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Jay Cutler -- WALKING Around Los Angeles!!!

1/27/2011 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler mustered up enough toughness to stroll around an L.A. shopping center with his girlfriend Kristin Cavallari yesterday ... TOUGH!!!!!!

Jay Cutler Video
Even with his busted knee -- Cutler managed to keep up with Kristin for the entire duration of the shopping trip ... TOUGH!!!!!

Of course, our guy totally screwed up and didn't ask Jay about his injury ... or the rampant criticism of his dedication to the Bears ... or ANYTHING relevant.

But we did ask Kristin about her quick jaunt to Crate and Barrel -- TOUGH!!!!!

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No Avatar


jay cutler is the biggest ***** in football...
only fitting he gets a big beat up one
kristin go home and snort a pill or something u fame whore

1373 days ago


Hey Harvey...key word WALKING! WALKING behind his girlfriend while shopping. Not RUNNING away from defensive linemen, not PLANTING his foot to throw, not SHUFFLING laterally! You just said live on FOX you do not have a medical background, but yet you presume that walking translates into playing. You did not even mention what grade of MCL tear he has. I am not going to bother getting into the details because you and your staff should have enough resources to figure it. If not, google MCL, grade 2, stability, leading to an ACL tear. Love the show and I realize your not Dateline, but at least get the facts on the surface straight. You cannot prove he is NOT hurt, just like you cannot prove you made that 3-pointer!

1373 days ago


WOW, I was a fan of Kristin Cavallari on The Hills, but this video is making me re-think that. I don't think she could have been more of an ass. BTW, love you, TMZ!!!

1373 days ago


I am a true Bears fan, but I do agree that Jay Cutler is a whiny baby. If you need any more proof, look at who his girlfriend is...and she calls him her "soulmate." (Barf) Only a person as obnoxious as Kristin Cavallari will be attracted to Kristin Cavallari.

1373 days ago


Kristin is too overrated, and not good enough to be dating any type of pro athlete. Imagine what her already sagging breasts will look like in 20 years.

1373 days ago

JR Jake    

From this view it looks like his knee is lightly wrapped. Besides walking and running, turning, torquing and twisting are entirely different movements. His teammates said they saw the knee wobbling (a loose condition) where the instability of the knee is apparent.

1373 days ago

Elizabeth Cox    

At the end of the day no one knows the truth except his team and coaches and doctors. all your opinions mean nothing. So all you arm chair quarterbacks who think your so tough, talking about what YOU would have done, dont know your azz from a hole in the ground. You dont know squat.LOL

1373 days ago

Gearhart Popwell    

I just don't understand how an average looking guy like Cutler can get a "babe" like Kristin Cavalleri! He is just definitely average looking and what she sees in him is totally beyond me.

He is definitely outdoing himself with her and she had to come down a few notches for him!

1373 days ago


Regardless of whether he was too injured or not to have played...

He sure is a wallflower when it comes to his girl being "harrassed".

Websters should be edited to include:

wu $$ - Jay Cutler

1373 days ago


Who cares!

1373 days ago


As much as I want the Cowboys to trade Tony 'choke every big play' Romo, I wouldn't trade him for Cutler.
Ms. C: no talent and no courtesy.

1373 days ago


Get out of your little bubble in California and get the facts straight. Chicago does NOT hate Jay cutler - plus the sportswriters and TV broadcasters who bashed him all season are sticking up for him. Lovie Smith (head coach) and his medical staff kept him out of the game. So that chumbalone on your show who says another QB would have had his knee taped up and be back on the field knows nothing of what happened during the game. And one more thing, your voice over guy has the most annoying voice which I'm sure turns viewers off.

1373 days ago


She's nasty...he could do a lot better. BTW she's not with him for him to defend her...she's a gold-digger, like all those wenches who date professional atheletes.

1373 days ago


Jay would've sucked in the second half anyway. Hanie should've come in sooner they probably could've won the game then.

1373 days ago

He's Crap    

To those who call Cutler a "bitch" and a "wuss": Let's see how you'd hold up against an NFL pass rush. You'd fold like yesterday's newspaper.

1373 days ago
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