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Michael Jackson's Son Gets His Game On

1/26/2011 3:33 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Michael Jackson's eldest kid Prince Michael Jackson got the royal treatment at last night's Lakers game in L.A.


Everyone from George Lopez and Khloe Kardashian to Ron Artest made sure they greeted the 13-year-old and his uncle Jackie Jackson.

Not bad.

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jemma your a moron... It's been all but proven that this is Michael's bio son... The kid even has the same skin disorder vitiligo that MJ had, and even if MJ wasn't the bio dad he raised the kids, and took care of them, and was their dad so why don't you shut the **** up you stupid whore!

1297 days ago


You must be from a country that condones (maybe even promotes) little boy fetishes and shameful private and public behavior by an adult male/female/heshesit?
(or whatever he was/is by now)

Posted at 4:05 PM on Jan 31, 2011 by Tellit

This is not the real Tellit. She doesn't believe in the molestation crap. This post sounds more like OW/Greg. U know the guy that shacks up in the van down by the river. Goodnite all.

Posted at 7:46 PM on Jan 31, 2011 by Daphne

is so.

While I do not believe that Michael Jackson was a fullblown (lol) pedophile....(but then there's a good chance that he really was)...
I DO believe that he had a deepseated problem with his obsession with little boys (and all things having to do with little boys) and their constant often unsupervised and sometimes clandestine company. I do believe that there was definitely inappropriate behavior exhibited by Michael Jackson in many aspects. How far it went?...probably only the victim, Michael Jackson and God knows.

it's Tellit...
tellin it like it is.

1297 days ago



1296 days ago


Where does all that hate come from?
I see a young boy who wants to make his live after his beloved father died.
Where is the problem?

1296 days ago



Posted at 7:06 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by CHOCKISS

Check your facts,because he IS his biological son PERIOD!!

1295 days ago


Why didn't you guys that claims, those kids are not MJ's step out and say it when he was alive?. You are now saying nonsense because he is dead. I pray that God will punished all of you people that are enemies of entertainments.

1295 days ago


I think it's wonderful Prince is getting out in the world. He looks happy & well. Glad to know hes a Laker Fan :)

1295 days ago


Many people have an opinion about the Jackson kids,saying he is not the biological father of the kids. I was raised by my natural mother who emotionally physically and mentally abused me Micheal Jackson was a true Dad in all respect I wish my mother was a parent like him. She is a drug abuser MJ may have taken perscription drugs but he didnt do to his kids what my mother did to me its easy to talk about others lives its another thing to know their hearts. Micheals kids are all healthy well and loved their Dad which they all have confessed I say good on you MJ you were a beautful parent better then some biological Dads or Mums. I am nearly 50 years old and my mother is still a abuser who last time tried to beat me was June 2010.

1295 days ago


DNA!!!!!!Prove it,,,Just want to know the truth,,i want to know for sure that those are from MJ blood,,and YES it makes a BIG difference

1294 days ago


DNA!!!!!!Prove it,,,Just want to know the truth,,i want to know for sure that those are from MJ blood,,and YES it makes a BIG difference

Posted at 2:19 PM on Feb 3, 2011 by CHOCKISS

I've posted the link several times...MJ did have a dna test done years ago,and it just proved that he IS their biological dad.

1294 days ago


#683 Missy,
michael-jackson-the-performer-vs-the-person,I assume this is the link that you refer to in your post?
Michael had this postnuptial contract drawn up by his attourneys in early 1997.This was to ensure that he had exclusive rights to his unborn child,should he split up with Debbie Rowe,offering her $2.3million--never to see the child again.

As any lawyer will tell you,this would not stand up in a court of law legally,as Prince was not yet born.
As Paris was not born until 1998,and Blanket until 2002,the issue with the dna tests that you refer to,was not legal.

1294 days ago


Becky,sorry to burst you little bubble but it is legal,do you think the lawyers would have go through with the contract if it wasn't? Um NO! You can do a dna test even if the child was not born and yes it's still legal. So now even with proof a dna test done,people still do not want to give MJ credit for being their BIOLOGICAL father. Also Blanket has a different mother.

1294 days ago


And the debate goes on.. ****, who the **** cares if those aren't his biological kids anymore? He raised them and that's what makes him their father. People, get over their lives, and get back to yours!

1293 days ago


I hate to see people picking on Michael's kids, they are his kids, people get Post Nuptial agreements in the event of a separation, this is a way of deciding who get what after a divorce, in Michael's case in the Post Nuptial it was agreed upon that he would get the kids, I think Debbie tried to get custody of the kids in 2004 during his trial when Michael was involved with the muslims but she didn't. I never heard anything about Michael getting DNA to prove the kids was his kids. Michael knew they were his kids so why would he get a DNA. My brother got a DNA because he thought his child wasn't his and it turn out it wasn't my brother child, but Michael know they were his kids.

1293 days ago


That's Michael's son; he's got an African American naval (outie) so unless Arnold Klein is African i can't see how MJ.Jr is his son. Hope that answers all your questions. And it's good to see Prince out and about, love your dad Prince, God bless him and you and your brother and sister.

1293 days ago
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