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Kim Richards Airport Video -- Drunk and Pill Poppin' at Airport

1/28/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kim Richards was confronted by cops at an airport recently after terminal staff complained she was TOO WASTED to fly ... and it was all caught on tape.

Kim Richards Drunk Video
TMZ obtained footage of a boozy Kim slurring, stammering and popping pills at San Francisco International airport back in July.

After repeatedly bothering staff about a flight delay -- airport security arrives to the scene to help control the situation ... and cops soon discover Kim was in the wrong terminal all along.

At one point cops say to Kim, "Have you had anything to drink today ... [the staff] is kind of concerned about your sobriety."

We're told Kim was eventually escorted out of the airport without further incident.

A source tells us they've been dealing with Kim's "issues" for a long time. 


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Kim nobody knows you except for a few old bags who have no lives than to cheer you on. So go pop more pills into your vile mouth and stop spewing so much hate to Taylor or Kyle. Loser.

1333 days ago


Jonathan, you are wrong. The house that Kim thinks Kyle stole from her is their vacation home. Not the house that Kyle lives in. Get your facts straight. Oh, and that vacation home was indeed bought by Kim but she could not keep up with the payments. Kyle bought her out or else it was to go into forecloseure. Kim and her children still vacation there.She Kim has never been denied the acess to the place.

1333 days ago

Team Kim    

Kim is being portrayed as a crazy drunkard when she is probably the sanest one in that family. Leave her Alone. She seems so sweet, just socially awkward, but how can you blame her? She's been working since her childhood and didn't have a normal childhood so that has probably affected her social skills.

1333 days ago


Kim is spending a lot of time here trying to victimize herself again. This hag needs to take responsibility for her own actions and stop blaming it on Taylor, Kyle, Liza or Adrienne. Or anybody else for that matter.

1333 days ago


Kim is a nasty whore who blames everyone for her problems. She should be committed to a mental institute and never heard of.

1333 days ago


"Family sources tell us"

In other words, Kim's horrible sister Kyle is trying to besmirch Kim because everyone watching Real Housewives thought Kyle was a mean c-word [and I don't mean Christian] with anger management issues and sided with Kim.

Good luck with that, Kyle. And cut your silly hair. You're not in high school anymore and you look like a refrigerator with a horse's tail on top.

1333 days ago


i tuned in to the show to see what kim richards was up to. i remembered her so much from being in movies like "escape from witch mountain," etc., i thought she seemed a little scattered & quirky but definitely seems to have a good heart. some of her behavior seemed off, specifically the episode where she meets a guy and he comes over and she pretends she's still breastfeeding a baby? i kept waiting for her to laugh and tell him she was kidding, but she didn't. anyway, i was surprised they never talked more about her being a child star and i'm sure being something of a breadwinner in her family created a strange dynamic that carries on to this day. but sister shiz runs deep so i doubt we can judge all that's passed between her and kyle. i don't think kyle is a bully. i think she speaks her mind. i hope kim gets help because she seems sweet -- wounded -- but sweet.

1333 days ago


Don't try to reason with the Kyle haters. They think Kyle is responsible for everything wrong with Kim, so they're not capable of reasonable dialog. These are overly emotional women who need to see the world like it's a soap opera, and Kyle is their villain of choice (this season). They don't do rational thought.

1333 days ago


So what!! Kim had a drink and took a xanx or some kind of nerve pill big deal its a perscription its (LEGAL) I am sure alot of people do that before you fly. Leave her alone and Kyle stop being jealous that people feel for your sister, maybe you should do the same instead of sticking up for people like Taylor. I am sure you had your dealings with your sister and it must be hard sometimes but she is your blood not Taylor. kyle, Taylor started the whole thing with you ladies. I dont understand how you cant even see her for who she really is.

1333 days ago


If her family has been concerned for years about her drinking, then putting her on that Real Housewives show was really below the belt. With family like that who needs enemies.

A private intervention would have been the sensible, loving thing to do.

1333 days ago


How shady to videotape strangers at an airport and how shady to then post those videos as news. I cannot believe the lack of respect for other peoples' lives that has shown itself over the last decade with the internet and digital video. I hope TMZ and the men who filmed this at least feel some sort of guilt for attempting to profit off of potential struggles in this woman's life.

1333 days ago


The people who took this video are trash.

1333 days ago

mo lady    

TMZ,Kyle or Taylor Trash leaked the video right? Kyle can do all the pr she wants, it will not change the fact that she is the Jill Zarin of BH. Taylor Trash is the new Kelly with lips.

Kyle is mean and evil. Kim is afraid to speak out. Kyle is a BULLY.

1333 days ago


Yes, the Palm Springs house. Your version of the story is the one Kyle wants people to believe. FYI, if my house were in foreclosure and my brother could help he would lend me the money and tell me to pay it back when I could. He wouldn't force me to sign over the house to him in return for his help. So even your version of events makes Kyle look like a vindictive tool. The fact is Kim's money bought their vacation home. It was Kyle's turn. FYI, if you want to see what people really think of Kyle Richards read the comments to her blog at Anybody on her side is distinctly in the minority. And I think Taylor should hire a bodyguard. LOL.

1333 days ago


Too bad, loved her when she was on Hello Larry. Another Child star that was forced to grow up way to fast and take care of family. She's in obvious pain.

1333 days ago
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