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'Jersey's' Sammi

Off Hook for

Punching Ronnie

1/26/2011 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She coldcocked Ronnie with a HAYMAKER on an episode of "Jersey Shore" -- but  Sammi Sweetheart ain't facing the same fate as "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood ... in fact, she's off the hook completely ... for now.

It was a pretty shocking promo for this week's episode -- Sammi slugs Ronnie across the jaw during an argument ... an act of violence nearly identical to the thrashing Amber Portwood unleashed on her baby daddy just a few months ago ... the same thrashing that landed her behind bars.

As we previously reported, Amber was charged with felony domestic violence over the on-air beatdown -- but according to the Chief of Seaside Police, Sammi won't be prosecuted whatsoever ... at least until Ronnie decides to press charges.

Calls to Ronnie's rep weren't returned -- but seeing as the footage was shot last summer, we're guessing he's moved on. Meanwhile, Amber still faces three years in prison.


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Americans you really a shame this planet. Especially filming someone being violated and expose it on TV?...Really?...No wonder the rest of the World has no respect for ya cause of trashes like this whore.

Posted at 11:48 PM on Jan 26, 2011 by Jackie

At least are women are hot--not like the euro trash b*i*tches who don't shave their underarm hair and walk around like they have Don King in a head lock! We laugh at you Euro A-holes too and p.s. Its time for your weekly bath!

1331 days ago


that was barely a hit compared to amber's beating so in my opinion sammi should be let off the hook

1331 days ago


Guess what guys should not hit girls they are way bigger and can hurt your average chick. That is you guy's double standard looks bad when a guy hits a girl! Just like guys can go out and bang 20 chicks and look like a pimp while if a girl does she is called a whore! And I did not see no little kid watching it. I hate Sammi but I don't think if Ron wants to press charges people should worry about it! She should have done it last season then maybe I would still like her but she is acting like a idiot and doormat this season and I am ready for her to pack her bags. Ron is more fun without her! And I love me some Jwwow!

1331 days ago

QueenBCici Lakeland,FLORIDA & LKPT NY    

sammi ur sooo stupid n tha 1st place 4 nt doing 2 him what he did 2 u n miami... u skd hv went out without his fohawk ass and gt sum men! it doesnt mk u a ho... and im glad he didnt press wlda made him look stupid. but that is trashy 2 fight. mk him jealous it hurts him more. jus sum advice. u were my fav till u took him back after u reading that letter.. i hope u hv moved on ur way 2 pretty 2 b with him go find a firefighter or a hunky dr!

1331 days ago


Sammy is a PUNK BITCH!
and deserve all that Ronny has and will do to her!

1330 days ago


So Nicole, if one guy beats the hell out of a chick, and another guy hits a girl square in the face once, the second guy shouldn't be charged because his crime was less brutal than the first's? Nice logic. Unfortunately this is typical female mentality.

1330 days ago


She is insecure and needy. She shouldn't be with him if she can't trust him. she can't keep punishing him for the past when she chose to forgive him and stay with him. Her needy insecurity pushed him away b4. I don't agree with what he did to her by climbing in bed with her after partying however they were not back together then so he actually did not cheat on her. She has made an enemy out of everyone around her because she has a better than everyone out look when the real problem is that she is an insecure person. It's making her an ugly person. Goes to show that outward beauty has nothing to do with true beauty on the inside. She crossed the line with this and she is lucky he didn't hit her back. A bad move and to do that to him on TV, she has issues, i'm sick of her crying weeping ass on the show

1330 days ago


He deserved it last season,he bad mouths Jwow behind her back and says he's her friend after all she's done to Sammi. She should of kicked him in the head instead. Isn't Ronni going to jail for knocking out that guy cold anyway. Ha~~~

1330 days ago


I feel sorry for her. She behaves like someone who is abused. Yes, Ronnie abuses her............She is at the end of her rope with these people. This girl needs help to get out of this relationship. He has her believing that no one else would want her (classic abusive) The other girls in the house do not get it. Snookie is on another planet, and Jwoww is too busy trying to keep people from finding out that she is really a man.

1330 days ago


if sammi gets prosecuted then jwoww and snooki should be prosecuted too. jwoww has hit sammi and mike, snooki attacked angelina. amber portwood got in trouble mostly because she did it in front of her baby

1327 days ago


I think its a double standard when it comes to women hitting men. As we all know if the tables were turned and Ronnie hit Sammi the camera men would have put their camera's down to stop him and would have called the police to have him arrested. Just like when Snooki was punched. Everyone jumped in to help her and police where there in seconds to arrest the guy. It just seems that people take it as a joke or not serious when a girl hits a guy. Assault is assult. I think Sammi should face charges just like Amber and it shouldn't have to come down to Ronnie pressing charges against her. The police should arrest her not matter what. I have been a fan of MTV for my whole life, but I think anymore the producers don't do anything to prevent these fights from happening and don't get involved because they know it gets them ratings. Back when the Real World was first started they kicked a guy off the show for pulling a blanket off of girl because she felt uncomfortable. Now MTV welcomes violence on their shows and doesn't kick people off the show because of it. Its my personal belief that both Amber and Sammi have charges brought against just the same if they where a man. Charges shouldn't be based on what sex they are, but because of what they did to another human.

1324 days ago


sammi is a classic narcissist-always making it about her. boo hoo feel sorry for sammi AGAIN!! she mopes around and forces ronnie to interact with her when it is clear he can't stand her. assault is assault be it in front of a child or not, the abused was still abused!!

1322 days ago


That's the problem with this world. A girl straight socks a guy in the face and the COPS don't do ANYTHING about it. If a guy did that, you're looking at jail time for sure. Screw this country.

1316 days ago


Two very sick people. Both are extremely immature, insecure and have very low self esteem. Ronnie is hugely abusive in an mental and emotional sense. And Sammie handles the physical abuse in the relationship. She SHOULD be charged for what she did, NO DOUBLE STANDARDS!

1316 days ago
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