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Kim Richards Airport Video -- Drunk and Pill Poppin' at Airport

1/28/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kim Richards was confronted by cops at an airport recently after terminal staff complained she was TOO WASTED to fly ... and it was all caught on tape.

Kim Richards Drunk Video
TMZ obtained footage of a boozy Kim slurring, stammering and popping pills at San Francisco International airport back in July.

After repeatedly bothering staff about a flight delay -- airport security arrives to the scene to help control the situation ... and cops soon discover Kim was in the wrong terminal all along.

At one point cops say to Kim, "Have you had anything to drink today ... [the staff] is kind of concerned about your sobriety."

We're told Kim was eventually escorted out of the airport without further incident.

A source tells us they've been dealing with Kim's "issues" for a long time. 


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who is this bitch?

1301 days ago


Kim the alcoholic is the victim? People that post here are freaking buffoons. I doubt her kids would say she is the victim, being raised by an alcoholic mom they would probably say they are the victims.

One more thing. Taylor said she was going to talk to Kim that night and just say hey lets put this behind us and be friends. She said Kim stood up in her face and started fighting with her which is a lie. Go back and watch that night of the party. Taylor walks up, Kim stands up and Taylor rips into her before Kim said a word. If any of these women were smart they would stay far away from Taylor. She is nothing but trouble.

1301 days ago


Dr.Drew, We found a new patient for your Celebrity Rehab Show

1301 days ago


With a sister like hers, I can see why she wants to medicate.... NO sense of family loyalty, announcing to the world that Kim is an alcoholic was a loooooowww blow, kinda like outing a gay person who isnt ready to come out

1301 days ago

Shanan Li Names Taylor Armstrong as Chief Creative Director. Boycott this company until they get rid of VaJayJay lips!!!

1301 days ago


Funny how this comes out now! Guess Harveys friend KYLE needs some damage control on her reputation!!!!

1301 days ago

Home Skillet    

I seem to be missing the boat on most of the comments on here. How is Kyle the bad sister in this whole scenario? Kim, here, is loaded. Period. End of story. Even though this happened in July, the people who shot this video likely only turned it over to TMZ now, when it was profitable for them. Kim, clearly, has issues, and she's caught on tape. How is that Kyle's fault? Kyle is a good sister to Kim - and, everyone has their limits. Kim pushed Kyle past hers, and I think it's good that Kyle finally took care of herself. I wish them both the best of luck.

1301 days ago


Kim, I love you! I grew up watching you on so many shows & movies. You always seemed like a nice, well put together person. I can tell how much your kids mean to you. Please get help.

1301 days ago


I call BS on the timing of this. Kyle obviously set her sister up as the punching on the show and now after how many months??? plants this hateful piece of garbage. Kyle all the RHBH viewers are on to your little miss perfect act. It's just an act. Get off the show and take your clown face friend Taylor with you.

1301 days ago

Home Skillet    

I am absolutely baffled by all of the anti-Kyle rhetoric. Starting to get an idea how the pro-Sarah Palin people feel when I slam their idol. But, SP deserves every lick. Kyle is actually a great sister who has tolerated Kim's bad behavior for years. Kim IS a really good actress - she's fooled all of you into thinking she's a victim.

1301 days ago


Another form of bullying and done by a friend of Kyle's. Story gets more sordid everyday.
No one is denying Kim appears to have a problem. The story is the way her self-absorbed, bully sister treats her in public. Why don't you go back and show clips of Kyle attacking her in front of all the other housewives? I'd drink to if I had Kyle for a sister.

1301 days ago

Home Skillet    

Newsflash, Everyone: Kim isn't that little kid you all loved to watch in movies and on television when you were growing up. She's a grown-ass woman who enjoys playing the role of martyr and victim. I'm sure that Kyle has better things to do with her time than launch unwarranted attacks on her sister. When watching the show, the only time I saw Kyle lash out at Kim was when Kim was being an idiot. I don't understand how Kyle is the bad guy in this whole scenario.

1301 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks Taylor has a gay crush on Kyle?

1301 days ago

Home Skillet    

Am I the only one who thinks Taylor has a gay crush on Kyle?
I think I could see that. I hope Allison Dubois shows up next week! Get the claws out, ladies!

1301 days ago


Leave her alone. If I had Kyle as a sister I would be drunk and drugged up all the time to.

1301 days ago
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