' very long.

1329 days ago
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