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Underage 'Teen Mom'

Coronas and Beer Bongs

1/27/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

19-year-old "Teen Mom" Maci must have misplaced her Shirley Temple -- because TMZ has obtained some pretty crazy pics of the MTV reality star brewing up serious trouble ... and hitting a beer bong.

No word on when exactly the alcohol-infused party pics were taken -- but thankfully, Maci doesn't look pregnant at the time. 

MTV had no comment.


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Teen moms generally aren't responsible people. Shocker!

1334 days ago


some pics are from panama city, the others are from this recent halloween and other parties, they're all over facebook. she goes out and drinks all the time when bentley's with ryan

1334 days ago

Teacher's Pet    

@Ashley - Yes, I have a 30 year old child and the few times I did leave her, I wasn't on a the beach with a beer bong in my mouth or in a nightclub.

@I'dtagthat-is-gay-all-day - My closet is clean. Come take a look anytime you like! I'm not a "preachy girl/woman", I'm a responsible high school teacher that's seen her share of "teen moms" and what they do.

1334 days ago


You can go to war at 18 have a baby at 16 but you cant drink a damn alcoholic drink at 19? Please get a life and stop being a prude!!

1334 days ago


It it's abroad she is not underage, since most places in the world 18 is the legal age even 16 in some countries.

1333 days ago


you need to be 21 to drink people!! so why is everyone defending her?? such hypocrites, everyone will jump down Amer and Jenelle's throats but the "Oh so Perfect Princess" Maci ****out can do whatever she pleases?? Stop acting so perfect you whore and actually be a MOM. no wonder Ryan left your sorry ass. HA! thats why your looks like Kyle its because you know those rumors about you cheating were real!!

1333 days ago


Give her a break. She is the best mom on that show.... She was on vacation!

1333 days ago

lorrie cardoza     

well i think if your responsible and take care of your baby you should do what you want ... im 18 an i have a four month old baby and im not perfect but im not a whore and come on all teenagers drink so stop bein hypocrits

1333 days ago


1st of all.. Vacationing is vactioning it doesnt make you a bad mother.
2nd of all if you can fight for OUR freedom when you are 18 why cant you have a beer?
3rd and lastly tell me you were not drinking on your 18th spring break? If you werent you are totally LAME LMAO!!!

1333 days ago


Call me gullible but I was a bit surprised because MTV certainly didn't portray Maci as a party girl. They showed her as a dedicated mom who was bored at home watching after her son and studying all the time. Guess you REALLY can't trust anything you see on TV these days.

1331 days ago


I <3 this show!!!!!!!!

1330 days ago


Number 14 you are completely out of line. Getting pregnant at any age does not mean you are a whore. I bet you wouldn't be saying that about the man that got her pregnant. Plus I would say that 90% of people drink underage anyway, give her a break

1330 days ago


If at 18 Maci can live on her own work and pay her own bills and take greatcare of her baby boy then she deserves a beer.

1326 days ago


First off most of these girls got on the show to help support their kids, they all know they made the mistake of getting pregnant at 16 and another thing from what ive seen on tv Maci is a very good mom she is working and she is going to school and most important taking damn good care of her son....even when the money stops coming in from the show i have great faith that Maci will still be on top in taking care of what she needs to take care of with no problem. All you haters need to get a life and take care of your own if you have a problem with teen pregncey then you need to make sure your kids are not one of them...Leave these teen moms alone!!!!

1323 days ago


Maci's a good mother i think. All the things she does for her child. And the way she stands her ground, i respect that. I think it's good that she gets some time to herself. Yea ok she is having a few, so what. Yea i'll admit it's not healthy, everyone know's that. And i'm not saying it's a good thing to go out and get ripped. It's disrespect on yourself. And makes a person look bad and kinda gross. But i think it's okay to have atleast a couple but that's it. Just Don't over do it.

But i bet Maci has been through alot. I know she has. It hurts. I know people have probably been giving her alot of **** to. It's get overwhelming also. And especially when your getting judged by people to. I wouldn't want people to judge me either. Just like everyone is doing on here. Yup and tat's just how this world is, with all these show's and everything else. It's entertainment to people. And yea she took the show, but probably didn't know it would turn out like this, and have everybody accusing her and their bad judgement. I think everybody atleast had bad times to, and wouldn't want it to be placed out there. She's having some fun, and i think that's ok because she deserves it. She's a good mother. Atleast she's not doing it infront of her child like some bad mother's do.

1322 days ago
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