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Underage 'Teen Mom'

Coronas and Beer Bongs

1/27/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

19-year-old "Teen Mom" Maci must have misplaced her Shirley Temple -- because TMZ has obtained some pretty crazy pics of the MTV reality star brewing up serious trouble ... and hitting a beer bong.

No word on when exactly the alcohol-infused party pics were taken -- but thankfully, Maci doesn't look pregnant at the time. 

MTV had no comment.


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How can she be underage when she's 19 years?

1367 days ago


Could she be in Mexico, judging by the photo on the left? Legal drinking age is 18 in Mexico.

I highly doubt that she took her son with her, he was most likely with her parents or his fathers parents. Leaving your child with people you trust when you go on vacation is the responsible thing to do, right? Right.

1367 days ago


TMZ has become such a toilet bowl!

1367 days ago

Daniel Mountain    

An example of how and why she got pregnant.

1367 days ago


seriously TMZ? This is so last year... these pictures have already been around the internet. She was on spring break with her man! Leave the poor girl alone.

1367 days ago


Jackie, she isn't legal to drink in the U.S. until she is 21. That makes her underage. :)

As far as TMZ being a toilet bowl...well that just makes most of the people featured on here pieces of ****, right? haha If that's the case, it's a very fitting insult.

1367 days ago

casting couch    

chug... chug... chug! you go girl!

1367 days ago


These are old. They're from last year's Spring Break. But of course the fact still remains that she was 18 at the time.

1367 days ago


@ Trisha...Thanks for the knowledge. Where am from 18 and above is legal to drink.

1367 days ago


OMG a teen drinking during spring break someone call 911 this is a non issue.

1367 days ago


Why did MTV make these Teen Wh.ores into stars? And why is TMZ bothering with them? Once the Teen Mom show falls by the wayside and all that fame and money are gone, these immoral bitches will go back to the welfare line because they have nothing else going for them.

I understand that they're young and we all make mistakes, but these girls are just trash and no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it's still a pig ...

1367 days ago


one should be able to have a beer at 18 if one wants too..they all do anyways..

1367 days ago


When the hell did becoming pregnant at 16 make you a celeb, back in the day all it meant was you were a whore. Because places like this and other websites prompt this crap, it basically says to young girls "You too can become famous, just lay back, spread your legs and in 9 months you to can be on a terrible T.V. show."

1367 days ago


Panama City?

1367 days ago


Screw you TMZ! There would be no chance of pregnancy if the crap-waud (you suggest) used a $5.00 condom.

I see we are back to the "50"s" mindset... Shame the female involved... All responsibility on the female. Nothing on a the Male for his part. If he did not want children, then HE would not have been a potected "in-and-out-and-ejaculated particpant."

Words of advice to sons/men everyhwere..... If you DO NOT want to have children then wear a CONDOM! Plain and simple... No one else's responsibility, it's yours... Wear a condom!

1367 days ago
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