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Mel Gibson

Oksana's Legal Cash Cow

1/27/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a good thing Mel Gibson is rich, because he's bleeding green.  Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers are asking him to pay a fortune in attorney's fees.


A gaggle of Oksana's present and past lawyers showed up in court Wednesday, chatting in the hallway about fees and asking Judge Scott Gordon to order Mel to open his wallet wide and fork over several million dollars .... for just a few months' work.

Here's a partial breakdown:

-- Oksana's current lawyers, Daniel Horowitz, Marty Garbus and Ron Litz, are asking for $1.2 million for work performed since September, 2010.

-- Manley Freid's law firm is asking for $250,000.  Mel has already been ordered to pay Freid's firm $500,000.

-- Alan Shifman wants $163,000 for one month's work.

Other lawyers and law firms requested hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees as well.

Judge Gordon has not decided how much Mel should pay in the latest request.



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This is really interesting, all the lawyers/lowers lining up to get paid, Ludmilla flies off to Moscow, everyone know the "merde"(kaka) is hitting the fan very soon, so the rats are scrambling to make sure they are looked after. The fee amounts are absolutely disgusting, but Horrorwitz and gang are sure trying to sock it to Mel before OG is locked up in the clink or deported. Found this article written by someone from Australia, where OG is refered to as General G.
Also when using the translating option on one of the Russian article links posted about Friday last week, where is shows OG sending her mother off at the LAX with Lucia in the baby carriage, in spite of the direct translation of the article, it gives the impression that Ludmilla will be looking after Lucia in Russia, sorry can't find the link right now, but go back and have a look. Seemed to me an odd thing to say, particularly with events of the last couple of days. We know they have Lucia's passport to prevent her from being taken, but when people like OG are desperate and the law is nipping at their heals, that little girl needs to be watched over a bit more closely.

1373 days ago

LA me    


If you're still here....I have a picture of things you can do with Maggie while she's "incapacitated"!

Check it out:

Laughed so hard when I saw it, I like I woke up the neighboors!!

1373 days ago


Now I understand ALL of the "Bottom Feeder" jokes told about lawyers...

They should ALL be investigated!!!

Why Should Mel Gibson have to pay for ALL of these so called high payed whores for servicing the Ox???

1373 days ago

LA me    

Damn rented fingers tonight.....I meant "I Think I woke up the neighbors!"

God!!! Haven't even finished my glass of wine yet! Maybe thats the problem!

1373 days ago


I will never ever watch movie from Mel Gibson again
beacause same time know Im paying the skank.

1373 days ago

little aussie reader    

That's fuhking obscene!

Posted at 12:50 AM on Jan 27, 2011 by little aussie reader

LOL Lil' seem like that spelling has caught on!!

IMO I don't think Mel should have to pay a penny more than what he is paying his own attornies! Thought the reason he had to pay was to level the playing field! Seems Oinky playing field has been built on Mt Everest and she got dibbs on the top!

Posted at 1:21 AM on Jan 27, 2011 by LA me
Hiya LA :o) love the spelling and couldn't agree more about The Evil Gobbler.

Laughed so hard when I saw it, I like I woke up the neighboors!!

Posted at 1:25 AM on Jan 27, 2011 by LA me


LOL! Oh that poor Bully bi t ch. LOL!

1373 days ago


Sorry about the link, had ended the sentence with the link with a period, so here's the link now,

1373 days ago

LA me    

I found it on the "College Humor" site......Think it would have been more approprietely posted on the "Sh*t My Kids Ruined" site. Another funny one to browse through when bored!

1373 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Now I understand ALL of the "Bottom Feeder" jokes told about lawyers...

They should ALL be investigated!!!

Why Should Mel Gibson have to pay for ALL of these so called high payed whores for servicing the Ox???

Posted at 1:26 AM on Jan 27, 2011 by Emm
LMAO...I never heard HorroDitz and company called that, but damn funny!!

1373 days ago

little aussie reader    

Cat - the journo calls her Colonel Grigorieva but I think that is a good indication he reads here and also a very good sign that the tide is turning (in Oz at least) if the Herald is publishing that article.

1373 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Char...Thanks for the link to that story...I loved that satrical look at General OxSanity...

1373 days ago

little aussie reader    

Just noticed the date on the article cat linked to: scrap my tide is turning comment, however, I am still impressed that the herald published it.

1373 days ago

LA me    

Holy Schneikies! I just went back and read all of my posts....everyone of them has typos, word/letters left out and utter blather... Ah..Fuhk it! Not going to keep correcting myself! You get what you pay for here tonight! Nuttin!

1373 days ago

Shuffle Demon the guy who wrote that loves that sarcasm as much as I do about the MG/OG saga..

1373 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

*********************New OxSanity Story************************

L.A. Distirct Attorney Declines to Seek Jail Time for Oksana

Rueters - Oksana Grigorieva may not be incarcerated with any conviction on Extorsion related offences the Los Angeles District Attorneys office has said in a statement.

The statement said that after discussions between the District Attorneys office and the California Department of Corrections, and agreement was made for the safety of the staff and inmates to not have Oksana incarcerated.

A source in the Los Angeles District Attorneys office confirmed that they considered Oksana as a risk if she enterted the California Department of Corrections system as an inmate.

When pressed futher for an explanation, the souce stated: "We can't have a prisoner like Oksana who is a cesspool of STD's infecting our inmate population", "Our inmates may be bad people, but in no way do they deserve to be exposed to Oksana's petrid STD combo plate she is touting around"

Another source we contacted in the California Department of Corrections Medical Office confirmed what the source in the Los Angeles Distict Attorneys office had stated.

The California Department of Corrections Medical Office staff member added: "You have to look at Oksana's past here". "She has been sick numerous times before and after her depositions".

"The woman has tested positive for gonorrhea, HIV, crabs, syphillis, TB and 49 other diseases not to mention a raging yeast infection". "We can not have her cooch spreading muffins all over the prison yard".

"The amount of prisoners that would be violently ill at the sight of Oksana dropping muffins everywhere would be staggering and take a toll on the inmate medical system" said the staffer.
Rumors have it that the Los Angeles District Attorney office would instead like to sentance Oksana to house arrest, but with some creativeness.

When we asked for futher explanation from our Distirct Attorneys office source, the source said "In the form of house arrest we don't want Oksana to spend it in Mel mansion as we don't consider that to be harsh".

"We'd like Oksana house arrest to reflect her future and there fore would like her to live in a large refrigerator packing box".

The source further said: "We have selected an area that is conviently located next to the rail road tracks and has packs of wild running dogs, and vultures can be seen circling over head", " We feel oksana will be well heeled for this enviroment".

We contatced an Inmate at Pelican Bay for their feelings about Oksana not being incarcerated, the inmated who wished not to be named said "Look a lot of us have an STD", "But after seeing pictures and videos of Oksana online we're scared!" "We can all see she has some kind of walking dead look going on and rumor has it she has a few STD's that no one has ever heard of".

A doctor who saw the famous russian Singer/Composer/ConArtist after becoming "ill" after one of her deposition informed us that: "After I examined Oksana, I was horrified!" "I have never seen a vagina that had been so used and enlarged". "Usually we only see vaginas in that condition from Sex trade workers who retired after 95 years of service". "Oksana's exam turned up STD's that haven't been named yet, a gold watch and a missing filipino fishing crew".

The Doctor further added : "I am very, very concerned with a new strain of an STD that Oksana is sprouting due to the fact that it gives symptoms that include: Delusions of Grandeur, Bloated self importance, and illusions of talent".

The Doctor summed it up by saying "I haven't seen anything like this since Paris Hilton came into the public eye".

When we contacted Los Angeles Courthouse officals for comment, off the record one told us that "When Oksana was here for her deposition, we had staff that were getting ill at the sight of that bony mummy walking thru here".

"Our Janitors were having to walk 15 feet behind her sweeping up muffins, and then pooring bleach into their eyes to get the image of her out of their eyes and minds". "They found the searing pain from bleach in their eyes really soothed them".

Officals we contacted at the Los Angeles Sherriffs Department refused comment, Oksana's Lawyer Dan Horrowitz also refused to comment on the story, but stated that "He found Oksana pleasent to be around after having his sinus cavity plugged and has bought two of Oksana CD's as he thought they were quite wondeful as table coasters, and stated that his wife was very happy to see the Joy that Oksana CD's have brought to their coffee table.

We contacted Oksana for comment but she was auditioning for Millionaire matchmaker, and was unavailable. We also contatced Oksana's PR rep, but no one at Radaronline was willing to comment out of fear they may catch something that wasn't treatable if Oksana stopped by to order them to issue a denial to this story.

1373 days ago
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