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Charlie Sheen: 'I'll Pay the Crew'

2/9/2011 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has notified members of the "Two and a Half Men" crew that he will pay a portion of their salaries for the two weeks the show has been down ... if CBS and Warner Bros. agree to pay the remaining portion.


TMZ has confirmed ... Charlie is saying he is ready to come back to work next week to complete the season.  We're told Charlie is upset that Warner Bros. and show creator Chuck Lorre have not offered to pay the crew for the downtime, so he's made an offer to pay 1/3 of the crew salaries if Warner Bros. and CBS each pay 1/3 as well.

A CBS exec tells TMZ ... no one on the show is ready to go back to work on Monday.  We're told under the best of circumstances the show will come back at the end of the month, assuming Charlie can handle it.

And the CBS exec adds, no one has asked the network to pay 1/3 of the crew salaries for the downtime.

A Warner Bros. exec would not address Charlie's financial offer but  told us ... "We sincerely hope that Charlie's rehab is going well.  We hope that he is healthy in the very near future and we look forward to the return of production of 'Two and a Half Men.'"



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1354 days ago

Keiths Wife    

I am shocked at what I am reading! All you supporters are the same ones who said that TIGER WOODS could go to hell and how terrible he was and are bending over backwards to please this pervert who has stains on his hands from masturbating. What is wrong with you people???? Sick!

1354 days ago


Keiths wife how do you know the same people who said Tiger could go to hell are now supporting Charlie? I'm just curious.

As far as I'm concerned, Tiger's personal life was his own, too, and was between he and his wife and his 58,000 girlfriends.

I find it interesting that the world was so quick to want to forgive that idiot Kanye West for intentionally trying to hurt and humiliate Taylor Swift while Charlie, who is hell bent on hurting only himself gets such hatred.

Just goes to show, everyone has an opinion and everyone has the right to express it.

1354 days ago


cheap bastard for pay 100% of their salaries. they're not earning their salaries due to his immature, irresponsible actions, the toad.

1354 days ago


I am so discusted with Charlie's behavior that I will never watch that show again because he makes me absolutely sick.He is discusting.

1354 days ago


i think he should pay it all also i think they should get him off the showthey need to put him in rehab on the show as well as real life.he has been a screw up most up most of his life poor little rich boy.he has a severe addiction of i want ,it's all about me,pornitis.i am not going to be watching until they remove him fr the show his stupidity has cost a good show to go down the hill,he has no careing for anyone he is putting alot people out of work.

1354 days ago


Nice thought but totally PR geared. otherwise, he would have quietly written checks for it all and certainly not dragged CBS & WB thru the mud. They have culpability only because they enabled him for so long by opening up the vault. 1.5 per episode? He should pay for MY cable bill...

1354 days ago


If he was off because he was receiving cancer treatment nobody would think he should pay the crew.

If Joe Blow, a factory worker, accidentally dropped a cigarette in the trash can and the factory had to be closed due to fire damage nobody would think Joe Blow should pay all the other employees while they are off work.

It's crazy that just because Charlie makes a lot of money that people think he should give it to other people. Nobody else would be expected to do this.

You're all just pissed because he makes a lot of money. Get over your silly selves. The crew should get unemployment compensation (which is paid by the employer, NOT tax dollars) and if they're unhappy they should find another job, just as a factory worker would under similar cir***stances.

You're thinking emotionally and not logically.

1354 days ago


S***bag. Show some class Charlie! You are too old & make too much money for this. Learn from CONAN. YOUR MISTAKES - pay the crew ALL THEIR SALARIES! Fix your addictions & pay what you owe... shame on you!

1354 days ago


Did you guys know that when the season ends, a lot of those crew members collect unemployment until the next season, so you're little Political banter is useless.

1354 days ago


I'd be impressed if he had offered to pay the crew before people started calling him selfish for having caused them to lose their income.

1354 days ago


Good Man. Charlie, you ROCK!

1354 days ago


Charlie is doing the best he can and he doesn't even have to do that.I feel no matter what he does he can't win.Someone will always put him down.I will always stand by him 100 percent.I am very proud of you Charlie and how generous of what you offered.


Charlie's fan

1353 days ago


I am sorry was so upset forgot to thank everyone who have sent out nice comments about Charlie.Yes, I am just a fan but I believe Charlie fans need to stick together.Also it is important to me that I stand by him.I agree Tommy if that was you before I posted Charlie Rocks :) Hope I got your name right; otherwise I apologize.

Charlie fan

1353 days ago


I like him and his show. They would not have a job at all IF
his show was not such a hit and run so long. He is doing more
than most he there are worse than him; he has not been arrested
and you can only believe half of what you read or hear..How many
in Hollywood don't do drugs or use hookers?

1353 days ago
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