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Zuckerberg's Puppy Problem

Snooki or Boba Fett???

1/26/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Zuckerberg -- the world's richest 26-year-old -- could soon enjoy his very own Snooki ... or Yoda ... or Boba Fett ... if the Facebook mogul's SISTER has anything to say about it.


Arielle Zuckerberg posted an item on her blog -- explaining how Mark is on the hunt for a pair of "ridiculous looking breeds" of doggies ... something called a Puli (left) and a Komondor (right).


Arielle says she's even suggesting a list of names for the little guys ... including:

Yoda, Rambo, Snooki, Mufasa, Nanook, Waffles, Baxter, Boba Fett, Biscuit, Tank, Mugatu, Goliath, Bone-Saw and Jumanji.

Funny thing is -- Mark could probably buy the REAL Yoda, Rambo, Snooki ...



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ugly ass dogs

1368 days ago


Beautiful Hungarian dogs! I have one puli too, and he is the most amazing creature on Earth! Congrats Mark, you made a good choice! :)

1368 days ago


Looks like someone is trying to fabricate a story for this guy to put a false sense out there that he actually does have a personality. Nope not even a Billion Dollars can buy you a personality...give science another 20 years.

1368 days ago


I would name the black one Oksana Grigorieva and the blond one Camille Grammer.

1368 days ago


These two breeds of dog have been around for over 2 thousand years in their current form. The Magyars brought them into Hungary over one thousand years ago. They are the best breeds for people suffering from alergies as they do not shed hair and are spotlessly clean. As the proud owner of a Puli, good on him! Hope he get one and promotes them.

1368 days ago


These dogs from Hungary. They are very smart like other hungarian dogs like Vizsla.
Good choice. Snooki is so stupid.

1368 days ago


With all the crazy looking dog breeds out there, I'm sure he'll be able to find one that looks weird enough! I just hope he buys from a reputable puppy breeder, and gets a nice, healthy friend.

1368 days ago


With all the different crazy looking dogs out there, I'm sure he'll be able to find a nice, weird one! I do hope he uses a reputable puppy breeder, and finds a nice, healthy dog to buy or adopt.

1368 days ago


You clowns dont realize that a Komondor is a vicious animal!! waaaay more dangerous than a pit bull maybe the most agressive and powerful of any dog...

no joke!!

1367 days ago


this dude needs a new wardrode, forget the dogs!!!!!

1367 days ago


Puli? yes! Awesome, wonderful dogs. Really, really smart and a LOT of effort required but amazing companions. Komondor? ummm - hope he realizes they are HUGE! they also smell enough to run off coyotes. Not sure they really make good house pets!

1367 days ago


Trust you? I doubt it - you have no experience in this very old herding breed! My Pulick have no fleas & present way less grooming needs than any other longhair.

< make a good message to people if he adopted a dog from a shelter. It will curb people from buying "designer" dogs.> Since when are either of these breeds 'designer' dogs? Do your research - rare in the US - both national treasures in Hungary, and two of the most loyal, energetic, SMART breeds anywhere.

1364 days ago

Shirley Schaye    

I don't know a lot about the Komondor. It is a guard dog and is fiercely protective of it's owner. One would have to be extremely careful when anyone enters the home. My brother-in-law had a Komondor. It would attack anyone who came into the home. He had to close it off when someone came over.
I do know a lot about the puli. I have had pulik since 1976 --- never been without one since. They are super, super smart, very loyal and loving. If you want to go to my FaceBook account you could see my albums plus all my puli friends' albums and photos. Many of my Puli friends are Puli breeders. The puli dates from Sumerian times. There was, in the Iraq museum a sculpture --- from Sumarian Times --- that is unquestionably that of a puli.
What a wonderful choice a puli is. No,they are not difficult to groom. Also, it is hair, nor fur. They are hypoallergenic.

1364 days ago


I hope he does a bit more research before he gets them. I presently have one of each and many before these two. They are great companions but they require lots of care. The puli and komondor are rare breeds and in order to get one from a reputable breeder the wait list is a year or more. These breeds are not for everyone. The breeder will want to interview him etc. (I could have adopted a kid more easily then when I applied for my kom.) These are not breeds for everyone esp the komondor.

1363 days ago

puli owner    

I have had pulik all my life. Great dogs, but lots of work and lots of personality. Hope he knows what he's getting into and contacts the Puli Club of America for the name of a reputable breeder if he wants one.

I really feel badly that the poster above has never heard of Comfortis.

1361 days ago
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