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'Teen Mom' Baby Daddy -- Strung Out Over Amber

1/27/2011 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" baby daddy Gary Shirley may finally have struck a chord with Amber Portwood -- because we're told, she totally melted when she saw this acoustic guitar video he made for her.


We're told Gary recorded his take on Lonestar's "Amazed" last week -- the pseudo-couple's "song" -- less than a month after a judge ordered Amber to stay the hell away from him and their child ... for beating the crap out of Gary on TV.

Here's the thing -- HE'S NOT THAT BAD, right? Anyone ..? Amber ...?

As far as we know, the court order is still in place.


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Attention whoring white trash breeder. Get a real job and pay for your kid, your own legal bills and get yourself neutered. That goes for your baby-mam too. Who by the way, comes off as more of a dude that this clown. Stop giving irresponsible people attention

1365 days ago


That was bad she should run.

1365 days ago


I know he's had to make some money from all this attention by now, so how about shelling out for a tripod. Good luck though bro, not sure why you want her back, but hope it works for ya.

1365 days ago


this idiot is addicted to that trashy girl's violence and drama and it's disgusting. it's bad for him, it's bad for her and it's
AWFUL for that poor little baby of theirs. what's terrifying is that the longer these two see each other, the higher the chance this horrible girl is going to get knocked up again. and that should NOT be allowed to happen. she should be forcibly sterilized. she's a DANGER to the baby she already has. what a mess. maybe if mtv hadn't come along and turned these two losers into celebrities they'd be broken up and long past each other by now. good job, mtv, way to exploit a horrific situation and make it worse. shame.

1365 days ago


The only amazing thing about Amber is that she has escaped prison.

1365 days ago


He is not adicted to her he is adicted to the attention he gets from staying involved with her. Why isnt he centering his attention on that precious lil girl? Where is his parenting skills in all this taping stuff for TMZ where is baby lea, he probably dumped her on his mom to raise her. That one tape he was trying to get some girl over to XXXX her, all while baby lea is on the floor sleeping. I dont see him much better than the mom. He plays too many games..... GGGGGRRRRRRR what a mess

1365 days ago


I'm confused!! Did he call her loose, a wh0re and tried to hook up with her cousin a few weeks ago? This dude is crazy. Amber, go find a decent man to be a good example for your daughter.

1365 days ago


I can't believe people would watch this white trash, much less MTV broadcast this garbage. It lacks any redeeming quality and just exploits retards. America is doomed.

1365 days ago


I can't believe people would watch this white trash, much less MTV broadcast this garbage. It lacks any redeeming quality and just exploits retards. America is doomed.

1365 days ago


Attention whoring white trash breeder. Go get a job, pay your own legal bills and get neutered. Same goes for his baby-mama, who comes off more of a dude than he does.

1365 days ago


Good Job Gary. Even though Amber isn't the right girl for you, keep practicing your guitar and vocals. It won't be hard if you devote yourself to practicing.

1365 days ago


Gary, Gary, Gary, you poor stupid man. Amber treated you like dirt, physically and mentally abused you, yet you still want her. SHE WILL NEVER CHANGE. It's time to move on. You can't let anyone treat you like that ever again.

1365 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

fatty needs to get on some serious meds and or kill himself!! good grief!!!!!!!!!

1365 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

Would someone explain this Gary dude to me?

He has NO looks.

He has NO personality.

He has NO job.

He has NO money.

He has NO place of his own.

But hey why not make a video in your mothers basement?

1365 days ago


How in the hell did this guy get ANYONE pregnant?

Oh wait—it was a skank.

1365 days ago
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