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Condom Company -- 'Skins' Needs Our Protection!

1/26/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not every "Skins" advertiser supports the pull-out method -- in fact, LifeStyles condom company actually wants to insert its commercials into MTV's controversial show ... all in the name of safer sex.


A rep for LifeStyles tells TMZ, “We are considering advertising during 'Skins', as it provides the opportunity to impart a responsible message about safe sex to an audience who clearly needs to understand the implications of their actions."

Unlike many advertisers who dropped out of "Skins" since its premiere last week -- Taco Bell, H&R Block, Subway, Schick -- LifeStyles claims the show could actually teach a valuable lesson ... "that [teens] can and should be protecting themselves and their partners.”

No glove, no love.


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Good! Condom commercials should be put on more shows, cause if you're watching shows with teens F****** then condoms should be a very important thing to promote with them.

1311 days ago


Wow, has it come to this... kids barely out of diapers and their schooling us on their sexual prowess and we are suppose to be awed by this??
Frankly I find it disgusting, thinking about little kids f%$#@king! Where's the barf bowl??Kids in America have too much money given to them by parents and too much time on their hands if this show is in fact giving us a window on how some kids behave!!

1311 days ago


Yeah, I kind of figured the only ones prepared to advertise with the show would be a condom company lol!!
At least they want you to practise safe sex lol!! Haven't seen the show and have no idea of the age of these kids but the US consent level at 18 is the highest in the world, most of the rest of the western world the age for consent is 16!!!
Not that I'm in anyway for yet another program using sex & teenagers as a storyline, it may happen, but do we really HAVE to see this crap promoted as a decent program! It's at the stage now where none of the writers/producers of t.v programs have any really decent ideas at all, which is why we're forced to watch re-makes of old t.v series and films with the latest cutie in the lead role, plus endless reality shows about nonentities having sex, fighting, getting pregnant & oh yeah, just behaving BADLY!!
We're being force fed brain mushing c.r.a.p and perhaps the real answer to it all is to just turn off the f***** t.v and go do something else, anything else rather than vegetate watching stuff put out treating us like idiots!! In a minute there'll be a program to see who can s.h.i.t the furthest, longest and best, and y'know what some muppets would watch it!!
Perhaps if more people turned the d.a.m.n.e.d t.v off the producers would get the message that making this sort of program is going to be an expensive mistake hm?!

1311 days ago


I'll bet skins turns them down as a sponsor. As it makes the naysayers point that the show is selling promiscuos behavior and therefore should not be on MTV.

1311 days ago


Advertisers pulling out and/or possibly cancelling the show isn't going to stop teens from doing the things depicted in the show. They were doing them loooong before Skins was a glint in some creator's eye. And it's certainly not going to stop. So just deal with it! Take care of your kids and make sure they're safe. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. It's all you can do.

1310 days ago


Skins is awesome and i think its great that they advertise that during the show

1309 days ago

Mary Monroe    

This show is promoting the worst in what teens would probably look up to since it's a t.v show. The show should be canceled it's inappropriate, if this show is supposed to teach teens a lesson, all it's doing is influencing teens and younger kids who are watching to want to experience the same situations.

1308 days ago
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