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Jesse James -- Shalom, Israel!!!

1/27/2011 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James went all the way to Israel to educate himself about a major issue in his life ... how to properly rebuild a 1937 Harley.


Jesse jaunted to the Middle East to meet up with an Israeli man named Uri Hofi -- who's widely regarded as the "World's Greatest Blacksmith."


We're told Jesse wanted some tips on how to rebuild the "rarest Harley of them all" -- a 1937 Drake water-cooled knucklehead ... and it was all caught on tape for Jesse's upcoming show on the History Channel.

West Bank Choppers, anyone?



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HE SHOULD STOP MOOB>LESTIN HARLEYS for a livin..his rides are garbage as are his tattie dumb dumb`ss

1331 days ago

fioo hoos    

DALE DRAKE...modifed a stock 1937 production line knucklehead vee twin when he redesigned the JUGGS ake cylinders into a water cooled verson for his 1937 1/4 midget race car.So the rarest HD of all..states TMZ is not a harley at all but a dale drake modifed knuckle for his car,,with all the heat of raceing and weight rations so on he did well useing his WATER JACKITED HD.He ran his own machine shop and did the castings for his mods.Jessy molest`s harleys by trashing old classics into bucket bikes.The most valuable HARLEY OF ALL TIME IS STILL THE FIRST ONE EVER KNOWN TO BE BUILT and if you modifed that`d be trashing history and harley plus it`s net worth in cash would go from millions to would be like takeing a knife to a painting worth nothin at all after.He is as dumb as he looks and I`am glad his ex dumped him before he totally trashed her to as he does himself.Build yout own bikes don`t F`up HD.

1331 days ago


Oh great, the mighty tiny brained Skank gets a new show. See, Virginia, even good things happen to bad people...
This sux

1331 days ago

David Goldman    

If you think he is a nazi then you are all mental and need help.

1331 days ago

Y do he got    

Anyone who would chop a 1937 harley into bits is carzyer than any dump booted nazis beemerhitz.He dumped a movie star for a tarshy so he wouldn`t be known as the grand baby runaround gun billy want2bb.vid gold DA man-h WOW dumb also

1331 days ago


"The narcissist is an omnivore. It devours and digests experiences and people, sights and smells, bodies and words, books and films, sounds and achievements, his work and his leisure, his pleasure and his possessions. The Narcissist is incapable of ENJOYING anything because he is in constant pursuit of the twin attainments of perfection and completeness. Classic narcissists interact with the world as predators would with their prey. They want to do it all, own it all, be everywhere, experience everything. They cannot delay gratification. They do not accept "no" for an answer. And they settle for nothing less than the ideal, the sublime, the perfect, the all-inclusive, the all-encompassing, the engulfing, the all-pervasive, the most beautiful, the cleverest, the richest. The narcissist is ****tered by discovering that a collection he possesses is incomplete, that his colleague's wife is more glamorous, that his son is better than he in math, that his neighbour has a new, impressive car, that his roommate got promoted, that the "love of his life" signed a recording contract. It is not plain old jealousy, not even pathological envy (though it is definitely a part of the psychological make-up of the narcissist). It is the discovery that the narcissist is NOT perfect, or ideal, or complete - that does him in."

1331 days ago



1330 days ago

Y do he got    

Limessubs vs sublime narciSSt ake mangold diva D ake david goldman...a rantie bout a bout within a bout bout a bout about nothin CON TROLLY..your the narcisst alrighty but WTF do that have2do with defaceing harleys for some fake flames from timmy ZZ zzz.

1329 days ago


Why you no move to Israel if you like and love a lot Israel?
Because be in USA whenn you think Israel is the best country in the wordl is stupid!!!!!!Judio!

1328 days ago


This trip, and subsequently his interest in an Israeli blacksmith, occurred BEFORE those damging Nazi photos were released. Mind you, a true neo-Nazi probably wouldn't minimize their depraved devotion by playing dress-up and pose mockingly for Facebook photos. Accept it, WWII is a part of our very recent history, and it will generate interest, hobbyist, etc., but that doesn't a Nazi make. Now, carry on with your blithe ignorance.

1327 days ago


Glad he can fly around the world and ignore his little girl. He drops her at Sandy's door to take care of her instead of letting her be with her Mom who raised her well the first five years of her life. This dud is very sad in his lost ways.

1327 days ago
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