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Charlie Sheen Treated for Hernia -- No O.D.

1/27/2011 9:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen suffered a hiatal hernia in his stomach -- not an overdose -- and it may have triggered the 911 call that landed Charlie in the hospital.


Sources tell us the hernia is located in Charlie's stomach. The condition causes acid and food to back up into the esophagus ... and we're told it causes "horrible, horrendous pain."

Charlie will spend the night at the hospital.

We're told Charlie has had a hiatal hernia for years.

As we previously reported, Sheen was hospitalized early this morning.


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If TMZ had a link about him being dead and he isn't dead, then that is messed up. TMZ just hoping he dies so they can be the first to break the news. It isn't funny TMZ. While he is messed up, he is a human being.

Posted at 4:55 PM on Jan 27, 2011 by AH
I agree too, lol

1365 days ago


The "Charlie Sheen Dead at 45" TMZ link was quite funny, thanks to all for pointing that out I didn't catch it. Sure enough if you click on the TMZ link you'll be taken to a 404 page.

The link was live for a good 30 minutes.

1365 days ago


And trish and g are lesbian lovers.....for the record Trish wears the flannel....

1365 days ago


Hernia? So says TMZ. hahahahahah.

1365 days ago


Scotts a bozo.

Posted at 4:58 PM on Jan 27, 2011 by Trish
lol I agree

Posted at 4:59 PM on Jan 27, 2011 by D

He's talking about the hyperlinks that were below the article if you clicked to comment. There were two headlines one of them was "Charlie Sheen Dead at 45". They were on the page for longer than they should have been. TMZ published he was dead, is Scott's point.

1365 days ago


It must be nice to even have doctors to "cover your ass!"

Wonder if they will be responsible when he overdoses???

1365 days ago


Sorry I meant to say "D" not "G" just used to trish looking for D's g spot my bad...

1365 days ago


i heard he died but not releasing to the press just yet!!!

1365 days ago


Is there ANY kind of morals clause in his contracts with cbs? Lindsay can't hold a job portraying a drug addled porn star and gets tossed in the clink every time she walks outside but ol' domestic-violence-charlie can smoke crack, eat a brick of coke for lunch, shoot a girlfriend, and hire a cavalcade of porn hookers and traffic a DEA bust worth of coke with cbs dollars and he is above reproach? WTF?
FYI-what I know about porn chicks/escorts: Nothing short of projectile vomiting of blood with dragons flying out of his ASS would compel hookers of any variety to call 911...even THEN they'd do the porn off his corpse before they'd call 911. There is MUCH more to this story than we are hearing about.

1365 days ago


What is up with the dead comment? yes or no?

1365 days ago


tyvm Tony but you won;t get through the "trolls" heads. They work together to stir the pot.

Peace :)

1365 days ago


I agree ENOUGH! (74)
he brings in money to the network so they need to "keep" him..
I actually watch the show more for Alan, Bertha and Rose.

1365 days ago


TMZ why don't you get one of your camera men to skateboard by the hospital where Charlie is staying. Give him a really wobbly old rusty skate board maybe he will break his neck and end up next to Charlie. Even if he doesn't get next to Charlie the wobbly rusty skateboard fall would be fun to read.

1365 days ago


Radaronlune says his has low red blood cells suspect probable ulceration.

1365 days ago


I know, #77, all the actors are great on 2-1/2 men!

1365 days ago
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