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Charlie Sheen

Rushed To Hospital

1/27/2011 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was rushed to the hospital this morning, TMZ has learned ... and a source at the hospital tells us, "It's serious."

We're told Charlie was taken out of his home on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance at 7 AM.
Two young women exited the house at the same time Charlie was taken out with a towel partially over his face.

Charlie was transported to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A.  We're told tests were performed and doctors are waiting for results.

The 911 call was placed at 6:35 AM.

Sources say Charlie was having severe abdominal pains which triggered the 911 call. Stan Rosenfield, Charlie's publicist, tells TMZ Charlie was in the emergency room this morning -- sleeping.

We're told Charlie's father, Martin Sheen, and his mom, Janet Templeton, are at the hospital.  Charlie's ex-wife, Denise Richards, is also there.

UPDATE: Neighbors tell TMZ Charlie threw some sort of party last night. They heard women inside Charlie's house singing Red Hot Chili Peppers songs throughout the evening. The party went on -- loudly -- well into the wee hours.

UPDATE:  Charlie's medical emergency will not immediately affect production ... "Two and a Half Men" is on hiatus this week.

Charlie Sheen Hospitalized


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this old douche is so lame and tired. stop dying your hair, wearing ridiculous clothes that are for teenagers, and blowing coke with hookers. Be a dad, you need an ass-whippin. I am game to provide it.

1333 days ago


At least this was a hernia, and not chemical, Charlie; the fates were lined up in your favor, this time.

1333 days ago


What a disgrace!!! To his parents and x-wife,,,,yeah,,,but this selfish SOB has no idea what a nightmare he is creating for his children! WAKE UP CHARLIE,,,,you have offspring in this world that need a mentor. You're setting an example,,,just not the right one!

1333 days ago


The cast of this show carries it well; Charlie knows he's largely irrelevant and just makes the big bucks. He's the blowup doll traveling in the speed lane but the Rose character or the kid growing up is a bigger threat, than Charlie not making the call.

1333 days ago


charlie needs to go back to a 12 step program, until then i do not want to see his dehydrated butt on CBS.

1333 days ago


Good. I hope this truther cokehead dies.

1333 days ago


Perhaps they can add Snooki to the cast and call the show 2 men!

1333 days ago


"Thank God..its about time Charlie got a wake up call...and if he meets his maker today...than so be it...HE HAS BEEN PLAYING RUSSIAN ROULETTE for much to long...

How many chances does he need...

Goodbye Charlie..."
Posted at 11:30 AM on Jan 27, 2011 by Michaelr

Wow, does anybody besides Charlie Sheen have a life? Who is this guy to tell someone they don't even know about how to run your life? People who keep watching this s**t like TMZ is what keeps this rumor filled crap going.

(sarcasm)- Hi, I'm anybody and I have nothing better to do with my life cuz I'm a boring go nowhere idiot who watches TMZ so I'm going to watch celebrities every move to fill that void"

1333 days ago


My guess is that it's acute pancreatitis.

1333 days ago


Chronic pancreatitis?

1333 days ago


Dear Charlie:

You got me out of my depression with your show, and I am just a mom of two. You make me laugh, you make me cry and you have so much to offer. Beleive or not, your show moves lives in a positive way, and ironically it has many valuable lessons.
We love you and wish you full recovery. You are not 18 anymore honey!!!!!

1333 days ago

Victoria Lake    

So many negative comments set for another fellow human being.
This is a moment in time for well wishes for Charlie's healthy
and comfortable return as a stronger man than yesterday.
People---pull it together. He that throws the first stone be
clean from past indiscretion's at one time or another. "Most" people are always working on self improvement, it's ones own
road to peace within this worlds temptations and corruptions.
No matter what choices Charlie makes, they are his and his alone
not for us to judge. Well wishes to his family in their efforts,
of love and understanding. To a quick recovery Charlie Sheen, I
would really hope that one day, you come to terms with your demons. There are so many people who love you, your self abuse
not only effects you, but all of us. Take care.......

1333 days ago


OH Charlie !!!!!!!!!!!! At least you'll probably go out with a bang Or more likely gang bang. :(

1333 days ago


No checkered flag for you sir. Grow Up!

1333 days ago


Dear Uncle Charlie,

I hope you find a nice nurse to give you that sponge bath
you prob need do to the wild week you have had. Man what a bender!! Dad say your in the hospital for stress, i think its from the hookers and blow, o-well. Hey did you happen to take pictures of all the knockers for me??

love Jake

1332 days ago
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