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Underage 'Teen Mom'

Coronas and Beer Bongs

1/27/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

19-year-old "Teen Mom" Maci must have misplaced her Shirley Temple -- because TMZ has obtained some pretty crazy pics of the MTV reality star brewing up serious trouble ... and hitting a beer bong.

No word on when exactly the alcohol-infused party pics were taken -- but thankfully, Maci doesn't look pregnant at the time. 

MTV had no comment.


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Stop calling her a whore. She drank a little alcohol. big deal. She's prob in a city where it's legal & if not who cares? Most ppl sitting on their high horses know they weren't ALL alcohol free virgins at 19 so hush. Thank you.

1365 days ago


She also had pre marital sex as a teen.... should we make a news announcement of that. Doesnt make her a bad mom... she was the best mom on the show. Wow... I bet no one at TMZ did a little beer pong before they were 21. Cause Lord knows that doesnt happen in college. Never. Too boot... she was in Mexico. TMZ, you're a little late on this one.

1365 days ago


Agreed, an 18 year old drinking on Spring Break is not new nor shocking. And if you watch the show (which I'm ashamed to admit I do) she is the best mom on there. She actually works, goes to school and takes really good care of her son. She deserves a break to have some fun.

1365 days ago

Teacher's Pet    

The only issue here is why is she not taking care of her baby?

1365 days ago


oh noes a 19 year old had a beer

1365 days ago


Teacher's Pet- Question... Do you have kids?? And if so, have you and your husband/wife ever went out anywhere without your kids?? I'm guessing that you absolutely have. I didn't realize when you have kids you give up ever going anywhere without them. Get a life.

1365 days ago


Teacher's Pet- Question... Do you have kids?? And if so, have you and your husband/wife ever went out anywhere without your kids?? I'm guessing that you absolutely have. I didn't realize when you have kids you give up ever going anywhere without them. Get a life.

Posted at 9:30 AM on Jan 27, 2011 by Ashley

Good point Ash,

She was taking care of her kid and going to school in just about every episode of the show that I saw.
These preachy girls need to get a life. She is allowed to have a personal life and STILL be a good, hardworking, decent mother.

Sheesh Id like to see what skeletons are in your closet Teachers Pet

1365 days ago

Paranormal Investigator    

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Dead kennedys

1365 days ago

Ashley you are wrong the whole thing is a joke

1365 days ago


Another example of trash getting pregnant and having more trash.

Another shining example as to why people need to have a license to breed. Sterilize everyone until they qualify to have a baby.

1365 days ago


Ban skins and Teen mom why promote getting pregnant so young like it the cool thing to do. Really make a show about more important things. The war in Iraq soldiers family's. Come on really it does go to show how she got knock up in the first place what a slut

1365 days ago


ALl this means is that she is a normal teenager. She is the best mom out of all of the Teen Mom's on the show. SHe deserves to get out and have some fun.
Stop hating and get your own life. She isn't hurting anyone.

1365 days ago


Shes in Panama City Beach in Club LaVela and in front of the Majestic Hotel. Creepy, I know, but my friends and I met her/partied with her. It was sometime last spring break, which was in March. And I'm totally not a staler.

1365 days ago


omg really. they need 2 leave maci alone and just let her live her life. im pretty sure she's not the only underage teen drinkin.

1365 days ago


who cares?
this shouldn't even be a story. honestly the majority of people 18+ drink. let her be.
sure it's illegal in the US but who's to say she's not in mexico, where the legal drinking age is 18.

1365 days ago
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