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Michael Jackson's Son Gets His Game On

1/26/2011 3:33 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Michael Jackson's eldest kid Prince Michael Jackson got the royal treatment at last night's Lakers game in L.A.


Everyone from George Lopez and Khloe Kardashian to Ron Artest made sure they greeted the 13-year-old and his uncle Jackie Jackson.

Not bad.

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Cindee - Thank you for posting that most informative piece of information. I have not read of it before, and found it most interesting. Thank you again. Also, thank you too for the link to that video - I didn't know that you were the one who originally posted it - that is an extremely good video I must say! And the song that went to it was most appropriate! It truly tells a truthful tale. Thank you again for everything.

1361 days ago


What is wrong with people today? To all you haters out there, what did this boy ever do to you?
No matter what you think of MJ, he did do alot of good in this world both in life and in death, leaving 20% of his estate to charities. Despite society's attempts to knock him down, he never responded with hatred. Rest in peace MJ, you deserve it!

1360 days ago


YOu know just cause michael skin was a different color doesnt mean that he wasnt those childrens father. I was adopted and also i do have different color brothers and sisters. At least those kids are being taken care of and they were loved by there father actually i am a fan of michael jackson and i think that he was very good man

1360 days ago

American: Disgrace    

Seriously, everyone whos saying its not MJ's kids can just back off and shut up. Are you really that stupid that u dont think they consider him as a dad, he raised them, gave them food on the table and roof over their heads. As for that, he is and will always be their dad. If u doubt it, then u should prob get a dna test as well seeing if maybe the guy from ur local store is ur dad, who knows, maybe ur mom used another sperm donor.

So, i can say from the bottom of my heart, i couldnt be more glad im not an american, u people are such a disgrace for the human race, i almost feel bad for u.
Have respect for people! Stop being jealous cause their amazing human beeings and ur just a shame, they deserve every penny they have. Wow, u should seriously be ashamed.

1360 days ago

sharleen mendes    

Just thought of something about the bio parents of both Prince & that adorable Paris....is Arnie Klein the father of both kids with Debbie Rowe? I have not heard a thing about this from Debbie Rowe & she should know who the sperm donor was....Honestly, all of the different ways straight, bi-sexual, gay and whatever else out there are having kids is amazing to me but if something happens medically and the kids need a blood transfer or organ transplant (just ask George Lopez) this information becomes very important & I think it is getting lost in transit. Jus saying!!!!!

1360 days ago

sharleen mendes    

I am so glad to see MJ'S kids finally living the good life; not being kept in isolation like MJ wanted....these kids need to be out and around people their own ages too not just the relatives (even though there are a lot of them) so I am glad 2 of the oldest kids are in school & next Blanket needs to change his name before he goes to school because he will be teased and the reason why he still wants to be home schooled but out of all of the kids do we know who is egg donors were? The world needs to know these things because he looks black!!!

1360 days ago



Posted at 11:15 AM on Jan 31, 2011 by kathy 40

You're unbelievable stupid kathy 40....a typical Michael Jackson rabid.
Get a real life dumbass.

1360 days ago

check yourself    

Naw, Blanket wanted to go after P&P started but was told no, that he was too young. wtf? Let him HAVE A LIFE.

Prince...what's up with $60...K a MONTH yet bad haircut and filthy hair... again, wtf?? Depression, maybe?

Man... get them out from under those FREAKS, already, DAMN.

1360 days ago

American: Disgrace    

You know what, none of you people have a right to judge any of those people, what did u do that was so much better! So just shut the **** up people, seriously. And Michael wasnt the one that wanted to isolate the children from the real world, it was Debbie Rowe. And u know what, not such a bad idea. Just reading the comments on this article makes it actually more understanding that they want to isolate them from people like u!!! ****ing disgrace.

1360 days ago



Posted at 12:51 PM on Jan 31, 2011 by American: Disgrace

You must be from a country that condones (maybe even promotes) little boy fetishes and shameful private and public behavior by an adult male/female/heshesit?
(or whatever he was/is by now)

1360 days ago


Just as I thought, Murray has no defence on this board EITHER!!!

1360 days ago

Jenny from Puerto Rico    

I'm so happy to see that Michael's son Prince Michael I is having fun. This is great for him. A teenager like him should be not only loving sports but should experience it playing also. I hope the best for him, Prince Michael II (Blanket/"my little one") and Paris. God bless the Jackson family!!!!

1360 days ago


You must be from a country that condones (maybe even promotes) little boy fetishes and shameful private and public behavior by an adult male/female/heshesit?
(or whatever he was/is by now)

Posted at 4:05 PM on Jan 31, 2011 by Tellit

This is not the real Tellit. She doesn't believe in the molestation crap. This post sounds more like OW/Greg. U know the guy that shacks up in the van down by the river. Goodnite all.

1360 days ago


to the posters who say this boy is not michael jacksons son: shame on you. have you never heard of adoption??? your parents are the ones who raised you and loved you and gave you their name. btw- did you get a good look at the milkman? do you have his eyes, perchance?

1360 days ago


What's up with some of the posts here? MJ didn't "buy" them nor did he adopt them,they are his biological children. People should learn about genetics.

1360 days ago
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