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Jesse James -- Shalom, Israel!!!

1/27/2011 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James went all the way to Israel to educate himself about a major issue in his life ... how to properly rebuild a 1937 Harley.


Jesse jaunted to the Middle East to meet up with an Israeli man named Uri Hofi -- who's widely regarded as the "World's Greatest Blacksmith."


We're told Jesse wanted some tips on how to rebuild the "rarest Harley of them all" -- a 1937 Drake water-cooled knucklehead ... and it was all caught on tape for Jesse's upcoming show on the History Channel.

West Bank Choppers, anyone?



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Should have brought Bombshell McGee with him

1304 days ago

Ca Girl    

All the way to Israel? Jesse! Why not go a few blocks and get the much needed therapy you need?

1304 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I think this is a cool story, one craftsman hanging with another and talking motorcycles. Hope he remembers to send a postcard to Cinnabun and Pierre.

1304 days ago


he wants to know what temp to set the ovens for best performance

1304 days ago


Piece of crap!

1304 days ago


so what you are really saying is that JJ hired a new PR guy

1304 days ago


I think he is sick just look what he did to his body.... there are a lot of sick people in this world he is one them a long with the nazis who were very sick too...sickening.

Posted at 10:53 AM on Jan 27, 2011 by weed

Listen Sweetie,
Re-read your comment and tell me if you ‘sound’ any better than the people you are 'hating' on! Not!!
I understand where you’re coming from, but don't let your disdain for those people turn you in to one of them!
That's all I'm saying!

1304 days ago



1304 days ago


what's all that sh*t on his arm. That should serve as another sign that this guy is deranged.

1304 days ago


Jesse gave him a $50 and he quickly forgot his religious affiliation...."vatt? He's such a nice boyyy"...lmao

1304 days ago


Waste of space TMZ. Let us know when he cheats again.
That will be fun.
Kat, what are you thinking?

1304 days ago


"We're told Jesse wanted some tips on how to rebuild the "rarest Harley of them all" -- a 1937 Drake water-cooled knucklehead ... and it was all caught on tape for Jesse's upcoming show on the History Channel."

Tip 1: Take your "rarest Harley of them all" and turn it over to a professional restoration expert, that is instead of taking a crash course in blacksmithing then f*cking this rare bike up yourself while trying to work on something that's beyond your current skills, all for some stupid TV show.

1304 days ago

Y do he got    

Harley never built a water cooled motorcycle in 1937.NO knucklehead was ever watercooled.Dale drake built water cooled cylinders for his 1/4 midget race car in 1937 thusly the DRAKE harley engine was built by dale drake and was a one off that was later copyed but was NEVER A HARLEY PRODUCTION BIKE so it is NOT a harvey it is a custom built by drake in 1937.He used a HD knucklehead and built his own cylinders JUST for his race car not for any motorcycles or for harley.THE MOST VALUABLE HARLEY stock production motorcycle is LEO BONGERS "F" HEAD 1907 SINGLE that was sold in nebraska in 1999 for 180,000$$$ and is one of only two that are known to be for that year.They were ONE OFF`s as harley had not yet gone into production line and there are a few twin cylinders around that are 1908 but bonger`s is the only seen 1907 and is the FIRST HARLEY TO EVER BE PRODUCED as far as KNOWN AND SEEN MODELS but it has been taken out of public view and it`s value would be over 500,000 by now.Haag sued bongers for part of the sell as he was hurt at that sell in 1999 and I was there and it was a ice packed crazy sell with over 30,000 people and anyone could see a accident was going to happen..but anyway.DRAKE`s 1/4 in 1937 ran the water cooled knucklehead built by dale drake "NOT" harley so he is once again selling you some BUNK weed.Plus a blacksmith doesn`t build cylinders or do CASTING or machine work they beat metal into the shapes wanted like horse shoes and IRON work on open fire.CASTING CYLINDERS is machine shop modern age metal work no matter how old the motorcycle it is NOT blacksmith work as they don`t cast up and forge modern metals but bend and beat cast IRON.PURE BUNK WEED and pencil shaveings

1304 days ago


I used to think he was hot but now, he's just ick!

1304 days ago


He's so awesome

1304 days ago
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