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Kim Richards Airport Video -- Drunk and Pill Poppin' at Airport

1/28/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kim Richards was confronted by cops at an airport recently after terminal staff complained she was TOO WASTED to fly ... and it was all caught on tape.

Kim Richards Drunk Video
TMZ obtained footage of a boozy Kim slurring, stammering and popping pills at San Francisco International airport back in July.

After repeatedly bothering staff about a flight delay -- airport security arrives to the scene to help control the situation ... and cops soon discover Kim was in the wrong terminal all along.

At one point cops say to Kim, "Have you had anything to drink today ... [the staff] is kind of concerned about your sobriety."

We're told Kim was eventually escorted out of the airport without further incident.

A source tells us they've been dealing with Kim's "issues" for a long time. 


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Addiction affects everyone involved and everyone surrounding that individual.Everyone usually becomes FED UP with the addict and their endless drama. This is so clearly what's been going on here. Did you all not see at the end of the finale that Kim's family checked her into rehab, only for her to check herself out one week later? This is classic addict behavior.
This phone vid was obviously sent to TMZ by the individual that took it last year due to Kim's newly found recognition. This phone vid was shot right around the time the filming ended of the show. She's a sad mess.
I'm just not understanding what people don't get about this sad, tragic dynamic dealing with a former child actor who has had addiction issues for clearly some time.
Compassion yes, but "team Kim", I don't get it.

1330 days ago


Lori, stop screaming. What you wrote is absurd. Kyle is the exact opposite of Kim. Kyle has friends. Kim has none. Kyle has a life, Kim has none outside her poor kids. Kim acts drunk all the time. Kyle does not. Kim has a druggie voice. Kyle does not. Kim is alone. Kyle has a loving husband. Kim is an irresponsible mess, Kyle, with exception of nightmare Kim, has her life together. Oh, and Kyle's eldest daughter just graduated from USC. Kim's eldest is 24, not in school and parties with Paris. Nuff said.

1329 days ago


It's amazing how these people throw their names around. It would be one thing if you were doing it for a good cause but to get out of something or to get something is totally ridiculous.. Get help!!!

1329 days ago


I can't believe the way Taylor started crap with Kim at her birthday party, and then everyone crucifies Kim. I felt so sorry for Kim, the way everyone was looking at her when Taylor attacked for no reason. And then Kyle attacks her own sister. And after the fight at Camille's dinner party, they leave Kim all alone. I don't understand why everyone keeps attacking Kim. Kyle is horrible, and so is Taylor.

1328 days ago


I believe this so-called "boozing and pill-popping" video is a horrible libelous, slanderous attack on Kim. I can't believe that TMZ can get away with this. I hope Kim lawyers up and sues the crap out of TMZ for this. She did not appear to be intoxicated or difficult. And no one knows what kind of pill that she took. I am done with TMZ now. And I am sure that Kyle had something to do with the release of this stupid video. Kyle must be so damned jealous of her sister's earlier success as a child star. Kyle is pathetic. You don't deserve a sister like Kim. Grow up Kyle and get some help.

1328 days ago



1328 days ago

karen dapello    

I think the guy who took this video is a piece of s#%@ slimeball.

1328 days ago


the only thing this video shows is that Kim is a name-dropper...dropped HER OWN NAME to get special treatment possibly. Kyle on the other hand has no name for herself so she drops Paris' name all the time to feel important. Kyle leave Kim alone we know your behind all these 'leaks' and 'sources close to Kim." you are a pathetic piece of s***

1328 days ago


How low will you go? Kim was not staggering. She was not falling. How would you know what was in the prescription bottle? It could have been an antibiotic, it could have been fluoride. It could have been anything. It would be wise to show the video of Taylor staggering, slurring, falling, and completely inebriated. Be fair. Taylor is more deserving of this headline than Kim.

1328 days ago


Kyle planted this. She has berated Kim all season. I would hate to have a mean sister like Kyle.

1327 days ago


I really enjoyed watching this and I definitely heard Kim slurring her words several times!

1325 days ago


Harvey, how low will you go? Where is your proof that Kim is an alcoholic? Because your buddy Kyle says so? I take pills before I get on a plane too and they are pills to ease my anxiety with flying. And Kim seems more put together and coherent than I am before i get on a plane and I don't drink alcohol at all. By titling this video the way you did it implies Kim is a substance abuser. Shame on you for not disclosing the evidence and putting out a video with a caption like this. You're ruining a person's life. There is a massive movement of Kim supporters and Kyle haters now. Nice try in posting this. I've just lost respect for TMZ because they post Too Much Z****.

1325 days ago


TMZ have you checked the Bravo blogs? There is a massive kim support movement and lots of kyle haters now as a result of Kyle's deplorable behavior in the housewives show. It doesn't matter Harvey that you are friends with Kyle. How dare you publish a video like this with a caption like that inferring that Kim is a pill and alcohol abuser? Where is your evidence Harvey the lawyer? Kim should sue TMZ as this could affect her ability to secure future acting jobs. The only defense you would have Harvey is to prove truth. And the truth of whether she is an alcoholic lies not in Kyle's words or your shoddy low quality video which proves nothing. The truth would lie in her ability to function on a day to day basis...which Kim seems to do just fine.

1325 days ago


Hery, so if Kim has fewer friends that makes her a pill popper and boozer??? Where's the logic in that? Kim's friends were not on the show except for that one best friend who did make an appearance at Taylor's party. Adrienne is Kim' friend. They went shopping together and it was Adrienne who protected her in that limo. She doesn't have to have tons of friends to prove she's sane. Some people have fewer friends but closer friends and that's Kim. Kim's life is her children and that makes her a loser somehow too? That makes her more of a mom to me and more of a real woman to me. She left her great career so she could raise her children. That's a great sacrifice. Kyle is a loud-mouthed back alley type of woman who probably belongs in the streets of NY beating somebody up..after all it looked like that's what she was trying to do to Kim in that limo ride.

1322 days ago


There is no, absolutely NONE, evidence that Kim is a boozer or pill abuser. Just because she take a pill at an airport makes her a pill popper? Good thing Harvey isn't a lawyer. lol Those of you who think Kyle is blameless need to read Bravo blogs. How can 99% of the viewing public be wrong about Kyle? She is a damn bully.

1322 days ago
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