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Michael Jackson's Son Gets His Game On

1/26/2011 3:33 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Michael Jackson's eldest kid Prince Michael Jackson got the royal treatment at last night's Lakers game in L.A.


Everyone from George Lopez and Khloe Kardashian to Ron Artest made sure they greeted the 13-year-old and his uncle Jackie Jackson.

Not bad.

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I spelt 'navel' wrong previously. :). Btw Prince, Paris and Blanket are all his kids; his real kids. Rest in peace Michael. Love.

1321 days ago


#685 Missy,
I am well aware that prenatal dna testing can be done,but it is a risky procedure to the unborn baby also the mother has to be anaesthetized for this.Just my opinion,but in 1997 Michael was desperate to become a parent,I don't think that he would have risked Debbie going through all that for anything to happen to the unborn baby.
You said that this contract drawn up in early 1997,before any of the children were even born, proved that Michael was the biological father of all three children,well,as I originally said Paris wasn't born until a year later,and Blanket four years after that.I know Blanket had a different mother, but that wouldn't make any difference to the dna tests as to whether Michael was the biological father or not.
I really don't have a problem as to whether the children are Michael's biological children or not, as far as I am concerned,he raised them,so that's good enough for me.
It was simply about the contract and the dna issue,the way it was written.

1321 days ago


#690, Becky Prenatal Testing is used in over 90% of women who chose to have children late in life , this is a way of discovering birth defects before the child is born, I know it is used to detect Down Syndrome, some woman on my job had this test done she had re-married and thought she couldn't have any more kids at the age of 42, but luckly with this test done she knew ahead of time her baby would be healthy, some women choose to abort their child after having this test if something is wrong with the baby.

1321 days ago


I never heard anything about Michael getting DNA to prove the kids was his kids. Michael knew they were his kids so why would he get a DNA.
Hi barbara
I've never ever heard of Michael having a DNA test performed on his children either. Just gossip. People speculate that he married DR that way it would be presumed that the children were his if born during the marriage. ms. rowe stated they got married because they knew it would be hard enough on the kids because they are michael jackson's children. At least the children would not have to deal with illegitimacy too. All three chilren are michael's and no one on earth can prove it otherwise. all they can do is talk very foolishly and increase hitz on gossip sites while the children continue to grow up as blood related jacksons. good post barbara!!!

btw: i'm not putting down anyone born out of wedlock.

1321 days ago


mymjj5-I know all those children are MJs biological children,I just posted the link/article about the dna testing because of the BS people have said....even after reading it,still people don't believe it. What will it take for people to accept the fact that MJ is the biological dad. If you want the link again...

Michael Jackson had signed a multimillion-dollar deal to purchase outright (if need be) his own offspring. Assured through DNA testing that his wife-of-convenience, Debbie Rowe, is in fact carrying his baby, he has reportedly had his attorneys fashion a contract wherein should the marriage deteriorate and the two of them split up, he would obtain exclusive rights to the child.


1321 days ago


Michael Jackson had signed a multimillion-dollar deal to purchase outright (if need be) his own offspring.

Posted at 1:17 PM on Feb 5, 2011 by Missy


If these children are Michaels, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, Why would he want to buy his own children?

1321 days ago


Bryony-I think you missed the point about it. It was more of making an agreement with Debbie(pre-nup,sorta) that if they split then she would not fight for custody.

1320 days ago


Hi Missy
I understand why you did it and I was not placing you on blast. It's a total waste of time when you're talking to ignorant people. I for one don't believe the article as written. The way it's written is a sensationalize farce. Any other couple who got a divorced and the children remained in custody of one parent would not even be subjected to such silliness. The world knows that Michael knew Debbie for nealy 15 years before they decided to become parents. The reasoning behind it was between them and only affects their families. The tabloids and some so called legit sources just keep *#*^*#* going to sell their story even if it hurts an innocent child. Married celebrity couples get divorced all the time and the prenup goes into affect. A lot more than 2 million dollars are paid out, yet they don't suffer the indignity of stories as foolish as the ones written about Michael. All the writer of that article did was place his own opinion about a private matter. That article does not prove or disprove the paternity of Michael's children. The writer simply gave his opinion about a decision Micheal made with his second wife. That kind of stuff makes me never want to purchase another item by michael. I'll just love him with my whole heart because I know for a fact that he fathered all three of his children.
Fantastic point Byrony!!!!

I wonder if Dr. Seltzer the writer, has an opinion about Britany Spears divorce and custody of her sons? How about the mess between Charlie Sheen and his ex Denise who was pregnant with their second child when she filed for divorce. How does Charlie Sheen's behavior and conduct effect all of the children by his ex/wife/wives? Did the writer become concerned about the divorce settlements, paternity and custody of these children as well as countless others in hollywood? He should take the prenups and or divorce decree of these celebrity couples, pick them apart and tell the world from a psychological stand point how their behavior and choices affect their chidlren.....and by all means stipulate how appauling it is for such a substantial "payout" to be given to the non custodial parent like in the case of Britany and K-FED.
I will not even go there on Brangelina and their choices to have bio and adopted children and remain unmarried. Where's the concern for those children? What will happen to the children if Brad and Angelina get divorced......ooops my bad break up? They can't commit to each other why should anyone expect them to be committed to raising all those children who are not biologically theirs? If something happened to them, are the grandparents willing to raise the children that are not bio or ethnically white? Can't wait to see an answer on 60 minutes, 20/20 or the cover of People/Life magazine....LOL!

I Love you so much Michael! Prince, Paris and Blanket loved you more! God loved you best!!!

1320 days ago


Of these photos: the side view of prince resembles Jafaar. The front view of prince resembles Michael between '80-'85 (jmo)

1320 days ago


Missy, Byrony, Pegasus and barbara

I've seen this photo before but after today I see it a little different. Clearly she's much darker than Michael but take a look at Paris Jackson's leg and foot. What do you think?.


1320 days ago


MYMJJ5, Yes I have seemed those photos before, and the strange thing is that Nancy Malnik daughter and her husband are white and look how dark their little girl arm is, Lionel Richie daughter Sofia is light completion and her mother is white, I am just saying the genes can be tricky. We all know they are Michael kids, and we don't know what affect his disease had on his body cells, we know what it did to his skin. Going back to bed I have a bad cold see you all tomorrow.

1320 days ago


hi barbara and others

i wanted your opinion about paris jackson's leg and foot from the photo. does anything look peculiar? The skin tone or color?


1320 days ago


Good lord, poor america.....you guys are the most dumpest people on this planet...seriosly, thank god not really each one of you but so freaking many...it hurts! Reading some posts in here makes me laugh, some fat dump american psycho coming and checking this topic about YES MICHAEL JACKSONS SON, why the heck are you here? go to hell and fight with the devil! Greeds from Germany (where the mercedes comes from :-) LOL

1319 days ago


MYMJJ5, I took a look at the Photo it appear to be a reflection from the light, the Malnik girl her hand seem to be lighter than her arm, anyway most diseases hit children something once they are 12 or older, my sister-N-Law has Lupus and my niece has to be tested every two years, this is a mother and daughter disease, so far my niece is ok she is 26 but we don't know what the future hold, can you pull up a picture of Paris where she is maybe wearing shorts and maybe we can take a better look.

1318 days ago


#700 Correction should be sometime ILO something

1318 days ago
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